Victim or Co-Creator?

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I made the point here last week that in the world of Duality Thinking (which is the world in which most of us live), you could imagine that somebody else is “doing something” to you, or that some seemingly uncontrollable outward condition has been encountered by you, without you having had anything to do with it. Let me go on this week to say that such a thing is impossible, given that Duality is not the Reality, yet in the world of our illusion such impossibilities can seem very real.

The world of Duality Thinking says that there is YOU and IT, or YOU and THEM. In the world of Non-Duality Thinking (which is the world as it is, and the world in which Masters live) there is only YOU and US. There is nothing else but US, in differing form.

If there is only US, then nothing can be happening TO us, and everything must be happening THROUGH us. Nevertheless, an event could have the appearance of happening TO us—in which case “us” changes to “you” very quickly in our thinking. Especially if what is happening is what one would call a negative event, it will be nearly impossible (depending upon one’s level of mastery) to stop from thinking of oneself as the victim, rather than the co-creator, of a present situation.

This is what occurs when, in your thinking, you separate your Self from the Us that is the Only Thing There Is.

It is this “victim consciousness” that prevents you from having the Holy Experience. Remember that it has been said: The Holy Experience is nothing more than the immediate experience of Who You Really Are.

Who You Really Are is The Co-Creator. That is your True Identity.

When you are choosing to experience yourself as the victim of any condition, circumstance, or event you, in effect, deny your True Identity and prevent yourself from having the Holy Experience—much less changing the condition, circumstance, or event that is occurring outside of you.

You can only change the condition, circumstance, or event that is occurring outside of you when you take full responsibility for having co-created it to begin with. This is something that even you know at a very deep level. The limited understanding of humans does not prevent us from seeing this. You know intuitively that you cannot easily change what you consider to be the sole creation of others, but you see just as clearly that you can change what you and others have put into place together.

(“I may not be able to do much about what you have done, but I can do something about what I have done.”)

Herein lies the key to all physical manifestation. It is the acceptance of responsibility for all the events of your life as co-creations. To take such collaborative responsibility is a sign of spiritual awareness. You have become conscious of the role that you and others are jointly playing in the process by which humanity is expressing and experiencing itself, individually and collectively, so that God may know Itself wholly and completely.

We’ll explore more about all this here next week. Until then, I wish you well on your journey.

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k 15th January 2013 1:55 pm

This implies that we are alone in our illusion. I do not see any reason to participate in a world where there are no there souls, just empty illusionary figures created from my mind. I can not find meaning in this, so I can not break out of the solitude where I can be in my inner world, which is much kinder than the outer.

Trey 15th January 2013 2:27 pm

This makes perfect sense to me since there are no accidents, everything is perfect in its perfect way because it is. We orchestrate our lives with our co-creators before we incarnate so we absolutely agree to all that happens to us in this lifetime, there really are no surprises. We are all connected and that connection is source energy incarnating in physcial form for the experience and those experiences are what expands the universe. Your perspectives are always enlightening to me so thank you for expanding my conciousness with yet anohter ray of light.

aureal 16th January 2013 6:22 pm


ToTwoTOo 17th January 2013 5:15 am

By commenting, I am co-creating the contents of this webpage.


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