We Must Change Beliefs of the Young

My dear friends, 

What are we telling our young people, what are we teaching our children, about life and how it is? Do we understand that children learn more from our actions than from our words? If we want a newer world for our children, we have to do what it takes to stop them from re-creating our old one. And that begins with us stopping the modeling that we are doing. 

NOTE: The following is an excerpt from The New Revelations. In the section preceding this one, God was telling humanity that if we are not careful, our own youth will undo us, because of the beliefs we have passed on to them. The dialogue picks up there... 

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So we must change the beliefs of the young. 

Yes. Yet that cannot happen unless you change the beliefs of those who are teaching the young. And that means all of you. For you are teaching your young not merely in schools, but in every moment of their lives, as they observe you, their role models, living your lives. 

This is something you must understand: your whole life is a teaching. Everything that you think, say and do instructs another. 

Do you imagine that others do not know what you are thinking? Is it your idea that they are not listening to what you are saying? Are you hoping that they are not watching what you are doing? 

Young people, especially, are eager to learn about life, and they learn the most about life from life itself. And they intuitively know this. That is why they observe so closely. Young people miss nothing. You think you are kidding them? Think again. 

They see the fear. They see the anger. They see the hypocrisy. They see the saying of one thing and the doing of another. And yes, they even know pretty much of what you are thinking. More than you think they know. 

So we must change our beliefs before we can expect the beliefs of our offspring to change. 

Yes. And if you do not, you will stand by and watch your young do unimaginably terrible things-and wonder where they could have ever gotten such ideas. 

Like the young people who took a gay college student named Mathew Shepherd to a lonely stretch of country road outside of Laramie, Wyoming a few years ago, tied him to a cow fence, brutally beat him and left him there to die. 

Like those young men, yes. 

They felt he deserved what they did to him. 


They didn't even feel that what they were doing was inappropriate. 

No one does anything inappropriate, given their model of the world. 

Now there is an enormously important statement. 

It is. So let's repeat it. 

I said... 

No one does anything inappropriate, given their model of the world. 

So what we have to do is change our model of the world. 

Exactly. That is what I have been saying here. 

And we have to change people's beliefs, because that is what their model of the world is based on. 


Our offspring are simply mimicking us. All people are just imitating each other. We are all just doing what we see each other doing. 

Do you know what one mirror said to the other mirror? 


"It's all done with people." 

With Love, 



QSUSA 6th December 2016 5:50 pm


Toni 6th December 2016 7:21 pm

This is already happening. Previous to the sixties children only learnt to repeat their parents fear. When the starseeds birthed in they changed the pattern. What felt bad or created fear was not repeated with their own kids. It takes 3 generations to change a DNA pattern completely. When the bloodlines can’t change they die.

People get desperate in their need to control. It's usually what happens after such horrendous events that changes things for the better. Religion would call it a sacrifice.


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