Giving Meaning Is Sacred

As I said here last week, there are many areas of life, many situations, in which you may choose to have the Holy Experience. What it takes to experience the fact one is already a Master is to make a commitment to having the Holy Experience every day. Indeed, all day every day, if it is possible. And it is. Beginning this week we will look into the various areas or aspects of our lives to see, one area at a time, how one may move into the Holy Experience, at will.

Let's break down the average person's life into five distinct areas, then use the weeks just ahead to explore each of them as they relate to the Holy Experience. Loosely, most people's lives might be broken down into these areas or situations:

1. Yourself
2. Your significant other
3. Your family
4. Your work or chief activity
5. Your larger life in the world

Of course, such arbitrary "categories" are always deceiving, always incomplete, always fuzzy as to borders and boundaries. Nevertheless, it could be said that, in the main, one's activities during a typical day will involve interactions with either one's self, one's significant other, one's other family members, one's work or chief activity, or one's "larger world" contacts, acquaintances, and outside-of-the-house connections (the clerk at the post office, the lady at the supermarket, the people at the hair styling salon, etc.)

As already noted, there are overlaps, certainly. But let's focus in, for the purposes of this exploration, on those five areas of human interaction.

The Holy Experience and Yourself

This is where it all starts. This is where everything begins, if it is to begin at all. All experience commences with the Self. All experience resides within the Self. All experience is created by the Self. Absent the Self, there is no experience at all.

That is the answer to the classic question: Does a tree falling in the forest make a sound if there is no one there?

The answer is, yes, of course. Yet the tree making noise is an occurrence. The act of someone hearing the noise is an experience. In life, if a thing has occurred but it has not been experienced, its occurrence means nothing at all.

Nothing has any meaning, save the meaning we give it. If there is no one to give it meaning, it has no meaning. Things do not have meaning in and of themselves. There is no such thing as intrinsic meaning. As well, there is no such thing as intrinsic truth.

This is the Holy Experience, right here. The Holy Experience is the giving of meaning to something by us.

It is in the moment that we give something meaning that the most sacred experience takes place.

The experience is pure creation--and that is sacred, indeed. It is the most extraordinary thing that a sentient being can do.

There are two ways to give something meaning: (1) we can pull the meaning from our Past, or (2) we can choose the meaning in our Present, as Highly Evolved Beings would do.

(Once again, this is explained with wonderful clarity in the CWG book When Everything Changes, Change Everything, where will be found an extraordinary explanation of the Mechanics of the Mind and the System of the Soul.)

And we will continue our explorations of all of this here next week. Until then...

Hugs and love,




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