Our true relationship with the Divine

My dear friends...

Last week we talked here about the Five Pinnacle Questions. These are:
1. Who We Are?
2. Why we are here?
3. What is our Right Relationship with our fellow humans?
4. Who and What is God?
5. What is our True Relationship with the Divine?

We answered the first four of these questions last week, and we said that we would address the final question this week.

Conversations with God tells us that God and we are One. Yet what does that mean, actually? It means that there is no separation between you and God. Our relationship with the Divine is the same as our relationship with the Self. We are the stuff of which God is made; God is the stuff of which we are made. There is no difference, except in degree. I hate to use this tired and worn out example, but we are to God as a drop of the ocean is to the ocean itself: One and The Same, and a Singular Part Thereof.

If this is true (and it is), then we are the creators of our own reality (and we are), acting in our micro-reality exactly as God acts in the macro-reality. And God is a part of our process, precisely because we are One.

We are talking here about a systematic process of cause-and-effect that never shuts down.

God is that process. God is that system. This is what God means when God says to us, "I am with you always, even unto the end of time."

That is something that is not generally understood, and that is rarely explained, about God. It is almost never explained in relation to the topic of Personal Creation.

Back in the sixties there was a bumper sticker that became very popular. It asked: IS GOD DEAD?

The idea behind the question was that humanity had evolved so far so fast that we may have rendered God irrelevant. That thought has been reinforced in recent years with the emergence of teachings on what has been called the Law of Attraction: the purported ability of individuals to create their own reality using nothing more than "positive thinking" and "focused intention."

I know, of course, that God is not dead. And most people agree with me. Surveys have shown that the largest percentage of people in every nation and in every culture believe in a power greater than themselves.

Yet if we humans can obtain and acquire anything we want in life using our own power, of what use is a power greater? What would be its function? What would be its purpose?

The astonishing conclusion that many people are reaching, especially given how the "Fast Track to Happiness" is being taught in some circles today, is that we no longer need God.

Now I'm going to say something that, if you believe in God, is going to make you very happy. But not at first. At first, it may make many of you want to put this book down right here. Don't do that, because you're going to miss out on the part that you'll love.

(If you don't believe in God at all, you're going to find what I'm going to say next at the very least intriguing. So hang in there!)
It's true.

We no longer need God.

In fact, we never needed God.

We do not need God for anything.

This is the startling truth that will stun the world. It is the Unspoken Truth that no one wants to utter. Yet this is not all of the Unspoken Truth. The rest of it has to do with why we do not need God for anything.

Not needing God is not the same as not having any use for God.

I want to say that twice because it's too important to be glossed over. I said, not needing God is not the same as not having any use for God.

In fact, it is precisely because we have an extraordinary use for God that we have no need for God.

How can we "need" something that we always have, that we cannot not have under any circumstances, that we can always use, and that we cannot not use no matter how we might deny that we are?

You cannot not have God in your life, as part of your life, and this is something that many people cannot believe. They can't believe the highest promise of God: I am always with you, even unto the end of time.

You cannot not use God, even if you deny that you are, and this is something else that many people cannot believe. They can't accept the most wonderful truth taught by all religions, each in their own way:

Ask and you shall receive.

Because people can't accept this truth, they completely and utterly misunderstand the formula by which they can create what they wish to experience in their lives.

I call this formula the Process of Personal Creation-what some people call the "Law of Attraction"-and it does not render God obsolete, but exactly the opposite. It makes our experience of God more present, more relevant, and more real than ever.

love and hugs and best wishes on your journey...


for my wonderful friends at the ReCreation Foundation


Carol 19th May 2008 8:14 am

Hmmm, I dont think its so much "using" God as "being" God. It's like that movie with Jim Carrey, "Bruce Almighty", all the power in the world is useless without love. Sure God can shoot fireballs from his hands, but who wants to? God can levitate, but who cares? God can manifest oodles of money, but God doesn't care about flat-screen TVs and sports cars. What God is concerned with is love, and that's what we should be concerned with as aspects of divinity. There's love in everything and everyone, including ourselves, finding it and reflecting it back to the world is what we are here for. Do that and you wont care about flat screen TVs, fireballs or feats of magic either. You'll care about doing more of it and the universe will step right in and help you do so.


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