New Spirituality and the Struggles in Myanmar - Part 3

If you follow the news, no one needs to tell you what has been happening in Myanmar, in Darfur, and in other trouble spots around the world. What is sad -and what we have been taking a look at over the past several weeks in a three-part series in this space, is the political consideration that has allowed most of the despotism that has ever occurred in the world to have taken place -- whether it is in Myanmar and Darfur today, or right in the place from which I began this series of articles...Germany, in 1943.

In the present instance China, which borders Myanmar and is one of its few allies and trading partners, has argued that the crisis there does not constitute the kind of threat to international peace and security that calls for involvement or intervention by the United Nations. The Chinese say that the events in Myanmar are an internal matter.

The international legal argument behind all of this is the dogma of "national sovereignty." This doctrine has it that what goes on inside the borders of a nation is no one's business except that nation's, itself. For many years the global community has pretty much honored that dogma, except in the most severe instances. Apparently the events inside of Myanmar have not been severe enough.

Only a Separation Cosmology -- that is, an idea of the world that says that everything is separate from everything else -- could support or justify such a doctrine. And such a Separation Cosmology would be impossible to construct if the human race abandoned its Separation Theology.

Separation Theology is a theology that insists that God is "over there" and that we are "over here," and that there is no intrinsic connection or unity. Humanity has embraced such a theology for thousands of years. Yet if we rejected, at last, such separation thinking, we could construct a New World, a New Humanity, and a new way of living on this planet.

What is true is that God and we are One. There is no separation of any kind. The idea that a nation's governing powers can treat a nation's people any way they want to and that no one in the rest of the world has any standing in the matter, is an idea rooted in the ancient politics of our Separation Cosmology. All of the world would change if we just decided that We Are All One -- not only one with God, but one with each other.

What it would take to produce such an outcome is the embracing by humanity of a New Spirituality. And that is what Conversations with God has been proposing for a dozen years. You can play a role in this outcome. I hope that you will.

Choose now to be a Provider of the messages of CwG in your community. Next week, we will give you some suggestions on how you can do that.

~Neale Donald Walsch


guest 14th November 2007 8:22 pm

I wonder if NDW believes in the concept of individual sovereignty,as well?
It is a topic-ie,freedom-far too little discussed in lightworker forums, in my experience. we talk about peace and oneness,as though sameness will get us everything we need. This is called socialism,and it does not work.
Beyond this,however,national sovereignty is a two way street-it also means that others who would perhaps harm,say,burma(myanmar),also do not have the right. While it may seem illogical that we cannot *help* another nation,or individual,unless they request it,this is exactly how universal law works. Help is also a subjective word. I believe I should be neither helped nor hindered as an individual,unless i request this help or hindrance. I also know that I will not be helped or hindered as an individual unless i do request or agree to this help. National sovereignty is no less important in spiritual liberation and ascension than individual sovereignty. It is a stepping stone towards true freedom of Oneness. Kingdoms and hierarchies (of any kind) do us no good;sovereignty presupposed a right to create.Why is it okay to speak of angelic kingdoms and spiritual hierarchies,but not national sovereignty? Don't these imply separation,as well,then?

guest 14th November 2007 11:28 pm

I'm just adding a few more sentences to my post(:
Ghandi referred to self-rule as 'swaraj'-meaning self-rule or self-radiance. moving beyond governance is an inherent piece of freedom,which in turn is an inherent part of oneness and peace. we cannot legislate peace,oneness or freedom. it must be discovered and lived by each individual.
To send in a world governance body such as the U.N. does not show an evolution of consciousness,in my opinion. The U.N. is ultimately acting on behalf of power and force,and in many cases this action does not lead to a better situation overall for the country involved. It is only a temporary appeasement of a long term situation. Ghandi,for example again,believed that empowerment movements must be internal,self-initiated. Ultimately,I see oneness as leading to a self-governed world/planet,where each is able to pursue his/her true destiny. The idea that the current powers that be have the right to go into any country they wish in the name of peace,is aligned with autocratic power over others,not self-determination.


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