Can humans overcome genetics?

Conversations with God tells us that we are three-part beings, made up of Body, Mind, and Soul. Two weeks ago in this space we began to explore together the pathway to the Soul. I am motivated to embark on this exploration with you because I get many questions about the Soul, and how to "get there." If you missed earlier installments in this series, I hope you will go back and read them.

We concluded last week by saying that the question now before humanity is, are we willing to go to the next step in our evolutionary process? Are we willing to embrace as being at least possible some of the notions and ideas and messages of A New Theology that cannot be verified by mutual or similar experience? Are you, individually, willing to shift your "ground of being" (that is, your whole way of being in the world, your whole way of moving through life) from a Mind-based platform to a Soul-based lift-off point? Are you ready to start at a different point in your consideration of things, in your look at Life?

Well continue this week by observing that if you do this, you will have changed everything. You will have changed your Being, which will open you to a new place of Consciousness, which will raise your level of Awareness, which will drastically alter your Perspective, which will dramatically shift your Perception, which will monumentally realign your Beliefs, which will produce brand spanking new Behaviors---which will result in an entirely different Experience.

It is this shift in our experience, both individually and collectively, which is the next evolutionary step for our species. Yet this shift is something we must create, it is not something that happens automatically when we get to a certain age or arrive at a particular stage of development. This shift is something that we must consciously choose when we reach that age and that stage.

We are in the time of what futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard calls Conscious Evolution. That is, we are aware of what we are aware of---and we are choosing with full awareness what we choose to BE aware OF in our future.

It is like a person deliberately choosing to be six feet tall and making that happen, rather than simply watching his body grow and waiting to see when it stops and how everything turns out.

Can a person deliberately choose to be six feet tall? Can a person overcome his genetics? Are we simply creatures of biology, chained to our DNA? Or can we change our DNA into the Divine Natural Awareness of the Soul and become, metaphysically if not physically, entirely new creatures?

It is possible that---unlike the heavy, virtually immovable physical energies of our being which take years or decades or centuries or even millennia for our species to alter through the evolutionary process---metaphysical energies are so delicate that we can impact and affect them in much, much less time? Is it like the wind blowing aside lace curtains, but not budging the rock---or needing to?

I believe it is. And I believe that we are standing right now, as a species, on the precipice of A New Age. The winds of change are blowing, and we are about to see what is behind the curtain. Unlike the Wizard of Oz, however, we will not discover there a fake or a charlatan. Rather, we will find beyond the veil the first beginning glimpse of Who We Really Are.

And then, then at last, we will be free.

And we will continue this exploration in this space next week!

Love and Hugs,



Barbara 1st February 2011 9:31 am

In other words humans can overcome anything when and if their mind and heart is united... Maybe its not something to overcome but rather to let ourselves in. Maybe we need to create in our minds and hearts this reality and just ride in it.....

Mik 2nd February 2011 12:50 am

Thank you Neale, I see where you are going and I see it as a perspective change. Over the years, the phrase multidimensional was difficult to grok. I now feel multiple perspectives correlates to multidimensionality, so becoming multidimensional embraces multiple perspectives.Perspectives of our soul,seeing things from all levels, and points of view. Many Blessings.

Ron Laswell 2nd February 2011 9:30 pm

Excellent article, Neale! I love your DNA as Divine Natural Awareness. I, too, believe that with the power of our heart, mind, and spirit, we can change physical reality rather quickly. Perhaps you have noticed that there is a growing level of awareness among scientists that evolutionary stages on Earth have happened more quickly than what was previously believed. For instance, new evidence in the fields of geology, archeology, and paleontology have shown that in some cases the fossil records clearly show that enormous changes in species occurred in less than 20 years time! For this reason, I don't think that scientists will ever find a missing link, because there is no missing link to be found. Evolution is not just a physical happening. As you mention, it is a delicate combination of body, mind, AND SPIRIT! Let the R-Evolution begin!
The time is NOW, and today is the day!


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