Did You Know You Are a Process?

And so here we are, in the final days of another year. It is difficult to imagine that one more annual Cycle has gone by...and yet it has. And how has it been for you? Have you experienced the level of spiritual growth in the past 12 months that you had hoped for? Have you had, yet, the Holy Experience?

As you know if you are regular reader here, we have been exploring what CWG calls The Holy Experience in this space for several months now. And, as I said last week, The Holy Experience is not something that befalls us, it is something that we create. So I would like to continue talking about that now. Yet I will also not ignore the fact that this is, of course, the New Year's weekend. So there will be more about that later in this week's Bulletin...

But...on the topic of the moment, let me say that it is possible for everyone, not only "masters," to have the Holy Experience (or, in more accurate terms, to Know that we are always having it). This, of course, is the promise of God, and the pledge of all true religions.

Knowing you are having the Holy Experience is as simple as knowing that you are Life. All people know they are living, but few people know they are life. And what is life? A process.

You are, therefore, a process.

Very few people think of themselves in this way. They may think of themselves as something that IS, but they seldom stop to ask themselves, "is what?"

Others think of themselves as a being, a sentient biological creature. Yet they seldom stop to ask themselves, a creature being what?

Still others say that they are not their body, but rather, they are that which is using the body as a tool. But a tool in the creation of what? Themselves, they say. Yet what is that? They will not know until they have created it, they say. And they are right. Profoundly right.

And so, we are all nothing more than a process. We are also nothing less, which is saying a great deal. For we are the process called Life--and that is All There Is.

Our identity becomes more clear to us when we really hear those last words--because "all there is" is, of course, another way of saying, "God."

None of this verbal explanation will mean anything if we cannot put it into practice. None of it has any use if we cannot place it on the ground, minute to minute, in our every day lives. Ruminations can be fascinating, but they carry no practical value if we cannot make them live and breathe and manifest in our reality.

From rumination to manifestation--that is the journey. From our thought about ourselves to our experience of ourselves--that is the path. It is the path upon which the Soul is embarked eternally. It is the Eternal Joy of God.

Putting esoteric wisdom into practice and making it part of our daily lives is the greatest opportunity we will ever have--and we have it every moment. It is the opportunity to know and experience our divinity.

Practicing Esoterism is a lifelong undertaking. Very, very, very few people attempt it. Most do not even know it is there to attempt. They are far too busy simply staying alive. That is why it is the first duty of every society that would call itself enlightened to lighten the load of those who barely survive. What we will do for the least among us tells us everything about what we will do as a species.

When the least among many can take their minds off of the constant worry and anxiety of day-to-day survival, they can at last turn their attention to achieving a larger understanding of the matters that will make simple survival a given. This is the means by which is accomplished the transformation of an entire society.

Personal and societal transformation is arduous. It is immensely challenging. It is not work for the feint of heart or the weak-spirited. It is work for the strong and the courageous. It is the last step in having the Holy Experience.

The next step is declaring that one is going to do just that. And we'll look at that next week...the very first full week of 2012--the year the whole world has been talking about!

Hugs and love,




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Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God.


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