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There is no greater thing that we can do in all this world than to give people back to themselves. That was the original mission of the ReCreation Foundation, and it is, in fact, why I called the foundation "ReCreation."

I got very clear in the moments after my Conversations with God experience that what the material had done was give me back to myself. I also got very clear that this is what it was inviting me to do for others. I was, in fact, being invited to do this for the rest of my life.

Nothing can heal the world faster than the world's people being given back to themselves. It is our sense, our deep sense, of alienation from Ourselves, and from our highest thoughts about Ourselves, that creates our alienation from each other, from the world at large, from Life Itself -- and, ultimately, from God.

People throughout their lives fight the feeling of worthlessness. Very few people feel a sense of worthfulness (a new word I just made up). Some of us are more affected by feelings of inferiority and less-worth than others, but no one is not affected by them at all.

Our religions have not helped in the matter. They have told us that we are , in fact, worth less , and that it is our job to find a way to be worth more, so that we can be pleasing in God's eyes, and thus, welcomed home when the time comes. Some religions have not only told us that we are sinners, they have told us that we were born in sin; that even at the moment of our emergence into the world as pure, tiny babies, we were not spotless, but were, in fact, worth less. They have told us that we were sinners at birth in the eyes of God, born in Original Sin.

I don't want to go too much into religion here, because you all know my views on that. I want to go into individual psychology and individual historology. That's another new word I just made up. It means the personal history of each individual, but more than that. If I meant merely a person's history, I would have said "history." But "historology" is more than the sequence of events that brought us to this present moment. It is the psychological and spiritual and emotional values, feelings, and understandings that swirl around ourselves about ourselves that have been built up as a result of that sequence of events. It is our historology.

The job of giving people back to themselves is about erasing all negative historology. Ultimately, it is about erasing all historology, but it starts with erasing just the negative. You cannot erase a person's history. What happened is what happened. But you can erase their historology. History is one thing, historology is another. Get rid of a person's negative historology and they can then use their personal history as tools rather than encumbrances, as upliftments rather than burdens, as inspirations rather than discouragements. This is what I mean by giving people back to themselves.

But there is more. For healing is not only about what came before, it is also about what lies ahead. This is what I call a person's futurology. It has to do with how people view themselves after their entire historology has been stripped away. Because even positive historology can be limiting. In some cases, extremely limiting. And so, human beings move into their truest identity only by erasing, as well, their positive historology. This is about dropping their old identity altogether.

This is about people recreating themselves anew in every golden moment of Now, in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever they've held about who they really are. Most people cannot even get to that vision until they've erased their historology -- or, at least, most of it, and certainly, most of the negative aspects of it. This is what my dear Teacher Elisabeth Kubler-Ross used to call "finishing their unfinished business."

When we assist people in doing this, we open them to their own brightest future. Our opportunity is to, literally, give people a new future by assisting them in creating a new and exciting, compelling and inspiring, deeply motivating and wonderfully invigorating futurology.

One day Futurology will be seen as a science and a mental health medicine, just as Psychology is seen today. One job of the ReCreation Foundation is to make that happen; to make that dream come true.

We begin in our own backyard. We begin with all those who live with us and work alongside of us. Every one of us has a historology, and every person's historology has at least a little negative "stuff" that we would benefit greatly from getting rid of. For most of us, it is more than just a little. It is a lot. When I came to the Conversations with God material, it was a lot.

I am now about the process of recreating myself anew. I have been for many years, since my first conversation with God. And this is the invitation I now hold open to every person whose life I touch. Walk with me, I say, and I will try to help you to recreate yourself anew, even while I ask you to help me do the same. Let us create our futurology together.

Sometimes I have hurt people in the process, for I am clumsy and incomplete in my own healing. For this I beg forgiveness. Sometimes I have assisted people in this process, for I have been insightful, too, and genuinely helpful. For this I am humbly grateful.

Now I move through the world, healing myself of my own historology as I go, hoping to find within me worthfulness at last, even with all my many worthless personal choices, actions, and decisions. Even with all of my mistakes. Shall we all do the same? Let us "let go," at last, of our self-judging, self-condemning, self-punishing behaviors. Let us present ourselves as God sees us: spotless and pure and innocent as babies, who simply did not know or understand what we were doing. Let us present ourselves in our spotlessness, and let us see each other as spotless as well.

Let us understand, now fully at last, these two wisdoms from Conversations with God:

1. No one does anything inappropriate, given their model of the world.

2. Everyone is doing the best they can at every moment.

I was moved to tears the other day while reading a book written by Byron Katie. In it, she was describing a life experience that she had, when a man approached her with a gun in his hand. Sticking it into her belly, he said, "I'm going to have to kill you." Byron looked at the person and said she wished he wouldn't do that. He answered that he had no choice. Then Byron said quietly: "In that case, thank you for doing the best you can."

The man stared at her for a moment, then shook his head, stowed his gun, and walked away.

As you move through the days and times of your own life just ahead, thank you for doing the best you can. I promise to do the same.       ~ NDW                                                                                       



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