The End is The Beginning

My dear friends...

Last week in this space we said that the exploration of Divinity never ends—because Divinity Itself is endless. It is eternal and limitless and it expands the moment Its awareness of Itself is complete.  I would like to explain that further here today.

In a sense, Full Awareness is never possible, only the Illusion of it. In the moment we imagine our Selves to be Fully Aware, we become Aware that there is more of which to become Aware—for Who is The One who is Fully Aware, and Who is The One who is Aware of this?

This is the great mystical question. If you were truly fully Aware, you would not Know it. If there is a part of you that knows you are Fully Aware, that means there must be a part of you that is observing you and measuring what you Know. Yet what part of you is that, if you are already complete and full? This must be a part of you of which you are not yet aware. Asking this question places us in touch with the nature of Infinity, as best as it can be explained in human terms. Infinity always expands to exceed the grasp of the Finite. One of the best (paradoxical) definitions I’ve heard of infinity is “everything and more.”!!

So long as there is a “you” that seeks to be Fully Aware, Absolute Full Awareness is not possible, because there must exist, by definition, at least two aspects of the Self: (1) That Which Seeks to Be Fully Aware, and (2) That of Which The Seeker Seeks to Be Fully Aware. Again, let it be stated: Were one to truly be fully aware, one would not be aware that one is fully aware, because who is the One who is “aware”—and of what is that One aware?

This is why I have said: Awareness + Non-Awareness = Realization. When you awaken to this fact, Tool #3 in the creation of The Holy Experience, Exploration, has been utilized completely.

All exploring ceases.

Yet how can this be? Have I not just said, The exploration of Divinity never ends? Yes. Here, then, is the Divine Dichotomy. For it is when the exploration ends that the true exploration begins. We embrace this Divine Dichotomy when we see that two truths, apparently contradictory, can exist simultaneously in the same space. This understanding is what brought me to Tool #4.

And we will look at that amazing little device here next week. 

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Mik 12th July 2013 6:35 am

Thank you Neale.


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