Neale Talks About "Doomsday Predictions"

Are the predictions about 2012 going to come true?  Is our world coming to an end?  Will the earth tilt on its access?  Are billions doomed?

I received a question about this recently at Ask Neale, the online Q&A feature that appears on my personal website. I found the question thought-provoking enough to include it this week in the CWGBlog   Now I want to include it here, in case you may have missed it in those other locations, because it brings up a fascinating discussion...

Hi Neale!
I'm Tiare from Mexico and I was at one of your workshops last year and I loved it! I've been going to other workshops and I've found some things that even though they're not supposed to be scary, they did scare me. One of them was that I went to Ramtha's School and he is now preparing all of us for the days to come. He says that the earth is changing in tremendous ways and between the war, the climate change and 2012, everything will be practically...hmmm...well, different.

He says the earth is going to tilt 3 degrees and that will cause amazing changes that will cause the oceans to get empty, with winds up to 3000 mph, and nothing will be left; atomic bombs prior to that, maybe on 2008 or 9),
earthquakes, volcanoes everywhere, the coasts are going to move, like half of Mexico gone, California, NYC, Florida, etc. gone, almost all of Europe will freeze, no clean water, total disaster, fear, etc. which is starting in 2010 until 2012.

So, he says the only way to survive that is to build an underground shelter on the highest place we can find and have everything for 2 years (including a pump for underground water) and not coming out for anything on those 2 years because people will kill you for water and food. And, to practice everything, focus, knowledge, etc. to create our lives for the future (really, create them in order to survive because we download the future from the universe and assure our survival)

On the other hand, there's the Mayan Prophecies, that kinda says the same thing, but in a spiritual level. They talk about changes in everybody's consciousness and going to a new level, the 4th dimension. New awareness, new world, etc. But... their calendar ends on December 21, 2012.

Besides that, I've heard about the Photons Belt that the sun is about to go in and that will cause 3 days of darkness and that's it. Of course, the changes for that are incredible.

So, after all of this, I feel that I "have" to do something that I don't want to do (like build a shelter), I don't know how to create my life anymore because I feel like I have no choice, I'm feeling that responding to this is out of fear, and not out of love and faith. I'm especially scared of living and acting with fear and for fear (feeling that if I don't do it I won't survive, nor my family) and not with love. I feel I don't want to do anything I want or I love because what for? Everything will be gone in 5 years or less... so, I'm paralyzed...

I want to know if according to God (if you please may ask her) this is true and how to approach it.

Thank you so much and hugs!

PS. Ramtha doesn't teach fear, this is my perception of the information (others are taking it pretty good).
Neale's Response

My dear Tiare...Conversations with God says that we are creating our own reality, at every step along the way. This is true or it is not. If it is true, then we can alter our future and recreate it in any way that we wish. We can do this using the Three Tools of Creation...Thought, Word, and Deed.

If you think that all that Ramtha predicts is actually going to happen, then it will in your reality. If you are willing to create -- and co-create with the rest of us -- another reality that is more pleasing to you, we can work together to do that. I want to suggest that even if my statement here is all wrong, and the Ramtha predictions are inevitable, we will at least have spent our time between now and then in joyful pursuit.

Which does bring up another, and interesting, question, Tiare. What are we trying to do here anyway? I mean, here on the earth? What is our purpose here, however long we may live? Is it to "survive"? Or is it to announce and declare, express and experience, become and fulfill Who We Really Are? And if we do that for only one moment before the end of our physical lives, has our life been worth it? Did we do what we came here to do?

I want to suggest to you, my friend, that the answer may be yes. So let us use the days and times ahead as opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and expansion, allowing our divine selves to know through our direct experience Who We Really Are.

Be good and kind, caring and thoughtful, forgiving and forgetting, grateful and gracious, to all those whose lives you touch. Help others to feel the wonder and the glory of who they are.

Blue PlanetAnd now I want to make this prediction: When the horrific events predicted for 2012 do not occur (just as they did not occur as predicted for the catastrophic computer crashes at the New Millennium that were going to make all the world's systems collapse), what Ramtha and others will say is this:  "The shift in global energy produced by the newly aroused determination of millions of people to create the future in another way has resulted in saving our planet...for the time being. Our predictions were therefore instrumental in awaking humanity, and we likewise wish humanity to know that continued vigilance is now necessary, as disaster for your world may still be around the corner."

In this way, people can keep the pressure up, keep the spiritual stress level high, and, not incidentally, keep an audience listening with ears glued to every word. Impending doom has been a magnet for the collective mind for thousands of years. It continues to be so today.

