Judgement or Observation?

My dear friends...

I've decided that I have to stop confusing the simple act of observation with negativity.

Some people, in an effort to not "put any negative energy into the space," refuse to say anything about anybody or anything that could be construed as being negative in any way. And if anyone else says anything about any person, place, or thing that is not wholly positive, many people will criticize the speaker for "spreading negative energy."

Soon, a certain dogmatism springs up around all this, and suddenly it becomes unacceptable in some "new age" circles to do anything but smile 16 hours a day and say nothing but positive things about everything. In these circles, when someone offers the least little comment, prediction, or description that is less than totally positive, someone else is sure to say, "Are you wanting to create that?", or "Why are you creating that?"

(Example: "Gosh, I have a real headache this morning." "Well, why are you creating that?")

After a while, people feel so hogtied, they feel so straight-jacketed, that they're afraid to say anything about anythinganything unless they can glow from head to toe with positivity.

I call this a New Age Bypass. It's psychic surgery, on the psyche itself. It can also turn into a game of "make-crazy," where people can't even objectively describe something they're seeing right in front of their face without running the risk of being labeled a "downer," or a "negative thinker."

("The stock market certainly had a bad day." "Well, aren't you the downer...")

Yet an Observation is not a Judgment, and a Description is not a Condemnation. We would benefit a great deal from noticing the difference.

It is perfectly okay to say "The rain is coming" when, in fact, you can smell it in the air. I remember a day a few years ago where I was at a huge picnic, with about 40 or 50 people attending, when one of the guests happened to say, "Looks like it's going to rain." His wife nearly had a conniption fit. "Don't SAY that!" she snapped. "Are you trying to MAKE it rain?"

Now I understand perfectly well that we create our own reality, and I have read all the messages of Conversations with God and virtually every other New Spirituality text that is out there that says we do so with the triplet tools of thought, word, and deed. I know all about the As-You-Speak-It, So-Shall-It-Be school of thought on this subject. I belong to that school. But does that mean that we cannot even offer a simple observation, bereft of any judgment or announcement of preference, about what we are experiencing in our lives?

Of course not. Saying "oh-oh, it looks like rain" does not mean that you are at cause-and thus, at fault-when the rains come. It simply means that you are observing what is going on around you. It means that you are aware. And awareness is one of the greatest attributes that any person could develop.

The message here is: do not substitute passivity for discernment; do not--in the name of "positivity"--insert total blindness where once there was keen observation. Covering your ears does not make the wind howl any less, and putting your head in the sand does not make danger disappear.

The ability to observe the environment around us, the ability to discern one thing from another, is what comes with evolving to a higher level of consciousness. Observation is the act of seeing something; it is the simple act of witnessing without assessing. Discernment is the act of differentiation; it is the simple act of telling one thing from another.

Observation is a statement that says "what's so." Judgment is a statement that says "so what"? As sentient beings, humans have a desire to notice what is going on around them. Indeed, they have a responsibility to do so.

When you consciously and deliberately stop noticing something because you "don't want to put negative energy into the space," you forfeit your most precious gift as a creative being: the gift of deciding. You cannot decide what you want, you cannot consciously choose your own future, if you are refusing to look at what is true so far.

I'm going to keep on working to remove judgment and condemnation from my experience, but I shall never remove observation and discernment. The teaching is, "Judge not, and neither condemn," it is not, "Observe not, and neither discern."

Love and Hugs,



Elizabeth IAM 17th July 2010 8:49 am

Great message from Neale.... nothing is negative/positive unless in the eye of the beholder...for all being energy, it JUST IS without connotation....

And beyond that, does it matter what others think? Surely we are past all that now.... call it as One sees it...if others don't like your call.... tuff....

We ARE sovereign BEINGS after all, authenticity is Being sovereign...if there is a trigger by what another says/does then there is still releasing to be done...get to it!

Love Elizabethx

Jo M 17th July 2010 9:00 am

Excellent! Common sense at its best.

Indigo Butterfly 17th July 2010 10:56 am

I like this! Unless we totally and completely isolate ourselves, we are engaged in observing and interpretating the reality that is a creation of many minds (or "collective consciousness"). If we are not able to discern negative situations, how are we going to determine love-based actions that might improve the world for those of us who are suffering? To go into denial will only delay positive change and increase suffering, in my interpretation. I hope you will continue this conversation.

KevinGrey 17th July 2010 5:02 pm

The Stock market had a bad day, is a judgment, for me.

And if one is going to manage awareness and observation without judgment, then in my view, one would be most benefited from realizing where the facts stop and judgment and conclusion drawing (which often is an extrapolation of the facts based on past judgment, rather than the facts themselves) begins.

For myself, altering language, is making conscious alterations to the patterns of thought.

It isn't that I'm getting down on myself, for being down on something else and I do agree that being Mary Sunshine all of the time is not the point. But rather misses the point.

The "observation" that there are dark clouds on the horizon, or the smell of moisture in the air, does not automatically mean that "it is going to rain". We have to add that to the elements of observation and form a "conclusion" and it is that conclusion that moves out from us, as intention, to create what we experience.

