Never Work at a Job You Hate

My dear friends...

This week we will continue our look at the Holy Experience and your work, or chief activity. I began this particular exploration last week by telling you that your life was never meant to be about "work." Not in the way that most people use the word.

I talked about how I got a job in radio when I was 19 years ago, after leaving college because of my bad grades. I was free! My father wanted me to become a lawyer, and he was very generous and caring in this willingness to pay my whole way through school. But I didn't want to stay in school. I wanted to get into broadcasting! It has been my heart's desire since I was 10 years old. So I struck out on my own, leaving my father's house and the comfort of the nest.

Throughout the rest of my life I've had only one job that I didn't like. I won't bother getting into my Whole Sad Story around that. It's enough to say that I held the position for all of seven months, and then found a way to "get out of it" with honor. (I couldn't just walk away. The wonderful woman to whom I was married at the time was eight months pregnant with child #1.)

I was 23, and from that day to this I have never again found it necessary to "earn" money by "working." I have generated income by "playing." By doing things I loved to do. Broadcasting. Photography. Journalism. Political Campaign Media Rep. Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations. A little bit of acting. More broadcasting (talk show host). And, finally, published author and global lecturer.

I'm not bragging here. I'm hoping to make a point. "Work" should be a joy. And it can be. It was meant to be, it was designed to be, and it can be. But first, a person must understand the purpose of "work." And here is the secret. It seems to be something that I intuitively knew from my earliest days as an "adult." Don't ask me where I picked this one up. I just sort of knew it...

"Work" has nothing to do with "earning" your way. We do not have to earn the right to be here. We do not have to earn the right to take up space on the planet. And we do not have to earn the right to stay alive and to help keep those that we love alive. These are natural rights, and they should not have to be earned. Life itself should provide for Life Itself.

And it does.

It does.

Life is a process that provides for Life Itself through the process of life itself. All we have to do is get out of the way and let Life flow through us. "Let the force be with you." Let the energy that enlivens you enliven life.

And we will continue this discussion in our next issue.

Hugs and love,




blurgirl1 27th July 2012 11:10 am

I so agree with what you said. I left a "successful" career of 18 years because I knew I would die inside if I stayed. I am recreating my life, and it is a challenge to stay present to my inner Council guidance. Most people around me want to know what my plan (a new 4-letter word) is, and when/how I will settle down again and start earning a living! I know if I stay MY course, allowing my life to flow, I will be fine. I'm already feeding my passions and doors are opening. As someone who simplified my material life by getting down to a small motorhome, car, and my dog, living off of savings for now, living the gift I gave myself - freedom to open to opportunity as it comes, I am eternally grateful for taking the leap, and appreciate the supportive writings such as yours today! Thank you!

luv18 23rd December 2016 6:52 pm

Thank you once again Neale! I just quit grad school because I felt that there is something more joyful and fulfilling that I can spend my precious time on. I don't know how I am gonna transition just yet but I trust in life to take care of it. I am grateful that I have got my voice back. So thank you!


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