Doing Things You Never Did Before

My dear friends...

We spoke in our last Bulletin about what happens when you have The Holy Experience. This experience is what results when you notice what is already there in your life, and step into the demonstrating of it as you walk through your daily moments. Everything shifts in those moments, because you are experiencing them in a new way. Nothing has changed, but everything is different.

If you are picking up this conversation in the middle here, it may serve you to go back an issue or two in The Weekly Bulletin and "read into" what is being said here. to go on...

When you have entered into The Holy Experience, people--in many cases total strangers--will begin to notice you. Your own inner guidance will lead you to grander and greater expressions of your wonderful Self.

You'll find yourself doing all sorts of things you might never have thought you'd be doing...or could only have dreamt of doing before now. Like writing poetry (and having it published), or taking up photography (and having people asking you for your pictures).

Like running for office, or joining the hospital board. Or picking up a musical instrument. Or starting a business focused on bringing benefit or beauty to others. Or singing your song and dancing your dance in the wondrous way that is perfectly suited to you and only the only snowflake quite like you in the Universe.

Suddenly you won't worry about what you can get out of it, but of what you can put into it--so that others might get as much out of it as possible. Making money at it won't matter.

You'll find time to do what you find joy in doing, to offer what you find your bliss in offering, and the job you hold in the work-a-day world, if the two are not one and the same, will facilitate your bringing your gift--which will make that job a joy as well, for you will see it as supporting you, rather than stopping you, in presenting the most special part of you to the world.

And do not be surprised if after a little while your whole life is turned around and your joy becomes what you do in the world that produces income. Because this is what the Holy Experience can produce in your larger life in the world. A complete turn-around.

Take it from me.

There are many situations in which you may choose to have the Holy Experience. Now that may sound like a strange thing to say, so let's take a look at it.

At first, it may seem strange to speak of the Holy Experience as something that you "choose to have." Most people think of things that are holy as things that are rare. Or at the very least, not controllable in the first person. That is, they do not see themselves as being at cause in the matter.

In fact, they are. We all are. All of us. We are "choosing to have" all of the experiences that we are having, moment-to-moment. And that is where we will pick up this ongoing discussion next week! I hope and trust that you are enjoying this mental and spiritual excursion.

Hugs and love,


Radiant Love Energy 17th December 2012 7:55 am

I choose to have a great day today. :)

Eyewitness 17th December 2012 10:37 am

Whatever.... I've been choosing great things for decades now and so far not one dang thing has actually changed. I suspect either spiritual people are making this all up or that there is something called karma which says that you can not manifest anything until you work thru certain energies. All of this is done on a subconscious level and you have NO control over anything. Please stop telling me all I have to do is choose happiness and everything I ever wanted will magically materialize. It just isn't true.

happyme 17th December 2012 4:10 pm

Eyewitness, big hug to you :)

ikechukwu 2nd January 2013 10:06 am

i love the way you shade light on the fact that we are the creators of our own experiences. this ironically makes the complainant the culprit. funny but factual. i have every right to see you as either a threat or an opportunity, a friend or an enermy.a window for a new view or a likely opening for thieves to enter. whatever i chose will decide my experience. for the record, Neale you are my wonderful friend whom i joyfully hope to read his next message very soon. that my choice and my experience. thanks


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