The Time of Your Life

Following is the first installment of an extended series of commentaries. Over the next five weeks Neale Donald Walsch offers deep insight on the nature of life and the reason it is the way it is. This week Neale’s topic is: You have a split second decision to make.

It seems like a long time to us (sometimes)...and sometimes it seems like the shortest time you can imagine...but to the Universe it is a split second.

Do you know how old the Universe is? You can't even comprehend how old it is. You can't even hold the idea of its age in your head in any way but as the most abstract of data; numbers on a blackboard having no experiential reference point at all.

Wait a minute. Perhaps I can create a reference point. Of sorts.

Go inside your head. Close your eyes after reading this paragraph and go inside your head and think of as many nanoseconds as you can of the life you lived yesterday. Go through yesterday moment by moment, second by second, nanosecond by nanosecond, and see how many you can remember and count. Then, after you've counted the nanoseconds of Yesterday, count the nanoseconds of last week. Then of last month. Then of last year. Then, of your life. Go ahead. Close your eyes and let your extraordinary mind fly through the nanoseconds of your life. I'll wait. When you're done, open your eyes and come back here.

Did you do that? Did you really do that? If you did, then you can begin to have some teenie, tiny idea of how old the Universe is. You can do this by thinking of each of your nanoseconds as a Light Year in the Life of the Universe. Now, holding that sense-of-a-number in your mind...multiply it by one billion.

Okay...NOW you have some inner, experiential idea of how old the Universe is. It's just a beginning idea. It's not close, but it at least gives you an inner sense, an inner experience of what "age" is really all about in Universal terms.

Now, think of how old you are in comparison to your Universe.

On the scale of the age of the Universe, your entire life amounts to something like a split second. AND, on the scale of ETERNITY, the life of our Universe itself is a split second. To put this another way, the whole life of this Universe is a blink of God's eye.

(There have been many universes born and died during Eternity, and there are many universes now existing. We live, you and I, in one of them.)

Are you getting a better idea of the scale of things? Good. That is important if you are to really feel what I am going to say to you now.

You have a split second decision to make. You have to decide in the blink of an eye:

1. Who you are
2. Who you choose to be
3. How you wish to experience that.

And then you get to experience that.

You do not have time for anything else, and everything else is a waste of the tiny time that you have.

There is nothing else -- at the Soul level -- that you have any wish or need to do. At the level of Mind you think that there is, but that thought is just an idea you created in your Mind. It has nothing to do with Reality.

If you have any doubts about all that I am saying here so far, think of a time when you were seven years old. Close your eyes and think of some moment during that period of your life. Go ahead and do that.

Good. Now, think of a moment when you were around 10 or 12, just before your teenage years. Think of an experience you had then. Go ahead, just close your eyes and do this.

Good. Now think of a time when you were around 16 or so, in the middle of your teens, in high school. Just think of something that happened back then.

Good. Now think of a time when you were in your mid to late 20s. Just give yourself permission to close your eyes and think of a single moment that you can remember from that part of your life. Just remember a single moment from back then.

Good. Now I want you to notice something. All of those moments were less than a split second ago. They were A Memory Ago. And that means, no time at all.

Do you see how fast your own life has gone by? Do you see how astonishingly, astoundingly, astronomically fast Life Itself flies by? Now I want you to understand something -- and this is the most important thing you could ever be told by anyone on this day of your life: All the rest of the time you have here upon the earth is going to fly by just as fast.

Do you know that? Do you understand that? In less than the blink of an eye you are going to be a Senior Citizen. You are going to be 80, or 85, or even 90. Believe me. I promise you. Before you know what hit you, you will be an Older Person. And you will wonder...What happened to all the time? And you will wish that you could have these moments that you are living RIGHT NOW to live over again.

Wait. You will not have that wish, if you are living This Moment Right Now to the fullest. You will not have that wish if you are living it grandly, joyfully, happily, wondrously, magnificently. BUT...if you are living it at a level less than that, you will wish you have it to live over again.

If you are living This Moment Right Now to the fullest, you will remember This Moment Right Now with big smiles and huge happiness at the end of your life. You will bask in gratitude and the soft warmth of deep appreciation, with no regrets and no sense of unfinished business. But what if you are not? What if you are not living This Moment Right Now to the fullest? And what could CAUSE you to? What would it look like for you to?

Have you decided that? Do you know the answer to that?

Does it have to do with DOINGNESS? Does it have to do with what your physical body is doing? If it does, you have understood nothing of what you came here to the earth to understand, and you will experience very little of what you came here to experience.

I am sorry. That is a harsh statement. That is putting things very directly. I am sorry. But there is no time for anything less than Speaking Directly. We don't have time for pussy-footing around here.

You have a split second decision to make. ~ NDW



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Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God.


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