Never Again Fear Loss

My dear friends...

Last week we shared with you here the parable of The Snowflake. And if you read that you might now say, "Nice. Very nice metaphor. But what does this have to do with the Holy Experience?"

The question above is a fair one. For me, once I embraced this Snowflake Metaphor, I understood that it didn't matter what I did, I was always going to be alive. I would never die, I would merely change form.

Abruptly, I lost my fear of death. And then something miraculous happened. When I lost my fear of dying, I lost my fear of living.

Someone very wise once said, "All fear is a fear of death." Something or another is going to "die," and go away. It will "be no more." Yet when you realize that while everything ends (a point we made earlier in this book), everything that ends begins again as something new, you never again fear the loss of anything.

Not even income.

And that's when your freedom bell rings. Because when you are no longer afraid of the loss of income (nor of physical death, which could result), then the acquisition of income becomes a preference rather than a necessity.

Wow. When you prefer to live, rather than need to live, everything is different. You are no longer engaged in a process of Survival. You are engaged in a process of Celebration.

This is, in essence, the traveling path of life. We start out thinking that we have to survive, and basing many of our life decisions on that. Then, when we achieve the awareness that the struggle for survival is not necessary because our survival is guaranteed, our decisions are based on something else: What will bring me the most joy?

What brings us joy, the highest joy, is self-expression. For it is through the fullest expression of Self that the fullest experience of Who We Really Are is achieved. And that experience is what we came for!

With this marvelous realization comes actualization. We become self-actualized beings. And two things happen at once. First, we never again "work" at a job we don't like. Second, we never again "don't like" a job at which we are working. That is because our "work" has become a "joy"--even if it's the same job we had before.

Why? How? Because we suddenly realize why we are doing it. We suddenly see clearly that we are not doing it because we have to, but because we want to; because it serves us to; because it is a means to an end. Our job is our tool. It is something we are doing in order to experience something we wish to experience.

This experience is not mandatory. We can have it or not, as we decide. So if we are choosing to have This Particular Experience rather than That Other Experience, how can we not be joyful, no matter what our job? Are we not getting our way?

This is a shift of attitude, not of circumstance. Nothing has changed, but everything is different.

This is when you will know you have had the Holy Experience.

Hugs and love,



k 31st August 2012 11:43 am

My greatest fear to to witness suffering. I look forward to death, to be free from the limitations of the body. I do not mourn the death of a loved one, but I do their suffering. I have not practiced medicine for over three years now, and under the present conditions I doubt I ever will again. Striving for the Higher Worlds is my only real work.

zorro 1st September 2012 10:09 am

I Lost My Fear

Each line of poem created from the exact letters and number of letters in


My! A Role Fits!
Almost Fiery
A Smiley Fort
Ma? So try Life!
Am Life, So Try!
Life Arts, O My!

Stifle My Oar?
Lo! Tis MY Fear!
A Lie, Most Fry
Lie Of My Star
Of My Rat Lies
Lame Story. If!
A False Try, I OM.
I Real Soft. My!
Some fly, I Tar
My Fret? As Oil
Slay Me For It!
Ray Me If Lost!
I Say, "Molt, Ref"
I Say "Let Form"

Me? Soar, Fitly!
I Om Arty Self
I Maestro, Fly!
As Ye Lit Form
Ray Em! Lift So!
Say OM, Lifter!
So Ray Me! Lift!
I Om. Tears Fly!
As To My Flier?
Emit! Soar! Fly!
So Mr, I Fly. Tea? 1st September 2012 3:04 pm

Loved your message...

Curtis 4th September 2012 12:40 am

Higher self from 6th dimension says:
I see your point most wisely. However from my perspective there is a choice to be expressed as you say snowflake and unexpressed. In lower terms Unity Conscioiusness is the combination of karma and love. There are equal paths to it. You do not judge either part for you are both parts. Two equal forms of consciousness can be expressed by fear of loss. Because loss creates a sense of loss there is another sense of gained. This is the baser nature of Spirit. Spirit beyond unity is the only perspective.


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