What does God want?

The most important question in human history…

I am now going to answer, in this blog, the most important question in human history.

What does God want?

For many people that answer will be startling.

Even for those who aren’t completely surprised, the answer will be dramatically different. It will not even come close to the ideas that people usually hear about God.

Humanity’s ideas about God produce humanity’s ideas about life and about people. Dramatically different ideas about God will produce dramatically different ideas about life and about people. If the world could use anything right now, that’s it.

We stand today on the brink of a global cultural war. The opening volleys have already been exchanged. The really major clashes, the unthinkable FutureWorld battles, may be yet to come.

Given the direction in which humanity appears to be moving, it may seem as though this larger conflict is inevitable. It isn’t. There’s something very powerful that can stop it: dramatically different ideas about God and dramatically different ideas about life and about people.

Such ideas, if accepted and adopted, will produce dramatically different ways of living and being. Values will change. Priorities will change. Power structures and power-holders will change.

When all is said and done what will change…or, at least, what could change…is humanity’s Cultural Story. And that is what we are “up to” here at The Global Conversation. We are “up to” changing our Cultural Story; proposing and co-writing, with you, a new one.

Are you up to this with us? If so, stick around here now….visit this blogsite often…because I am going to be offering you here a new idea — actually, many new ideas — surrounding what our New Cultural Story could look like.

Chief among these are our ideas about What God Wants.

I think that we desperately need to change our thoughts about that. Now for people who really want things to stay the way they are, this could be a dangerous idea. Because the new idea that is going to be proposed here could change everything. And change can be a dangerous thing to suggest, not only around people of power (to whom change is the ultimate threat), but also around ordinary people (for whom change is threatening simply because it leads to the unknown).

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore had it exactly right in a September, 2004 interview in The New Yorker:

“In a world of disconcertig change, when large and complex forces threaten familiar and comfortable guideposts, the natural impulse is to grab hold of the tree trunk that seems to have the deepest roots and hold on for dear life and never question the possibility that it’s not going to be the source of your salvation.

The final part of that sentence (italics mine) tells the tale of humanity’s belief about God and life in 15 words. Mr. Gore confirms this with his next statement. “And the deepest roots,” he says, “are in philosophical and religious traditions that go way back.”

Al Gore’s insight leaves us all facing a thunderous question: Is the way forward to be found by going way back?

The answer is, no.

And while, as the former Vice President notes, we never question the possibility that our philosophical and religious traditions are not going to be the source of our salvation—presumably because we feel threatened by such questioning—could there be times when not to question those traditions presents an even larger threat?

The answer is, yes. And this is one of those times.

So stick around. Come back here every other day at least. We’re going on a roller coaster ride — and you’re in the front car!


IshaRa 26th May 2011 5:23 am

AWESOME Neale....if ever there was a time to "do it different" then this is it. and the "my god is bigger/stronger/better/badder than yours" game does seem to be the root cause of most (if not all) the strife in the world.

Will follow what you have to say here with great interest.


Ron Laswell 26th May 2011 9:57 am

I totally agree with you, Neale! What I think is wonderful is that both of us are about the same age (I'm 63), and yet, we can 'see' that something untried, something new, something different needs to happen - because none of the old ways have achieved a cohesive sense of cultural comfort for everyone. Bless you for stating such a poignant comment.

amylove 26th May 2011 4:27 pm

Neale, you're teasing us with this post! I welcome your suggestions on this and hope others will too. Thank-you.

Bob 26th May 2011 5:35 pm

The True God, God Beyond All Understanding/Beyond All Imagining, doesn't want anything. The God That Really IS God is totally Perfect, totally Complete, and completely Serene. Everything is up to us. We create our own reality, our own future. We is IT.

I think that Neale is simply trying to ease us into that knowledge, which could very well change the world if accepted, but will not be welcomed by many, many people.

Shirin 27th May 2011 3:45 pm

Thank you so much Neale..your messages are always inspiring :smitten:

CrimsonCarter123 28th May 2011 9:36 pm

After all the happenings and calamities, what really God wants us is just very simple, to pray and worship Him.


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