Are All Our Experiences Choices?

There are many areas of life, many situations, in which you may choose to have the Holy Experience.

Now that may sound like a strange thing to say, so let's take a look at it. At first, it may seem strange to speak of the Holy Experience as something that you "choose to have." Most people think of things that are holy as things that are rare. Or at the very least, not controllable in the first person. That is, they do not see themselves as being at cause in the matter.

In fact, they are. We all are. All of us. We are "choosing to have" all of the experiences that we are having, moment-to-moment.

Now remember, I said all of the experiences, not all of the conditions, circumstances, or events. An "experience" is something that you feel inside about something that is happening outside. Your "experience" of something is "how it felt to you." It is nothing more, and nothing less, than that.

In the world of Duality Thinking (which is the world in which most of us live), you could imagine that somebody else is "doing something" to you, or that some seemingly uncontrollable outward condition, such as the weather, has been encountered by you, without you having anything to do with it. (This is impossible, actually, but in the world of our illusion such impossibilities can seem very real.)

The world of Duality Thinking says that there is US and IT, or US and THEM. In the world of Non-Duality Thinking there is only US and US. There is nothing else but US, in differing form.

If there is only US, then nothing can be happening TO us, and everything must be happening THROUGH us.

This is, in fact, the case. Nevertheless, an event could have the appearance of happening TO us--and when it does, if it is a negative event, it will be very hard to stop from thinking of ourselves as the victim of that circumstance. We see ourselves as the victim, rather than the creator, of our present situation.

The movement from victim to creator is an astonishment. It is the movement that Masters make. Everyone can be a Master--indeed, everyone already is a Master--and it is true that not everyone knows this. In fact, few people do.

What it takes to experience the fact one is already a Master is to make a commitment to having the Holy Experience every day. Indeed, all day every day, if it is possible. And it is.

Next week we will look into the various areas or aspects of our lives, to see, one area at a time, how one may move into the Holy Experience, at will.

Hugs and love,




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