Are You a "Spiritual Scrooge"?

We are embarked in this space on a year-long exploration of The Holy Experience. I hope and trust that you are enjoying it as much as I am.

The Holy Experience is just like any other form of wealth. You cannot fully experience it until you share it with others. What good does it do you to have inherited a million dollars if you never spend so much as a nickel of it?

Like the Walt Disney comic book character Uncle Scrooge McDuck sitting there ogling his pile of gold, you'll find that there's not much joy in holding onto it. Yet if you grab a handful of it and give it to others--go on a "spending spree"--suddenly you know experientially what having that money is all about.

Similarly, if you keep the Holy Experience all to yourself, you will find after a very short while that you are experiencing the smallest part of it. Yet if you grab a handful of it and give it to others - go on a "spiritual spending spree"--suddenly you know experientially what having the Holy Experience is all about.

There is a wonderful instruction in the Conversations with God material that says, "That which you wish to experience within yourself, cause another to experience." CwG also says, "That which flows through you sticks to you."

The very act of flowing the Holy Experience out to others causes that experience to stick to you, and if you ever doubted that you were having the Holy Experience, sharing it with others removes that doubt absolutely.

The easiest way to share it...

The Holy Experience is the experience of knowing Who You Really Are. It is the actual experience (as opposed to the intellectual "knowing") that you are every other person and thing. It is the experience of nothing being separate from you. Not even God.

Especially not God.

How to share this experience? The easiest way I can think of to cause yourself to know that you are not separate from anyone else is to cause everyone else to know that they are not separate from you. That is why sharing the Holy Experience with others works.

And the easiest way to cause others to know that they are not separate from you is to act that way.

This means that you may have to change your whole ground of being. You may have to alter the entire way that you relate to other people. You can begin with feelings.

And we will begin right there next week!

Hugs and love,




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