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Nearly all of the first month of 2010 has passed and I am wondering how you are doing with your New Year's Resolutions. Yes, almost one-twelfth of the year is behind us, and these are the days and times of our lives, whittling away, melting down, disappearing into the mist, and what have we got to show for it that we didn't have before? I mean, what progress have we made? What is different now from the way it was before, say, last year at this time?

If your answer is, "Plenty," and if most of it is good, then congratu-lations! You're living the kind of life that all of us want to live. If your answer is that nothing has changed-nothing much, anyway-and that most of what has changed has changed for the worse, then you are not living the life all of us want, and it may be time to reassess how it is that you are moving through this experience here upon the earth.

Just a thought...

And another thought I'm finding myself wanting to share with you comes from my friend Gary Zukav. Gary and his beloved, Linda Francis, live just a short distance from Em and me in Ashland, Oregon. The other night Gary and I both attended a fundraiser here for the Red Cross operation in Haiti where Gary was asked to say a few words.

One of the things that Gary said that really struck me had to do with how one could feel good at a time such as this. Gary put it this way...and I am going to paraphrase here, because I don't remember his exact words, but this was the gist of it...

"How can we come here to this fundraiser and dance and enjoy this music and have fun with each other when there is all that suffering and death and misery in Haiti? This is a question I ask myself when I see the wonderful life I life and the unbelievable challenges sometimes faced by others.

"My answer is, the best way to honor the life of those who died in the Haiti earthquakes is to celebrate life. We want to do all that we can to help those who are suffering in Haiti, and I urge you to do that with your contributions here tonight, but we do nothing to honor those who lost their lives through this tragic series of events by standing in sadness, even with all the good fortune that surrounds us in our own lives.

"Let us celebrate our wonderful good fortune, and thus give it meaning and value and purpose, even as we share what that good fortune has brought us in the way of personal resources with those who have so much less-and who have had even that taken from them. We can help, and one of the ways we can help is to fully live, and completely embrace, the wonderful life we have been given, with gratefulness for all of it even as we share of its abundance."

There is no benefit in us feeling ashamed or embarrassed or funny or in some strange way "guilty" about all the good that is flowing to us even while others are suffering. Rather, we can use our good fortune to lessen the bad fortune of others.

I liked those thoughts from Gary, and I thank him for them. And during these days just ahead, let us give thanks to the God of our understanding for all that we have, and let us share of it generously with those who on this day have so much less.

Love and Hugs,



Reena Sen 31st January 2010 3:21 am

I suppose I needed this piece for myself and that is absolutely the reason for me stumbling across your writing today. For me,it has been a long term cross that I have been carrying around - "how can I be so happy when there are so many people suffering elsewhere? How can I spend money on myself without guilt when there are people out there who cannot afford two decent meals a day?" I used to equate this thought process with "humility" or the "guilt of the healthy". Now I know better. In fact this guilt and not enjoying the abundance that God had given me are criminal. It is something like passing a medical exam and then feeling bad for all those who have not, such that I am neither studying to be an effective medico nor have I left the medical seat for somebody else! Coming to think like this, I find how foolish my thoughts and actions have been. It is amazing how I have fooled myself into poverty thinking and am now bearing the brunt of it..

What is significant now is the realisation that whatever abundance and wealth flows into my life, I am to cherish it, enjoy it! God bless..


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