Never Suppress Anger

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We are exploring here the Five Natural Emotions: Grief, Anger, Envy, Fear, and Love. These emotions are tools, gifts given to us by God with which to build a letter life.

Now you might ask, how can Anger build a better life?

Anger is a natural emotion. It is simply a release of energy. It is a "letting go" of a negative charge. It is our way of saying "No, thank you." It is very okay to be angry, and anyone who tells you that it isn't does not understand the nature of the human condition — and how healing anger can be.

Anger is also our way of saying, "I don't agree with that — and I am passionate about my disagreement!" It's also our way of saying, "Stop it! Cut it out!" It's also our way of saying, simply, "No!"

Many of us were taught as children that it is not okay to express anger. If we did we were sent to our rooms. That is a pity, because we were then caused to imagine that anger is somehow "bad," and that we need to avoid it.

Anger is not bad. Anger is good. It is what we do with our anger that may not bring us benefit. And so, the trick is to use our anger as a tool, as a device, with which to get things done.

It is extremely helpful to acquire the skills of anger expression and anger resolution. This is not the same as controlling one's anger, or so-called "anger management." The idea is not to "manage" one's anger, but to express it fully. And to do so in a way that is beneficial to oneself and others.

One way of expressing anger in a way that is beneficial to oneself and others is to tell the truth. Truth telling is powerful, and releases enormous energy if it is about something over which one is feeling anger. Yet this injunction, please: Speak your truth, but soothe your words with peace.

Shouting it out is another way to release anger — but preferably not with or at another person. Shouting in a car is one way to verbally release anger — but only at a stop sign or when the car is not moving. (If you bring up too much anger when you are actually driving, you could lose control of the vehicle.) Get a baseball bat and bang an told tire hanging from a tree. That's another powerful way to release negative energy.

Whatever you do, don't hold it in. Anger that is repressed can turn to rage. Rage is not a good thing. It is not beneficial to experience rage. Rage is the eruption of anger, often in an uncontrolled way. The expression of anger in a healthy, non-threatening, non-damaging way cuts us off on the path to rage, because anger is a release of energy before it gets pent up. It takes a great deal of energy to ignite and sustain rage. What you want to do is release your negative energy before it gets to that point.

So anger is a natural emotion. Don't become angry with yourself for experiencing and expressing anger. Rather, welcome the anger as a tool with which to let go of negative energy, and use it as such.

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