Using 'The System' Without Knowing It

We have been talking here about Work as a part of our life, and last week I talked about never working at a job you hate...and to know that if you yearn for what you wish to do, and then go for it, things always work out in the end.

I need to admit now that I did not understand all this myself until I was in my 50s, after my conversation with God experience. Before then I thought I had been just "lucky." I thought I just managed to catch all the breaks. I thought myself extremely fortunate; one of those people for whom things always seem to work out.

Only after my conversations with God did I realize what had been going on all those years, from the time I was 19. It was my attitude. It was all about the energy that I had historically put out. It was the way I thought about it. I thought that I was an uncommonly lucky person and so I was. I thought that things always work out, and so they did.

I had been using a system. Inadvertently. Unknowingly. But effectively.
It turns out that the way you think has an enormous effect, perhaps even a disproportionate effect, on the way you live. Very early in my conversations with God I was told that there are three Tools of Creation. These are Thought, Word, and Action.

The use of these tools throws our focus on what it is that we choose from what Deepak Chopra calls "the field of infinite possibilities." How you experience your life depends on how you look at it. If you look at it as a constant stream of difficulties and challenges, messes and problems, it will show up that way. If, on the other hand, you see it as a continuing flow of good fortune, one good thing after another, that is what you will encounter.

In life, it really is a case of "what you see is what you get." Even when so-called "bad" things have happened to me, I always had a sense that everything would ultimately work out. And work out, I might add, in my favor.

And they always did.

Even my time as a homeless person worked out. True, it took a year, during which I lived in a tent at a campground populated largely by vagrants, but everything began ultimately falling into place, and today I see the time that I spent panhandling on the street as one of the most pivotally important passages of my life.

The Holy Experience for me as it pertains to my work or my chief life activity came when I realized that Life is on my side; that Life always works out for me not because I'm one of the lucky ones, but because Life is always working out for everyone, and that I'm simply one of the few who sees it that way.

I came to this realization after the age of 50, following a half-century of day-to-day occurrences on this planet and, not coincidentally, following my conversations with God experience. Because of that experience I now see every outward circumstance, every Exterior Event, as being for my benefit.

I may not see or recognize or understand the benefit right then and there, in the moment something is happening, but I know deep inside that everything that is happening is happening for my own good.

My life has shown me that. More than once I have undergone an experience that I thought, at the time, was the worst thing that could ever happen to me--only to realize, after the passage of time, that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me; that if it had not happened, the good things that were happening to me now could not be happening!

This is really an amazing revelation. It's a sacred, really...a sacred realization.

May I continue with this conversation with you next week? I hope you will join me then.

Hugs and love,



Leigh42 3rd August 2012 11:50 am

Great article, Neale. I am really coming to enjoy the simplicity and the sacred in your writing.

I love the idea of using the system... that can be a useful idea in so many ways today. Although here you speak of the system of creation, I see the many systems of our "advanced" civilizations similarly. We generally complain about them--and at this point they are becoming so technocratic they are ridiculous. However, masterful living is about using them strategically, while pulling out of the mainstream matrix and status quo. Go in, pluck what you need right quick, and go back up and out!

I actually discuss this idea in my article Pulling Out of the Matrix here for anyone interested:

To Using All the Systems, as Masters!

Tzaddi 3rd August 2012 12:01 pm

I've had a similar experience--revealed to me by the fact that I've kept journals for most of my life. But insight I've gained from seeing how the "Oh,No!" developed into "Wow!" isn't the only thing I discovered. I've developed patience, as in, "this too, shall pass"--i.e., it's only a tiny blip on the screen, nothing to worry about. The perspective of history recorded in my journals has enabled me to forgive and let go in a way I never believed possible simply because I have noticed how nothing I could dream up could compare with the actual consequences received by my transgressors--in short, God does it better. Might be a childish way to look at it, but it's a fact, at least indicated by the evidence recorded in my journals. "Vengeance is mine," saith the Lord, because it is in the domain of a Higher Power; it is not the province of us mortals.

Bob 3rd August 2012 12:57 pm

Excellent article! In my own way I preach this to everyone who will listen, and it is so very important to understand!

But it is also much easier to understand as we gain in the illusion of physical age. I think there is a saying that goes something like: "Now that I can stand on my hill of age and experience and look back, I can see the wondrous path that my life has taken!"

We are always where we are supposed to be. We are never lost, never alone, and never in any real danger!

Thank you, Neale!

Ozge 6th August 2012 4:31 am

Dear Neale,
This is a great article, thanks for posting it. I totally agree as I also experienced it myself, and observed at my friends' situation.
When I entered the path of a spiritual life, I consciously started to choose to see the bright side of life. At first I was only concentrating on seeing the "nice" things happening around me, by simply ignoring the "bad" things. Then I started to alter my perspective and managed to call everything as a fortunate surprise. With the help of affirmations from some close people in my life, I came to believe and say aloud that I was a super-lucky person and God knows the best and He always has a broader picture and the best timing for things to happen.
What strikes me most is the immediate effect of this belief system on your subtle life. As soon as I leave myself to mainstream complaints, I start to perceive life as a difficult journey and myself as unlucky. And when choose again to correct my path, life becomes joyful.
Briefly I realize 2 features of this system: 1-Its effect is immediate 2-Sometimes you need to put in conscious effort.


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