The most important series of articles you may ever read. (Part 10)

My dear friends...

What if the purpose of life had nothing to do with what have become our normal Earthly pursuits? Would that not be important for us to know? Would that not be the most important message God could ever send us?

It is our unquestioned Prior Assumptions about Life, about God, about the purpose of the entire human experience, that have created the utterly dysfunctional experience we call life on Earth today.

The biggest and most damaging of those Prior Assumptions is what we will look at now.  Wrapped up in this assumption — and defining it by forming its basis — is the notion that our natural State of Being is one of Separation. Separation from God and from everything in life, including each other.

We’ve explored how that Story of Separation came to be part of our Cultural Story in Part Four of this series, and the damage that it has done in Part Five. Let us look now, in Part Ten, at the overarching misconception that most humans hold about life that the assumption of Separation supports and undergirds: We think we know what we are doing here.

Billions of people believe, based on their assumption of our Separation from God, that what we are doing here is trying to get back to God. They see life as a “test.” A “trial,” if you will, to see if we are worthy, or can make ourselves worthy, of returning to The Divine, in Heaven.

According to these billions, we humans have Souls which God separated from Himself because of His displeasure with them. The mythical story of Adam and Eve being cast out of Paradise, told by more than one theological community or sect, has been repeated in some form by several others religions — which teach some version of The Great Separation...and of the need of all souls to get back into God’s good graces if they wish to make it to Heaven.

So what we are doing here, to put it in a simple phrase, is seeking salvation.

Others, holding no particular theological view of the sort (and, in many cases, no theology at all), assume that life is exactly — and nothing more than — what it appears to be: a random series of events, having no particular meaning or larger-scale purpose, to which we hope we can respond in a way which causes the least amount of damage to ourselves. Our chief goal (indeed, our “basic instinct,” we are told) is Survival.

And when our end comes, there is nothing hereafter, and therefore that we may find profit in focusing our here-and-now energies toward. That is, there is no goal or purpose other than living life as best as one can moment to moment, using one’s own definition of how that is defined and demonstrated, and one’s own measure of how well one has succeeded.

The challenge for humanity is that in both cases these assumptions are wrong. And the devastating mistake of the species is that it is not seriously questioning either. The result: Close to 8 billion people are walking around with no idea of what they are doing, no concept of the real purpose of life, no awareness of their True Nature, and no understanding of their Actual Relationship to the Rest of the Cosmos (not to mention its Source).

And the world, of course, mirrors this utter lack of comprehension. We call ourselves an advanced civilization, an evolved species, yet as you are reading this, billions of people — that is to say, enormous swaths of the total population — suffer dreadfully and needlessly (as already enumerated statistically in Part Six of this series) for lack of such things as access to clean water, the presumably-by-this time fundamental tool of electricity, and the basic dignity (to say nothing of the health benefits) of indoor sanitation.

That’s right — to make the point again: 2.5 billion people, over a quarter of Earth’s people, do not have toilets in this, the first quarter of the 21st Century. This is more than a simple inconvenience. The heath hazards caused by such conditions leads to thousands of deaths each year.

A matter of even greater urgency is that 656 children die of starvation on this planet every hour.

Even a quick overview of such numbers — even the most dispassionate glance — surely provides dismaying evidence of our absolute, complete, and utter lack of grasping (much less activating) even the simplest and most basic answers to the simplest and most basic questions that members of any sentient species would (one would think) sooner or later have to ask: Who are we? Where are we (what is this Realm of the Physical, cosmologically speaking)? Why are we where we are? What are we able and prepared to do about all that?

The time has come for us to question our Prior Assumption that we actually know what we are doing here, that we have our priorities straight, that we are really clear as to what our purpose here is and what our prime concerns should be, and that we are aware of where our individual and collective energies are best and most beneficially focused.

The time has come for us to get about the business of civilizing civilization.

The time has come for the awakening of the species.

We are sleep-walking...and creating nightmares all across the planet.

Love and Hugs,




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