Resist Not Evil - Change is an act of creation

Conversations with God said is that what you resist persists. Often this is misunderstood to mean that we should accept everything that occurs or appears in our life without any attempt or determination to change it. Yet that is not what it means.

It is perfectly okay, in spiritual terms, to seek to change any circumstance, situation, or condition that arises in your life with which you do not agree. Here is the key point around all of this: Change is not resistance. To seek to alter a circumstance, situation, or condition is not to resist it, but simply to re-shape it into a form which is more pleasing to our eye.

Change is an act of creation. Resistance stops creation. That is the difference.

Once this is understood, we see how it is possible for great people such as Martin Luther King Jr. or Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa to have done the work in the world that they have done. Closely exploring these people's lives makes it clear that they never condemned anyone or anything. Judgment was not part of their vocabulary. Bitterness was not part of their experience. And the use of force was utterly outside of their cosmology. That is, they could not imagine it as a useful energy of change.

All the spiritual teachers across time have encouraged us to "resist not evil." This does not mean that we should never seek to create new conditions in our lives or in the lives of others. This means, simply, that we are most effective in bringing about change when we use creative energy rather than condemning energy. Resistance to anything actually places it there more firmly in our experience. You cannot "resist" something that is not there. Therefore in the act of resisting something places it there.

Jesus said, "Judge not, and neither condemn." He did not say, "Change not, and neither alter." Change is good. Indeed, Conversations with God tells us that change is the nature of life. It goes further, it tells us that the words "life" and "God" are interchangeable. If, then, change is the nature of life, then change is the nature of God. Indeed, the text of CwG tells us this directly. It says, "God is change."

God, the material tells us, is a process. That process is Life Itself. And the life is change in process. It is the movement of atoms and molecules, the vibration of energy, the constant shifting of The Essence to create in physical form what is been conceived at the level of pure creation.

Resistance is the act of trying to stop something. Change is the act of seeking to modify it. There is an enormous difference.

Therefore, when confronted with any outward experience that is not welcome in your reality, do not push back from it but rather, move into it. Embrace it in its totality. Love it in its perfection. Then simply use the process of creation to re-shape it in a form which more perfectly represents Who You Are and Who You Choose to Be.

This may take time. One should not expect instant results. Instant results are possible, but one should not expect them. Rather, be satisfied with the process that is taking place, allowing yourself to move with the energy as the energy moves with you, re-creating itself and re-creating you in one motion. Have patience. Have understanding. Have awareness. Come from a place of Total Consciousness about what is occurring and your life will be an experience of peace and quiet joy -- one might call it deep inner serenity -- during all the moments of your time on earth.

This is a great promise of God. This is a great reward to those who are Attentive. Therefore, pay attention. Notice the moment. Peer deeply into each occurrence. Do not be confused by the illusion. And resist not evil, for "nothing is evil, lest thinking make it so." Seek gently to simply change what does not speak to you of Who You Are.

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k 25th November 2009 7:17 am

I am going to rewrite this since I lost the last post. This idea of "resist not evil....." I am in a very cynical mood, the devil coming out in me. But, you folks with the ivory tower syndrome really need to come down and rub shoulders with the real world. So many of you interact mostly with people on a spiritual path, you sit isolated in your offices, go to your conferences, etc. How many times a week do you have to deal with hate and anger from someone? How many times do you have to deal with an upset boss because his day is not going well? How often do you really have to deal with people in the trenchs? Sensitive people like Judith Orloff, know what it is like to deal with energy vampires and the negative forces some people carry. The darkness we sometimes see, is not darkness in us. Yes Alice there really is a devil.

Milleniumfalcon 25th November 2009 7:38 am

What if there is a reason why you resist something? And your resistance is actually showing you a path you do not want to take? :-\\\\

k 25th November 2009 8:38 pm

Those who exist in ivory towers should not tell anyone how they should think,feel or act. When I was about four years old, I had seen people on TV swimming,(I think Lloyd Bridges)and I just knew I could swim, because it was a simple matter of waving the arms and legs. But a few years later when I was exposed to a swimming pool, I realized I was afraid of the water and I sank like a rock. All the arm and leg waving did not do a thing for me. When the ivory tower inhabitants have come down to my level and know what I know, then I will respect their perspective. Yes, Sissi68, I have been there, I am a tough old crone, and I do not have patience with BS!

k 25th November 2009 9:12 pm

Now, I want to ask, as everyone sits down to the dinner tomarrow, how many will give thanks to the animal who gave its life to sustain you? When ever we eat part of an animal why can't we say a reverent prayer of thanks to the creature that came into the world and provided us with its tissue for our enjoyment and sustanence? This is not all about giving a human a warm meal and a smile, it is about all the creatures that interact with us and the sacrifice they make to give us what we want. There is not a human in the US who will go hungery tomorrow, but think for a moment about the animals who gave thier life to make tomorrow possible.

k 25th November 2009 9:21 pm

Then, my friends, you will know what it means to be "one with the all". Everything is not about HUMANS. Think for a moment in reverent gratitide about the sacrifice nature has made for each of us as we sit down at the table tomorrow.

Bright Sorcerer 26th November 2009 11:51 pm

Thought-provoking and informative as always, Neale. I will definitely be sharing this post as well with my listeners this weekend. Thanks again, Neale. Blessings, Nick

Aliah 10th December 2009 9:54 am

Currently I can not support such a thing. For to do so is to deny the current, whole reality in this world. In one day, on 9/11, 3,000 innocent american individuals died without reason, provocation or just cause. To this day our homeland borders are protected for our well being, troops are deployed as to keep evil at bay, that we may never personally come to know such evil through the experience of it, again. You are correct in stating: "Resistance is the act of trying to stop something. Change is the act of seeking to modify it. There is an enormous difference." The highest of love is one of pure truth and honesty. Spoken forth right, even in the face of adversity. Seen as resistance, yet designed for the purest truth, which is love, which is God. For to modify an act is to be realistic of the acts nature. Clear, unadulterated awareness is the key to change. Our generation, the one next to guide this land, has become acutely aware of past misgivings of previous generations ~ in which too wide of a grandeur vision has lead to the unrealistic interpretation of current reality.

Aliah 10th December 2009 10:06 am

We may understand heaven because of your work, and those like you. However, we can not live in today without acting upon the basic actions taught for the past 2,000 years. In which the world has still failed to abide by. Otherwise, this conversation would not be occurring, and heaven could be. Many teachers have gone before in each generation. Few having the humility to speak the truth in order create change. To breathe life into an unpopular view when you live to serve the people and rejoice in their joy, is a pure experience of humility. For it is an act not of selfish desire, but the will of the betterment for the people. Noah knew this experience more deeply than any.


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