Solving the problems of the world

The world faces an extraordinary array of problems, as we all know. But here is something we do not know: Who is working to solve them?

Part of the problem with problems is that there are so many people who seem to want to do nothing about them. Usually this is because they firmly believe that there IS no problem; that those who SAY that there is are making it all up.

Others are clear that there IS a problem -- there are many of them, in fact, now facing humanity, they believe -- but they do not know what they can do about them. Which brings us to the critical question: Who are we and what are we doing here?

I mean, as human beings. Who are we? What is our status in the overall scheme of things? And what are we doing here on the earth? I want to explore this theme, and some larger themes about Life, in this space in the days upcoming, under the general title of a series of blogs: Looking Up Close at Life. I will delve into some of the writings in the Conversations with God series of books, using them as a reference, as we do so.

Let's begin by discussing Who We Are.

I believe that this is a soul journey we are on, having nothing to do with the human body. It has no more to do with your body than a bookcase that you built has to do with the hammer and saw you used to build it. Like the hammer and saw, your body is simply your tool. Nothing else. Simply that.

You can use that tool to gratify your own personal whims or to help the whole world. That choice is yours.

If you think you are your body, you may be tempted to make the first choice. If you believe that your body is something you have, not something you are, you may be inspired to make the second choice.

It is therefore important to always remember who you are. Say three times each day, morning, noon, and night: “I am not my body. My body is what I have, it is not what I am.”

This will help you to stay focused on your real identity, your real purpose for being here, your real reason for living, and the purpose of Personal Creation itself.

Personal Creation, as I call it, is a process of energy focusing that can be used to bring you every wonderful thing in life, anything at all that you desire. It is also true that you define yourself by what you say you desire. And it is also true that the process works best, and fastest, when you desire for others what you wish to experience for yourself. As explained earlier, this is because of The Multiplier Effect
Who we are is pure energy. Energy is the Essence of Life Itself. We are energy, and we are working with energy. We are one form of energy, working with other forms. When all is said and done we must realize that we are simply working with raw energy. Thoughts are energy. Things are energy. Emotions and feelings and experiences are energy. Life is energy expressed. God is energy.

Everything is energy.

When you want for the whole world what you want for yourself—peace, joy, wisdom, happiness, and love—you multiply the energy you send out. This is called The Multipier Effect.

When you do this at the same time that many others are doing it, you multiply your multiplication. You have increased your Impact Potential exponentially. You have literally harnessed the power of God. (“Wherever two or more are gathered, there am I.”)

This is important, because with regard to the challenges facing the world, the axiom is:

The Energy That Creates The  Solution Must Be Equal To The Energy That Creates The Problem.



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