The Daily Decision

It feels to me as if every day is an invitation to choose between Big Self and Little Self...or what visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard would call Universal Self/Local Self.

Who do I want to be today? Who do I want to be right now? Do I want to be Big Neale or Little Neale? Do I want to experience myself in the space of Creation or Reaction? Do I choose this moment to be about the Dance or the Drama?

I don't want to simplify things here, because this is a very complex experience we are having, this thing we call our "life", but when one gets right down to it, that is the question. Who do I want to be right now?

Conversations with God says that every act is an act of self definition. That puts things rather simply, and even a little bluntly. It makes it very clear that every single thing we think, do, and say defines and recreates who we are. Now the only question is, do we want to decide who we are beforehand, or do we want to find out who we are afterward?

I mean, in the space of any event or moment, do we want to experience our Selves as an Afterthought, or a Forethought? As a Creation, or a Reaction? Which?

Then, following the making of that choice, what do we wish to experience of ourselves? Do we wish to experience ourselves being Big or Little? We can make either selection, whether we are coming from Creation OR Reaction. We can CREATE ourselves as the Big Us, or we can REACT in a way that demonstrates our Big Us. And the same for the Little Us.

The Big Us has no attachments, no fears, no needs, no requirements of anyone or anything, and no thought but love, peace, joy, forgiveness, compassion, and caring. (Yes, you can have "caring" without "attachment.") The Little Us lives in doubt, hesitation, fear, nervousness, sadness, disappointment, anger, and self-absorbtion.

The Big Us is not concerned about the Self at all, because it knows that the Self does not even exist. Not as a Separate Entity with separate needs and a worry about its survival and happiness. The Little Us is only concerned about the Self because it thinks that the Self actually exists as a thing apart and separate from the Whole. It believes that the Self has needs and requirements and that it somehow might not survive.

Not surviving is not possible, but this is something that the Little Self does not know. Every day is a journey, and the difference is that the Big Self knows where it is going and the Little Self does not. It has no idea where it is headed or what it is doing, and so it goes around in circles, facing the same problems and encountering the same feelings every day -- usually sadness and disapppointment, followed by resignation and then, even bitterness and rage.

The Big Self has a Larger Agenda and the Little Self thinks that life is about this afternoon's appointment or tomorrow's deadline or the weekend's opportunity for at least a tiny bit of fun in this life...

The Big Self wants to do nothing but dance and the Little Self seeks only the drama. When the problem is solved, the Little Self does not know what to do. So it goes out and creates another problem. The Big Self sees nothing as a problem, and cannot get into a "drama" if it wanted to.

The movement from Little Self to Big Self can be made in the blink of an eye -- and, the trick is staying there.

I want to explore this business of Big Self/Little Self this week, examining the whole concept further, and much more deeply. I'll enjoy being with you in the discussion.

Oh, and remind me to tell you about Farfur.

~ What If you had a chance to interview God? ~


Alice.H. 30th September 2009 5:25 am

Good words, inspired me!

Hope you have bigger picture to talk about Larger Self and Little Self. Thanks for all the efforts.

May the joy be with you! :)


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