Moveliness is Holiness

My dear friends...

Last week we discussed in this space Movement as a tool in creating The Holy Experience in one’s life. I said that however you employ it, the tool of Movement has been known to produce significant benefit. Not only, as may seem obvious, physical toning and shaping, but metaphysical sharpening and opening as well. We’ll continue this week by saying that the above is true because Movement is about agitating energy. It is stirring the pot of the primal soup. It is a thorough shaking of the Stuff That Is, rearranging it ever so slightly, keeping it moving, flowing, and freshly laundered.

Conversations with God tells us that all of Life is Movement—and so it should not be surprising that Movement would connect us more directly with all of Life.

There is nothing in Life—nothing—that does not move. Even what we call “inanimate objects” are moving. If you don’t believe it, place a rock under a microscope. And so Movement is, in that sense, sacred. It is the sacred characteristic and the secret aspect of Life Itself. Therefore, if you wish to stay connected with Life, keep the Body and the Mind moving. Exercise both. Let neither become stagnant.

Find some way to move. Regularly. Vigorously. Continuously. Intentionally. Purposefully. One might even say, religiously. Don’t stand still. Keep the energy coursing through your body. Don’t stand still for anything. Move, move, move.

Movement is one of the most ignored or unused Instruments of the Holy Experience. Many people don’t see it as a pathway to God. Yet Movement is God…and God is Movement. CwG says that God is a process. That process is called “change.” And change—a change in anything—is Movement.

Therefore, Godliness is Moveliness. There’s no such word, of course. Movement is so seldom recognized as a direct pathway to God that there is no word for that state of being in movement. I had to make one up!

It doesn’t matter how you move, just move. Fill your life with Moveliness and you will fill your life with loveliness, joyfulness, and happiness. And if that isn’t Godliness, I don’t know what is.

Next week: A look at Tool #9 in creating The Holy Experience...Ritual.

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