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My dear friends...

We have been talking here for the last three weeks about the life experience of Change, and last week I made the statement that the changes that have occurred in your life have happened because disharmony was present, and that all change is for the better.

This thought leads us to a change that I have been encouraging people to make about change itself. I have been saying to people..."Change your idea about why change occurs."

Even if you accept that all change happens for the better, you do not know why this new circumstance, situation, or condition is better. You don't understand the nature of the improvement. That's because the improvement may not have to do with exterior conditions, but with interior conditions.

What you are not seeing is why change occurs-and who is causing it. When you see this and embrace it as your living truth, once again everything in your day-to-day experience will...well...change.

So here comes a big truth about Change. Are you ready?

This is a tough one, so take a breath. Okay, here it comes...

Change occurs because you want it to occur.

Everything that changes changes at your direction.

Whoa, that sure doesn't seem true! Why in the world would you want to have happen what has just happened? No one in their right mind would choose that!

Are you saying this (or screaming it) inside your head right now?

Well, if you are you would be right. No one in their right mind would choose something like this. The mind does not make these choices. The soul does.

All of which gets us to the agenda of the soul. Your soul's agenda flows serenely with the larger energy of life itself. Life's energy always moves toward synergy, harmony, glorious expression and expansion. It seeks an experience of itself, in fullness.

When I add my own human language to this understanding I find myself saying that life's energy always moves in the direction of what I call "love." Love of self, love of others, and love of life.

Your own individual energy moves in the same direction. Your soul and the "soul of the universe" desire, seek, and produce at all times the same thing. That is because the "soul of the universe" seeks to experience Itself.

Put another way, LIFE is GOD, seeking to know Itself in its own experience.

So your soul always seeks to move in the direction of love. It is when your mind gets in the way that it seems as though life is not producing this, that something terrible has happened, and that you're going in the wrong direction.

I'm going to use an example now from Christian doctrine to illustrate what I am saying here. The New Testament tells us that Jesus went with his disciples to a garden in a place called Gethsemane. There, he asked his followers to sit and wait for him and to pray. He, too, he said, was going to go off to pray, but by himself.

And, then being alone, he felt a great heaviness come upon him, almost to the point where he could die. And he knew what lay ahead. And he called out to God, "Father! You can do anything! If there is any way that this can happen, remove this cup from my lips..."

Here Jesus' mind had gotten involved, and he wanted a change of direction in the way things were going. But immediately his vibration was raised, through the sheer power of his will. "Yet not my will, but thine," he said. And with those words his soul returned to alignment with the soul of the universe — or, if you please, with God.

There is but One Soul, yet there are many expressions. These individuated aspects of the One Soul seek synergy, harmony, glorious expression and expansion. This is another way of saying that life in all its forms seeks the very same thing that Life Itself seeks. How could it be any other way?

Yet the soul and the mind are two different things. The "life form" that you have taken has both a soul and a mind (as well as a body), and it is in this triune totality that it fully equips itself to do what you came here (to physical life) to do.

The job of the mind is to make sure that the body — your physical instrument, or tool — is kept safe, so that you may use it to do what you came here to do. The job of the soul is to make sure that the mind always knows what you came here to do, and does not get caught up in its own make-believe world.

It is like getting caught up in a virtual reality on the Internet. I'm sure you must know that there are now entire "worlds" on the Internet into which you may enter, claim an identity, and live an entire "life" — growing up, finding love, creating a career, buying a home, having a family, experiencing success and becoming rich (or not) can actually produce an entire experience of life in these virtual realities, interacting with others, entering into legal agreements — it's all really quite detailed, sophisticated, and complex. And none of it is real. Obviously, not a single bit of it is really happening to You. It is only happening to the "you" that You created in that make-believe world.

To your soul, physical life on the earth is very much the same thing. The trick is not to get "lost" in the make-believe world of your mind, but to use your body and your mind to do what your soul came here to do.

We are all doing that right now, but some people are doing it consciously and some are doing it unconsciously. That is, without knowing what they are doing.

What happened to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane is what happens to all of us. I love the fact that this story is in the Bible for that very reason. It gives us all hope if we know that even Jesus was having to deal with the balancing of his mind and his soul as part of the process by which he had the fullest experience of himself.

So do not despair when things seem to be going "wrong." They could actually be going "right" for the first time. Remember always: all change is change for the better.

The wonderful information I am sharing with you here comes out of the insights in When Everything Changes, Change Everything. If you have not found this book and read it, I hope you will do so. It can truly "change" your life. and hugs,




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