When does it all end?

When God has brought the knowingness of the absolute into complete experience through us and we are simply being God,” the duality will end. That is correct. “Will we simply be perfect love, life, and light and will fear, death, and darkness have no existence?” Yes, that is also correct. “Is this what is meant by the teaching of many metaphysical schools that there is no evil?” Bingo again.

However when you experience the absolute, and reside in perfect love with the knowingness that it is all there is, you will be satiated. You will be complete. Happy. Content. And ready to start all over again. For you—me, we—are God “godding!” We are life living. We are That Which Is, becoming. And once we have become what we seek and choose to be, we will unbecome it once again!

Once again we will give our selves the glorious gift of forgetfulness, so that we may once again remember and recreate Who We Really Are. This is the divine rhythm of the universe; this is the eternal cycle of all that is. For there cannot be “this” without “that,” “here” without “there,” “before” without “after,” “up” without “down.” Nor can there be that which is divine without that which is not divine. And that explains, at last, why God would create “evil!”

In truth, there is no evil. Yet we will create “evil,” we will create “less,” we will create not knowing, we will create not remembering, we will create that which we are not, in order that we might know and experience once again That Which We Are.

What we are is the all of it. And so we will create ourselves as less than the all, that we might look upon the all, adore the all, earnestly seek the experience of the all, and return to the all, then to separate from the all once again, in a never ending cycle. For The All cannot know itself as The All if The All is always in its Allness.

This is the great mystery which is explained in Conversations with God. This is the great revelation. It is why we have reincarnation. It explains that doctrine once and for all. It is why we have that which we call “evil.” It explains that experience once and for all. It explains why we seek over and over again that which we already have, and that which we already are. It explains why we forget, why we remember, and why we forget once again.

Now, do you understand? If not, re-read Conversations with God Book 1. It’s all there. Put very simply. Explained very exquisitely. It is really a rather remarkable document.

As is CwG, Book 3, which explains why some souls choose not to go back to forgetfulness, but to remain in total knowing and pure beingness. These are the masters and the avatars, and they walk among us even today, helping us to remember, helping us to know. And there are angels, too. Divine beings of pure light who guide us, assist us, comfort us, and—more often than we will ever know—keep us safe. And then there are the messengers. The tellers of stories and the spinners of tales and the weavers of dreams, whose job it is to ignite, and keep burning, the flame of wisdom and the light of love within the human experience.

I am such a Messenger, and so are you. And so are we all, if we answer the call. Yet many are called, but few are chosen. For we are the callers and the choosers. We call our Selves to the challenge, and we choose or not, as we desire, to carry the torch. - NDW



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Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God.


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