But not for me. And if I am wrong, and doom IS right around the corner, what difference will my having been wrong make? I certainly am not going to build an underground shelter and figure out a way to live in it for two years before coming out and living like a caveman in a primitive world...

Nope. Don't think so.

Hugs and love, and lots of faith in our ability to live out a Larger Plan...Neale.


kogoribta 17th November 2007 3:17 pm

Hi Neale
I think that was a great response but I doubt it completely eliminated the fear.

Can I ask you if you are prepared in any way--as in stockpiling some food and securing other things---just in case??? I think it is the least we can do and gives a sense of relief just to know you have food and water etc....I felt your response didn't completely answer Tiare's question.
Thanks and Love

Mary Livingston 20th November 2007 10:54 am

I thank you Neale for one of the best responses I have ever read on this subject. I am amazed that it is not circulating the Internet as one of the most enlightening truths to date!

Perhaps people are confused about fear. Fear has the power to attract but it does not, in itself, create. Only love has the power to create the life you want. But, creating or co-creating is an art and it must be learned. To actually create a better world (for yourself or humanity) requires faith and trust in God the Creator and what you intend to create must be in alignment with God's Will.

So, in your heart do you believe God wants humanity to know and live in love, harmony, health, and abundance? Do you trust God? If you personally have not healed the dysfunctions in your own life you are still stuck in fear and unable to create a better world.

Margaret, I cannot help but answer the question you asked Neale :-) No, I cannot believe Neale is hedging his bets with God.

Love, Light, and Life,


Dorothy Strain 5th December 2007 6:06 pm

This whole thing seems to me to be da ja vue (don't know how to spell it) We went through this in the 80s with the harmonic convergance, which I must say was a spiritual awakening for me. Lots of people believed it would be the end of the world. Lots of others believed it was a new world of peace. Well it was neither. It was a shift in consciousness for many people. We began to realize that we were all ONE. My guess is that we are going through another shift. For some of us it will be a spiritual experience, for others, just another day. All-Ways ONE …Dorothy

Norm 26th March 2008 7:45 pm

Neale - BINGO!!!

Things will happen if we do not take care with not only our respect of one another (i.e., your thoughtful 'be good & kind...' quote) but our respect for Mother Earth. It is so simple that many just don't get it. Things also will happen in the next 4-10 years (give or take a few :huh: )especially as the planetary alignments and sun spot cycle (#24 .. and we got through the previous 23)occur. Not sure what, but I also will not become a caveman.

Live, Laugh, Love and Peace

Janet 25th April 2008 4:55 pm

Thank You for your enlightening reply Neale,I do feel you answered the question pefectly.

You instill such a deep peace in me,just the energy of your words are calm and peaceful.I believe we can change our future,and also agree that us humans are always atracted to "doomsday prophesies" and the like!

And if Ramtha's predictions were to be true(which i very much doubt :-\\\\ ) then aren't we better living what life we have left in love,peace and harmony?

May I say to Margaret, living in fear,stocking up on food,if we ALL did this then perhaps we would create that very situation? And lets face it,we only have today-yesterday is gone,tommorow is not here,so live for the moment and don't worry about the future.

Would you like to live in a shelter for 2yrs,to come out to humanity at it's worst anyway?Killing for food and water and supplies? Not me......I'd rather go home to God if this was the case,

Peace&Blessings to you all,
Janet x

kipngetich 4th July 2008 7:49 am

My advice to Tiare is,Stop focusing your attention to the worst possible outcome.I have also been reading so much about this 2012 stuff and when I compare with it CwG books on what God told neale about the climatic changes occuring on earth,I realise that my contribition ought to be in helping people become Aware of their Oneness with All of Life.And so change their perspectives.My question to you would be:Does the predictions of Ramtha tune in with your own deepseated truth about life?Unlearn yourself from believing everything you read.I have chosen to ignore what people say about end time and I am learning to be at peace with all of life and my own self.Be a contributor to the wellbeing of mother Earth and all of her inhabitants and you would have nothing to worry about even if you are alone in the middle of the forest since you know and are aware that Life/God is one with you and you are One with everything.


