All We Really All 'Family'?

My dear friends...

We discussed last week in this space the movement away from any need to forgive, as part of our larger exploration of The Holy Experience. Our extended series continues this issue with this further commentary...

With the disappearance of the need to forgive comes the disappearance of the need to remain separate from anyone. Ultimately, all we have to do is remember Who We Really Are. When that occurs, forgiveness is rendered obsolete, and separation become impossible to experience except in our own imagination.

We may indeed wish to imagine that we are separate in order to serve a particular moment's agenda, but for that purpose and that moment only, not across a lifetime. Indeed, even the imagining of separation is not necessary. We needed merely to experience our individuation.

When we see ourselves as individuated, but not separated, we begin to at last understand the true nature of our Real Self. This is the breakthrough for which we have been waiting.

This is the revelation which we have been promised from the beginning of time. It is a revelation that has been made before, yet we have not heard it, or if we have heard it, we have not embraced it, or if we have embraced it, we have not put it to use as a practical matter in our day-to-day lives.

The difference between individuation and separation is the Divine Remembrance. It is the Grand Secret. It is the Holy Grail. It is the Ultimate Truth.

And so we should say that it is remembrance that is essential to the experience of family. Indeed, all of the Holy Experience is instigated by remembrance. Remembrance - this is the key that opens the lock to the golden door of eternal wisdom.

You have been brought here for the purpose of remembering. That is why you have placed this book before you. That is why you have caused these words to come to you. The question now is not whether you know what it is you are invited to remember. The question is, will you accept the invitation?

And we will continue this discussion in our next issue.

Hugs and love,



zorro 24th May 2012 5:21 am

"With the disappearance of the need to forgive comes the disappearance of the need to remain separate from anyone."

I see this this as the "big event" that is currently in progress, even though it may not be consciously visible to many. All posts today have reflected to some degree on this, and it is powerful. How good to know that this is so.

Vivg 24th May 2012 6:24 am

I remember :) . We are One with God. We are Holy. We are Perfect. We are Divine. This is the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.


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