A peaceful transition of power

Well, we are certainly moving into an era of new beginnings, aren't we... Nothing has proven more momentous in my lifetime than the inauguration this past week of President Barack Obama. No matter what political party you belong to, no matter what your political/philosophical leanings, I can't imagine how anyone could have helped being caught up in the aura of hope and renewed possibilities that pervaded Washington and the world during the week leading up to the ceremonies, and right up to this present moment.

I know that all of us wish President Obama well as he invites all of us to join him in engaging the issues and confronting the problems and meeting the challenges with which our country and our world is now faced. And I know that all of us will do our part - by joining in this peaceful transition of power. Let me explain...

The thing that impressed me most last Tuesday was the fact that what is arguable the most powerful position in the world passed peacefully from one man to another, from one political party to another, without violence or terror. The peaceful transition of power is the most visible-to-the-world demonstration of the benefits of a pure democracy. Whatever our faults, whatever our failings as a nation, this tradition of our country's heritage has been preserved.

Now what we need on an individual basis is the same process to take hold. We need a peaceful transition of power in our own lives. We need to find a way for God to transfer God's power to us, and for us to accept it peacefully, and stop fighting it every step along the way. This is, after all is said and done, the basis of The New Spirituality, and the underlying message of all of the Conversations with God books. It is all about The Peaceful Transition of Power. God's Power. From God to You.

People fight this. They do. People, in large numbers, do not feel that they are deserving of receiving, much less actually using, God's Power. What they do not understand is that they have already received God's Power, and they are already using it. God's Power lies within all of us. It IS all of us, at our core. We are the Power of God, made manifest in physical form and individuated as each of "us." So we already have God's Power-and do not know it. Or, if we know it, we do not use it.

So this moment can be about making a transition in our thinking and in our behavior. A transition from powerlessness to power-fullness. A transition from fear to love. A transition from aloneness to Oneness, from singleness to singularity. (There is a huge difference.)

This, in turn, will produce a transition from conflict to peace in our inner being. So many of us are dealing on a constant basis with inner conflict. Yet with the peaceful transition to God's Power within us, and a commitment to use it in our daily lives, our inner conflict disappears. Our fear of life dissolves. Our joy abounds, as we see the awesome gift that God has given us; that God gave us at the beginning. And has never taken away, but has only begged us to use.

So accept God's Power today in your life if you have not already done so. Accept it fully and completely. Let God turns over the reins of government. And let yourself govern your own behavior, from this day forward, using the Power of God to guide you, to support you, to give you strength, to provide you with insight and wisdom and courage and understanding and forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others.

God is ever-present in your life. "I am with you always, even unto the end of time," God has told us, and it is true. Everything is made easier through your practicing the presence of God. So make that peaceful transition today, and you will have inaugurated a new head of state. You will be at the head of a new State of Being within you. .You will find yourself in a constant State of Peace and Love.



camelman555 24th January 2009 7:40 am

moved and moving, being bipresent ...initially

Rima 25th January 2009 3:16 am

Thank you


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