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The Totality of Your Being is a Wisdom Center, divided into three parts: Body, Mind, and Soul. Using only two of the three, or, worse yet, only one of the three, is shortchanging the decision-making process in the extreme. Yet this is what most people do most of the time.

Certain decisions are made with the Body ("I'm really turned on by this person. I'm going to have sex."), certain decisions are made with the Mind ("I hardly know this person. I'm not going to do this."), and certain decisions are made with the Soul ("I'm feeling very connected and `at one' with this person who I have just met. I'm going to experience this fully, with or without sex. It doesn't have to go anywhere in particular, but I'm open to experiencing it fully.")

The result of this disjointed use of our three-part Being is lots of conflicting signals, lots of internal confusion. And this can be on any subject, by the way, not just important personal decisions like the one above. Something as simple as food, for instance; something as simple as Lunch. ("That salami looks so good! I love the taste of salami! I'm going to have it!" "I can't keep clogging up my arteries like this. Salami is the last thing I should have." "I'm feeling so whole, complete, and perfect. Nothing can touch me in a `bad' way if I don't think it can.")

The trick is to "tune in" to your Whole Self when confronted with any choice. At first this may take discipline. Later it starts to occur naturally. The process itself is really quite simple. First, tune into your Body. What is it feeling? Anticipation? Dread? Excitement? Boredom? Vibrancy? Discomfort?

Your Body will tell you a lot about a lot of things. I call this the "tummy test." I look to see what my Body feels when I contemplate anything. Does energy start coursing through my veins, like it (still) does on Christmas morning? Or do I feel like I'm dragging around, like I don't even want to get up off the couch to go so far as the kitchen...much less actually make anything for breakfast...?"

Yup, my Body can tell me a lot. Then, I look to see what my Mind is thinking. I literally think about what I am thinking about. I watch my Mind, and I don't accept any thought as the Last Word, but just look at my thoughts without giving them any value, as if they were just ideas...brain candy, to chew on for a while, but nothing more than notions that I have about things---and no more "valid" than the exact opposite notion. A notion is a notion; it's just a thought, just a point of view. I could just as easily embrace another point of view, a completely contradictory notion, and make it also "true" by the simple act of embracing it. So I notice this. I watch this process. And I look deeply to see what is causing me to embrace one notion rather than the other; on which "past data" I am basing my current thought about things.

Then, I listen closely to my Soul. I go within ("If you don't go within, you go without") and quietly observe and gently absorb the information that comes to me from the Soul level. I "feel into" the situation, and peer deeply at the moment before me, opening myself to all of my Awareness and all of my Consciousness, looking at what's happening Now from the Perspective of Eternality.

Finally, I combine all three "messages" from all three Wisdom Centers, coalescing and congealing the energies into one musical note on the tone scale. That note either produces harmony or disharmony in my Being. The creation is unmistakable. It is either a symphony or a cacophony, a lullaby or a jarring clash of internal chords that makes me feel totally out of sorts.

I've learned to identify this feeling---as well as the feeling of restful joy that is its opposite. In this way I seek to make wholistic decisions, not disjointed ones. I feel that I succeed more often than not.

This three-step process, by the way, does not have to take a ton of time. I have been known to make "snap" decisions that have turned out to be remarkably beneficial. So just know that all of this can be done in a matter of moments. You can take time with it if you wish, and if you are able, but you don't have it. It is not required. And the more you use this three-step approach, the faster you get at it.

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angelk 11th September 2009 11:31 am

Beautiful. thank you.

sprague 11th September 2009 5:22 pm

Neale thank you for sharing some of your great wisdom, i love your books, actually there are a couple of things i would like to ask you as you have beautiful knowledge but Im not sure you re read these here ?? if so would you mind letting me know please , Kind regard love & peace to all . grantprague@kinect.co.nz


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