The Brain’s Design - Why it does not hold all the data there is...

Nothing is accidental in our universe. Nothing is a mistake or an unfortunate condition. This is what is meant by Intelligent Design. Everything that exists has emerged from Divine Intelligence. There is no conflict between Creationists and Evolutionists. Evolution is simply part of the Process of Creation, and all the conflict that seems to exist over the question of whether life 'evolved' or was 'created' seems to be "much ado about nothing."

The human brain was designed (evolved) in a way that does not give it the capacity to hold all the data in the universe. That is not its design function. It is the design function of Consciousness to hold all the data in the universe. It is a design function of the brain to hold sufficient data to get through This Moment Now.

The brain is a mechanism and must not be confused with the Mind. The Mind is where Consciousness resides. It is one-third of the Three-Part Being that we are. Each of us is composed of three aspects or elements: Body, Mind, and Spirit. Consciousness resides in all three aspects.

The Body, the Mind, and the Spirit all hold all the data of the universe. Indeed, they are all the data of the universe, compressed into one location.

Did you hear that? Did you "get" that? Don't just read right through that sentence and move on. Read it carefully, and consider its implications.

The Body, the Mind, and the Spirit all hold all the data of the universe. Indeed, they are all the data of the universe, compressed into one location.

Put into other words: The Being that you are is a microcosm of the macrocosm that we call the universe. Traditional theology says this yet another way: "You are made in the image and likeness of God."

The words are more poetic, perhaps, but they mean precisely the same thing.

The brain is a mechanism uniquely designed to block from our present awareness all that the Body, Mind, and Spirit knows.

You may not have ever thought of it that way, but that is what is actually happening. That is the function of the brain.

The brain is a Data Filter and Organizer. It takes the data that flows to it through the extraordinary senses of the Body, through the unlimited vision of the Mind, and through the total awareness of the Spirit, then organizes it and filters it in a most unusual and efficient way...

First, it reduces the data to its countless component parts.

Second, it sorts those parts into categories, labeled Necessary and Unnecessary in the Present Moment, then eliminates all data deemed Unnecessary for comprehension of, or survival in, the Moment at Hand.

Third, it analyzes all data that it has deemed Necessary for the Moment at Hand and brings its analysis to your attention and your awareness. (These two are not the same thing. "Attention" allows you to notice something, "awareness" allows you to understand all of its implications. This is the difference between noticing and comprehending.)

Fourth, it separates our awareness into at least two parts. This is what makes it possible for one part of your brain to allow another part of your brain to "think about what you're thinking about." Part One of your Awareness analyzes and presents the Necessary Data, and Part Two considers the data being presented, reflects upon it, accesses other data previously stored by the brain (see below), and makes a decision about what it chooses to do in the Moment at Hand.

Fifth, it takes all the data that it deemed Necessary for the Present Moment, combines it with information on how that data was used, and stores it in its databank, in the form of what we call Memories. It calls upon this data in facilitating Future Moments.

The reason that the brain was designed to perform these functions is elegant. If the brain was simply a wide open receptor, a huge retainer of all the data that exists in the universe, it would be redundant and without separate purpose or function. As already noted, it is the purpose and function of Consciousness to retain all the data of the universe, not the purpose and function of the brain.

The purpose of the brain is to act as a mechanism with which we can use the limitless data of the universe, bit by bit. This broken-down data is utilized in the formulation of "reason" and the producing of "action", through which we render ourselves capable of knowing and experiencing, expressing and fulfilling, becoming and expanding Who We Really Are.

In short, the brain is a tool -- a magnificent, wondrous, extraordinary device -- designed to intake, call up, analyze, and store the limitless data of the universe as it presents itself in any given moment, in order that Eternity may be experienced as Now, Everywhere may be experienced as Here, and Infinity may be experienced as This. Thus we can experience THIS, HERE and NOW. Thus we can discern discrete elements of, and encounters with, All That Is through an elegant mechanical process that allows All That Is to be known by Itself experientially.

Think of it this way: The brain acts as a dam on the flow of Consciousness. It creates power by conserving energy, holding it back and allowing it to flow in measured amounts.

Now when we experience a moment of expanded awareness, all that has happened is that we have immersed ourselves in the rushing waters of Everything, diving to the depths of Everywhere, and swimming in the currents of Infinity. In such moments you escape the boundaries of physicality, shifting your point of view from that of the brain to that of Consciousness, and expanding your awareness of the Ever Present Reality of God and of the True Nature of All That Is.  

In such moments you have completed the journey, from Knowing to Experiencing to Knowing again, and reside in a pure State of Being, in which you both know and experience Who You Really Are.

And that is the Reason and the Reality: A brief explanation of Life and how it works.

But wait. There is more…next week, as we conclude this extended series of commentaries.    ~ NDW



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