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My dear friends...

We continue this week in our extraordinary exposition on how to move into what I have been calling The Holy Experience. Last week we talked about the tool of Sound. This week, let's look at another instrument --- one of the most powerful Instruments I have ever used. It is the tool of visualization.

I'm tempted to stay away from saying something very daring here, but it is true, so I'm going to say it: I have hardly ever used the tool of visualization and have it not work. I'm not going to say that it has never not worked, but I am going to say that the success ratio in using this tool has been very, very high for me.

Visualization, as must be obvious from its name, is a process by which we use the Mind's gift of imagery to focus the energies of Life in such a way that a particular form emerges--first in the Mind, and often in physical life.

Have you ever asked a friend to help you find something that has gone missing? If so, you know that one of the first things they will ask you is, "What does it look like?"

Likewise, when you wish to find something in the vast and limitless Field of Infinite Possibilities, one of the best things you can do is form a picture of it in your Mind.

When you say, "I wish to be successful," what does that look like? When you say, "I wish to meet my perfect mate," what does that look like? When you say, "I want to be happy, doggone it!", what does that look like?

Create a picture of what you wish to experience in daily life. The forming of pictures is nothing more than the use of energy to manipulate energy, shaping it into the objects of one's desire.

What the Mind is actually doing is calling it forth from the formless. It is using itself as a sort of magnet, pulling from the vast sea of Unformed Energy those specific elements that produce the form of something in particular. This is, as I have said, an extremely powerful tool. I invite you to use it often.

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