Every Act Is An Act Of Self Definition

I said here last week that there are two ways to give something meaning: (1) we can pull the meaning from our Past, or (2) we can choose the meaning in our Present, as Highly Evolved Beings would do. Let's pick up our narrative from there...

Lower animals do not create meaning, they simply remember it. A deer hears a twig snap in the forest and "decides" that it means danger. The deer doesn't wait around to see if he's right or not. The deer scampers. Because the deer remembers.

The first time that deer heard a twig snap, he may have been very young, and he watched his parents scamper. So he scampered, too. Now he scampers even though his parents are not there. What made his parents scamper? Their parents scampered. What made their parents scamper? Their parents scampered. Deer-scampering has been going on for generations.

Higher animals do not scamper if they hear a twig snap in the forest-- unless they choose to. Higher animals hear the same sound, but go through an entirely different process. They think about the snap. They think about who or what might have made the noise, how close the noise is, what it means, and what level of danger they are in, if any.

As soon as you think about something you are acting, as opposed to reacting (which means to "act as you did before")--which is what deer do. You give the snap meaning. Just as you give everything in your life meaning. What meaning you give the events of your life depends on whether you are coming from your Past, or your Present; from your Mind or from your Mind PLUS your Soul, working co-jointly.

Most people come from their Past. In fact, most people find it impossible not to. They make their decisions based on their prior thought about a thing; their Past Data. Masters, on the other hand, make their decisions based on their Total Comprehension (a product of the Mind AND the Soul, working together) and their Future Intention. Memory, or Intention. That is the choice. Always.

When you come from your memory, you create one kind of experience. When you come from your intention, you create another kind of experience altogether.
Always, with your choices, you are answering a single question: Who am I?
Remember what Conversations with God taught us. Every act is an act of self-definition.

I said, every act is an act of self-definition.

Study that sentence carefully. When you embrace its implications utterly, you begin the process of the Holy Experience with your Self.

And we will continue our explorations of all of this here next week. Until then...

Hugs and love,




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