Could Christmas Be About YOU?

As you know if you are a regular reader, we have been discussing here the steps toward The Holy Experience. And The Holy Experience is not something that befalls us, it is something that we create. So I would like to talk about that now. Yet I will also not ignore the fact that this is, of course, the weekend of Christmas. So there will be more about that later in this week's Bulletin...

The Holy Experience is about exactly what this season is about, of course. It is about love and caring and knowing ourselves as Divine. It is about (to use Christian terms) giving birth to the Christ within us. Again, this is not something that falls on us from the sky, like winter snow. It is something we choose. It is something we know.

Knowing is part of the act of creation. It is the first part. It is what must happen before anything else can happen. When one thinks about it logically, it becomes obvious that this is true.

Conversations with God tells us that the three Tools of Creation are:

* Thought

* Word

* Deed

The first step in the creation of anything is to have an idea about it. An idea about something is your Thought about it. It is what you "know" about it. So, knowing is the beginning of creation.

That initial thought may come to you in First Form as a picture, or a feeling. Eventually, you shape that thought into a Word, or several words, or many. This is the second Tool of Creation.

Finally, you turn your Words into Action--the third Tool of Creation--and you have manifestation.

This is an elementary way of understanding the process of life. It is an extremely primitive perspective. Yet it works. For people living within the paradigm of an extraordinarily limited perspective, this crude device, these three very crude tools, can seem like magic.

In truth, because there is no such thing as Creation, there is only a Knowing that everything has already been created, and our task is to merely Call It Forth. This is a higher level of understanding, and is demonstrated through consistent and predictable physical manifestation, which is accomplished by very few people, whom we have called masters and avatars. The rest of us may produce such demonstrations on occasion (perhaps even on several occasions, but rarely on many, and never on every), and such moments inevitably lead us to deeper comprehension.

Deeper comprehension is, of course, the Holy Experience. It is Knowing more fully, through the demonstration of it, Who We Really Are. And this is, of course, what Christmas invites us all to do. More reflections on this holy day are below.

Hugs and love,




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