And this is one of the ways we do create our experience that often moves past our notice. Unless we actually are observing ourselves.

Carmilla5 17th July 2010 8:13 pm

Neale really loved this post, yeah let's get off our high horses and just BE, I need this lesson muchly, have more fun, not take it 'life' all so seriously and release some of my spiritual egotism about why whatever is IS, it just is!

johneblums 18th July 2010 2:15 am

I agree with Neale's "observations". Another extreme example is the used of "political correctness". What is the purpose of "freedon of speech" all about anyhow...to express views, ideas and observations; sometimes which may help others to consider alternative view points and to broaden their horizons of insight. The world of communication is not all just black or white. Tolerance is required to a degree, otherwise democratic societies could tend to extremist views, bigotry, discrimination, as is the case in many strife torn countries around the world. Even natural events are apart of our circumstance;favourable to some and unfavourable to others. Everthing has an ordained purpose, for the sake of creating change for the better and higher good in the ultimate end. So we need to adjust our lives and way of thinking so as to ride-out the waves of change as a global family; not wallow in self-righteous or escapism philosophy.

Melanie 18th July 2010 5:13 am

Yay! I am so over spiritual correctness and positivity gone mad. It is so inhibiting and judgemental in itself. Makes me think of a great Dr Seuss quote:

Be who you are
And say what you feel

Because those who mind don't matter
And those who matter don't mind


lirvon 18th July 2010 6:38 am

The difference between a "Judgement" and an "Observation" is NOT really about the words, but rather the energy (i.e. emotion) that is attached to the words.

And yes: certain words have a very strong bias towards negativity, which makes it hard (but not impossible) to use them skillfully.

But best simply to focus on whether or not one is centered in the heart:

If one is aware of the Heart-center, then nothing negative will be expressed.

ninaferrell 18th July 2010 11:49 am

Hi Neale, thank you for this. Humanity appears to so easily go into lemming mode and became one faceless glomp of energy, intent on following someone and thereby losing its ability to reason and choose....the LOA has started to feel like a place where dogma has to be followed or else.... thank you again.

Shondra Rose 18th July 2010 7:20 pm

One of my very early teachers instilled in me how “Your word is Truth”, and I have come to understand just how powerful our words are, as the subconscious takes EVERYTHING as absolute, and will do everything in ITS power to manifest the words we have given it to follow.

Concerning discernment, this is what I have come to know as one of the qualities of the Divine Masculine, along with neutrality. In order to not have judgment about the things we see and observe we must be able to look at them with absolute neutrality, ie, no attachment to outcome or be swayed by any remaining wounding on any level. In the place of neutrality, one came simply embrace what is present and take it to another level by energizing the manifestation you choose. When the Divine Masculine within us can see with truth and discern with neutrality, it is free to offer up pure seed (concepts, ideas, etc), that can in turn be energized by the creative life force, the Divine Feminine within.

To be Continued...

Shondra Rose 18th July 2010 7:22 pm

continued...:Taking your example of the couple at the picnic and the rain, both parties were engaging and energizing a picture (remembering that the subconscious deals in images) that neither of them really wanted to happen, ( ie, fear or resistance to) rain on the picnic. There is a way to consciously engage with whatever the scene before you that can totally take it to a place of higher response-ability and intentional manifesting, without just dropping the manifestation part in the default of what people may be judging or fearing in the scene. It involves engaging both the Divine Masculine in the discernment of what is present in the moment, with neutrality, bringing forward a pure idea/concept for the Divine Feminine within to energize, enliven and fulfill with Life Force and her nurturing love.

How different it would have been for both of them at the picnic if he had looked up at the clouds, and said (to be continued...)

Shondra Rose 18th July 2010 7:24 pm

(continued) said “ Wow! Those clouds look full of rain! (with authority) I AM that they hold off or move away until AFTER our picnic! Weather Devas! We LOVE YOU! (my wife has been planning to enjoy this event for 3 whole weeks) AND we call to you to wait until we are done here, to water this beautiful earth today! Thank You! And his wife looks at him smiles, and said “So Be It! To the weather devas and I love you! to him. I can just feel the glow of Love that it would have brought to the whole day there!

A more recent example is the difference between saying “The Gulf sure is a mess!” and “I AM that the mess in the Gulf of Mexico inspires all of humanity to wake up and be responsible, and that a whole new level of social and human planetary responsibility is born while we all focus what has happened in the Gulf.!”

So my point is that we are called to conscious, inspired action, based on our finer discernments, not just dropping them into the default bucket to trigger others around us. Let us energize the reality we choose to create, since that is what we are here for.

Bright Sorcerer 21st July 2010 2:50 am

This is a much-needed and understandable explanation of this source of confusion. I read this post on Sunday and it was no coincidence... I came across a number of messages in the ensuing days that were claimed to be channeled by "enlightened beings" (one was apparently "God") and yet they did not resonate as being genuine to me. The points made in this post kept returning as I read them and I have to admit, I had previously regarded any type of observation that was not "positive" was being "negative". I owe you a debt of gratitude, Neale, for this - message which provided great clarity for me - and all that you share with us. Blessings, Nick

idenian 21st July 2010 10:57 am

Thank you.


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