Changing 'Discoveries' To 'Decisions'

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I promised last week that in this present issue of The Weekly Bulletin we would explore The Movement to Mastery: Replacing Discovery with Decision.

I have observed that many, many spiritually minded people feel that life is a process of discovery. Just this past week someone wrote to me of a personal challenge they were facing, and ended their letter with, "Well, we'll just have to wait to see what God has in store."

I know that they probably meant that as a figure of speech, but I also know that there are many others who actually think that God does have something specific "in store" for their lives. I find that it is difficult for some people to accept the fact that God has nothing at all in mind for them. Not in the specific sense that they mean.

Yes, God has a desire for us, but God does not have an agenda for us. In Conversations with God, God used the analogy of a parent who sends her children out in the back yard to play. Does she care what games her children choose? No. They may play hide-and-seek, kick-the-can, tag, or whatever else may amuse them. Their mother does not stand at the door, dictating to them what they shall do — much less how they shall do it.

All the mother desires is that her children have fun. And... she makes sure that they know that if they somehow get hurt or need help, she will be right there, just a shout away.

I love that passage in CWG. It made what had seemed like a complex relationship that we have with God suddenly very clear.

And there is a second, even larger, truth

So now we understand that God has nothing in particular "in store" for us. Yet the CWG revelation goes further. CWG tells us something quite astonishing: We have nothing to learn, we have only to remember.

Like the seedling that becomes the tree, we carry as human "seedlings" all the cellular coding that we need to live wonderfully happy, fulfilling lives, expressing and experiencing Who We Really Are. That is, expressing and experiencing our Divinity. The tree outside our window has learned nothing through the years; everything it needed to know to become that mighty oak it carried inside of its seed.

So, too, is it with humans. CWG calls DNA our Divine Natural Awareness. It is the coding that, if we follow it, leads us to our expression and experience of Divinity — in us, through us, as us.

The Master, therefore, does not seek to "discover" anything about who she is, or about what God wants for him, or about what God "has in store." The Master, knowing that God wants nothing in particular (as the mother in the window looking out at her children in play), and knowing, as well, that every aspect of Divinity needed to experience ourselves as Who We Really Are lies within us at birth, seeks not to discover, but to decide.

There is really only one decision

The decision before the Master always and forever is the same:

Who Am I?

Who Am I in relation to what is now presenting itself in my life? Who Am I in response to what is now occurring? Who Am I in connection to what my future shall be?

Am I discovering my future, or deciding about it?

Conversations with God says that "every act is an act of self-definition." CWG also says, "Life is not a process of discovery, it is a process of creation." It is not ours to "discover" Who We Are, it is ours to "create" Who We Are.

Yet how can we create Who We Are if we already are that...? If we already are Divine, how can we be said to actively and willfully create ourselves as being Divine?

Ah, yes...that is for when our discussion this space next week.

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