Who Are You When Alone?

My dear friends...

Self-creation is a Holy Experience. It is sacred. It is you, deciding Who You Are. What do you think of yourself in the morning? First thing in the morning, what is your idea about yourself? How about the last thing at night? What is your final assessment of Self just before falling asleep?

This is you, deciding about you. Some people call it "wrestling with your conscience."

In the quiet moments of your day, what do you think and do? When you are with your Self and no one else, how does life proceed for you? Do you eat well, or do you "sneak" a treat that you would not have if someone were watching?

Do you meditate every morning, or only the mornings that another is there? Do you exercise each day, or only on the days that another reminds you, cajoles you, shames you into it? Who are you when you are alone?

Are you reconciled with your Self? When you talk to your Self, in your mind or even out loud, is your Self happy with you? How do you make the Self happy? How do you bring the Self joy? The answer to these questions says a great deal about you.

From where does your joy originate? Is it from something exterior to you, or from something interior? Is it from something you are doing, or something you are being?

And how do you bring your Self peace?

Finally: who do you think you are, anyway...?

And we will continue our explorations of all of this here next week. Until then...

Hugs and love,



zorro 28th March 2012 10:19 am

All alone? Baloney! B-Alone-Y?

Bob 28th March 2012 1:41 pm

I am That Which Is, always.

Vivg 31st March 2012 3:46 am

Many years ago, your conversations ignited the spark.

I AM One with God, and All.

Thank YOU!


Arthur 3rd April 2012 4:59 am

If you are one with all then you should be able to tune into any person at any time in any part of the world. We all have a connection yes this is true, but can you find the connection. :)


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