The End Is The Beginning

I said in the last installment of this Bulletin centering on The Holy Experience that each moment in life is truly holy, because each moment ends. This is not something that everyone knows. Everyone knows that each moment ends, but everyone does not know that for this reason each moment is holy.

And even while everyone knows that each moment ends, many people hope that no really wonderful experience ends. This is a contradiction in terms, yet people still engage in this wishing. They hope that their perfect relationship will never end, or that their perfect job will never end, or that their particular and present happiness, however it is showing up, will never end--but it always does. This does not mean that it will not or cannot be replaced by a new happiness, but the present happiness will always end.

This is something that is very important to remember. It is also important to know that the end of our present happiness is the beginning of our new happiness.

Now if one's happiness is tied to present and particular circumstances, one's happiness is always and forever in jeopardy. Yet if one's happiness rides the tide of all events, and, indeed, creates them, then one has discovered and embraced the Holy Experience.

It is the very fact that each moment is like a snowflake, breath-takingly beautiful, awesomely perfect in its design, absolutely individual and unlike any other, that makes it so remarkable, and renders it holy.

Do we not fall in love with people for this exact reason? Why not, then, fall in love with moments in precisely the same way? Deciding to do this is the beginning of the Holy Experience. It is the Choice Point of Sacred Creation.

There is nothing more profoundly inspiring and absolutely empowering than this fact that each moment is new. It is born, it lives, and dies, right NOW.

Right here, right Now, is each moment born. Right here, right Now, is each moment lived. Right here, right Now, is each moment ended. It is all happening at one Time, in this moment, right Now.

The wonder of all this is that This Moment can be recreated from moment to moment, or created in a new way, with whatever modifications, enhancements, alterations, or adjustments that we choose.

We are not who we were yesterday. We are not even who we were a moment ago. Nothing is. And yet it can be, if we choose for it to be. All we need do is recreate it.

In life we can recreate ourselves as we just were or we can recreate ourselves anew. We are always remaking ourselves. It is never a question of whether, but of how. Are we recreating ourselves as we were before, or in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are?

Hugs and love,


victor 9th February 2012 12:24 pm

Yes Neil,
We quickly forget that each moment is new holy and comes to an end.And another begins with the Human also responding to kaleidoscopic display of interchangibility.
As I look at the world, many times I wanted to remonstrate at what I am seeing but something deep within always held me back and in check.
Take for instance, what is happening presently in the Arab World.I have wondered are this the same people whose forefathers once wrote books on Algebra and invented wonderful wooden machines that had once marvelled the ancient World? Are these the same people who had kept the Library of Alexandra and now trying to destroy each other and everyone else and everything in it?(I am not singling out the Arabs, just using them as an example.)
Then I quickly remember the MOMENT and stop judging.We have all been through this!It is what gave us the cache of understanding and benchmark of standards as we journey higher to reclaim our divinity.Yes if we can only remember the holiness of the now moment then MAYBE we can become architects of great beauty and serene peaceful splendour!

Bob 9th February 2012 5:47 pm

Although I was brought up as a Christian, I have always been more comfortable with the Buddhist view of the world. That is because the Buddhist view is very similar to what Neal describes here. All physical things are transitory. Change is the only constant. Living in the present Now is the only way to realize the holiness of our existence.

Worth remembering.


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