Embrace The Best of Yourself

Most people cannot see themselves. They are one thing, and they see themselves as another. They act one way, and they swear that they don't act that way at all. Their behavior has to be pointed out to them over and over again before they will even look at it, much less accept it.

Some people wouldn't believe it if you showed them a video tape of themselves. They would say you edited it, or doctored it, or that, well, you may have caught them at a bad moment, but that is unfair and that is not how they really are.

It is an irony of the human condition that most people deny the worst of themselves--and that most people deny the best of themselves.

Yet if they would embrace the best of themselves, claim it and call it real, the "worst" of themselves would soon fall away and disappear. This is the Holy Experience: embracing and claiming the best of yourself.

Of course, there really is no "best" and "worst". Those are judgments that humans make, having nothing to do with Ultimate Reality. But there ARE many ways of showing up in the physical world, and you get to choose which way speaks most clearly of Who You Choose to Be, and of Who You Really Are.

Do you think you are a messenger?

You are. You are bringing a message TO life, ABOUT life, through the process of Life Itself. You are doing this in every moment. You are a messenger and a creator.

The Holy Moment is when you understand this. The Holy Experience is when you become it.

Of course, a major part of your experience of your Self is your experience of yourself as you relate to the thing that you call God. Somewhere along the way in your life you have to make some pretty big decisions.

You must decide, for yourself...Is there a "God"? If so, Who or What is this thing you call The Divine? What is Its purpose? What does it want, need, or require? What is your true relationship with It?

Let's continue to look at this as our exploration of The Holy Experience proceeds in this space next week.

Hugs and love,



aMuse 23rd April 2012 7:57 am

... and then there are those people who only ever notice the bad about themselves, the infrequent moments that overshadow everything else. What good is someone who does a lot of good, but is prone to episodes of temper, anger and rudeness and that's all that anyone ever recalls about them?


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