Anne 31st July 2008 12:17 am

In the early 90's I was at a symposium about upcoming changes in which there was a great deal of speculation that wars, economic collapse, catastrophic global events, and plagues would be needed to accomplish the kind of total transformation predicted for 2012. When it came my turn to speak I put forth the following:
When Europe was in the midst of the Dark Ages, it did not take everyone becoming an artist or scholar for the Renaissance to uplift the entire population. They opened the door to a new way of understanding and living and it was embraced by the many. Likewise, we did not all put on space suits and go up in rockets for the entire planet to embrace the Space Age. Hence, it will only require some to embrace and demonstrate the Christ Consciousness for the door to open for all of humanity. We still have the free will to choose it or not. However, if we choose not to do so, we will need to live elsewhere as the entire planet and all life is accelerating in our vibratory rate and on the threshold of a new level of existence.
Blessings and Peace to You,

pete 19th August 2008 2:31 am

This whole thing is ridiculous...You people are all out of your minds. These predictions are a load of shit created by insane delusional unconscious humans. God does not speak God is not a physical entity that can talk or even take a form. If anything I am God, you are God, we all are God. Organized religions' idea of who God is points out the insanity behind these idiotic man made ideas. Religion becomes ideology and creates an illusory sense of superiority as well as division and conflict between people. Just look at the history of Christianity. For centuries, torturing and burning people alive if their opinion diverged even the slightest from Church doctrine or narrow interpretations of scripture was considered right because the victims were wrong. They were so wrong that they needed to be killed. Love is a distinct human emotion just like hate and fear, it cannot create anything except an illusion of what reality is and who you think you are. The Earth will always go through changes like it always has and yes , we will all be gone eventually someday. "Doomsday" is an illusion.

Garth 16th November 2008 2:39 pm

On the eve of turning 44, having contemplated the very topic over a period of time; and having also heard the predictions mentioned by so many who are convinced they are correct.

I can only agree - each soul must stand up and be counted.

Simply put - the most practical thing we can do despite any negativity around us is to have positive intent (i.e. thought), which when stated (i.e. word), translates into / manifests into action (i.e. deed). This is all that matters in any of the physical / spiritual transactions we have - no matter how big or small. We need to be bold and turn the tide of negativity.

delphius 14th November 2009 2:00 pm

Hi Neale,

I'm willing to wager nothing will happen on December 21st, 2012.

The movie 2012 just came out yesterday with all the Hollywood dramatics and special effects. Nothing like that will happen either. However, just when everybody has become complacent, dismissed everything as just another Y2K hoax, the proverbial will hit the fan. Like Y2K, people are now sensing "something" will take place, then 911 came 21 months later.

Just like the hottest days of summer always lag well over a month behind the summer solistice, events will lag behind the demarcation point of 2012. I feel certain that dramatic events will have taken place by the end of 2020, although I don't know exactly what. Climate change is certainly playing its part and related Earth changes will start to escalate and have their ramifications. As time goes on the "house of cards" of global economy and financial system will undoubtedly collapse and create all the repercussions that come with that. As for pole shifts, asteroids, wars and the like, I'm less clear about.

Awareness, Life and Love,
Rudy Melster

sky lady 24th August 2010 3:16 pm

What is there to fear? You have lived and died countless times.
Information is excluded in most 2012 prophecies.
Three great changes are occurring on the earth at this time:
An Age Change, from the Piscean Age, which ended approximately 2000 years ago, to the Aquarian Age. A Root Race Change, the last one occurred approximately 11,600 years ago when the Atlantean Root Race was inundated, followed by this current Aryan Root Race, which is now expiring, is being followed by the Aquarian Root Race. And there is a Density Change from 3rd to 4th Density, which has never happened on the planet before.
You can't run. You can't hide. No place is safe. Your soul has chosen the set of circumstances for you, the Personality, who It sent to experience experience for your evolution. Look to the Higher Self, your Soul/Spirit complex for a place of security. Nothing of 3rd Density will be compatible with the new 4th Density earth. Nothing of 3rd Density will survive the cleansing cataclysms. Know this and be not afraid. A new world is waiting for those graduating into 4D.

ctavares 1st July 2011 7:31 am

So typical!
People do not like what Ramtha is saying, so they find other inferior Gurus to tell them what THEY want to hear.
Ramtha deals with the reality of things as they are and through our knowledge and actions we are able to affect the timelines. Taking our power back, hello, instead of giving it to some religion or government or group. The beginning of been free and powerful and sovereign.
Would your listen to a true ascended master or some other human personality?!!!!!
Clearly this person only had selected hearing as Ramtha is all about spirituality. If the collective cosciousness created by billions of minds is producing what is about to happen then it is through preparedness that we remove fear, because the awakened people are but a few still.
And no we will not be cave-people after the changes!
Ram is a true master and yes he will push all your personalities buttons. Your personilty is what must be mastered. Stop arguing for your limitation and contemplate the logic of it all and with that create your future.


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