Stop Trying To Earn a Living

For many, many weeks now, we have been exploring what I have called The Holy Experience here in The Weekly Bulletin. I hope with all my heart that this has served you, and that you have had a chance to read all that has been written here. I believe that the messages that have come from God to our world can truly change your life.

One of the things we have been looking at here is the experience that we call "work." What I am hoping to do here is put you in a position to make what you call "work" what you call "joy." The Holy Experience as it relates to your work life is experienced when you understand that no matter what you are doing to produce income, it is a joy because it is producing income--and income, rather than lack of it, is what you choose. Therefore, you are doing what you want to do.

The Holy Experience expands when you realize that you can allow the flow of Life Force through you in the way that you find the most exciting and the most fun, without thought of "how much money you can make," and that you will still be alive at the end of the process. (Unless you're not, in which case it won't matter anyway.)

I was presented with a plaque many years ago by Rev. Terry Cole- Whittaker, a hugely popular and wonderfully wise minister who has been sharing life truths with thousands of people for many years. The plaque said:


I never forgot that because it put the way I had been living, as well as what I am trying to say here, perfectly. It does take courage to make a life rather than a living. But it can be done.

It takes courage to embrace the notion that Life was meant to be happy, and that the activities of our life were meant to be a joy. The purpose of work is not to "earn" our keep, thus to "justify" our taking up space on the planet. God's love (and what comes with it, including a Good Life) is not something we "earn," it is something we are given. And we are given it freely, not only if we do something in particular (say a Rosary, bow to the east, fast, or remain chaste, or travel to Mecca, or chant, or whirl like a dervish, or take a vow of poverty, or "go and sin no more").

The purpose of work, as is the purpose of all of life, is for us to announce and declare, express and fulfill, become and experience Who We Really Are.

There is no other reason to do anything. Knowing this is the Holy Experience.

Next week we will look at yet another aspect of The Holy Experience. I hope you will join us then, and share this wonderful information with all of your friends!

Hugs and Love,




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