Will Charleston Wake us up?

My Dear Friends,

Will Charleston wake us up? When a 21-year-old who has hardly begun to shave more than twice a month says (as reported by multiple media sources) that he wanted to start a race war, and was willing to kill nine people in order to do it, is it time for us to look at ourselves---again--and ask some piercing questions---again?

Has the human race lost control of itself? Is this just another aberration, or have there now been enough "aberrations" to make us ask: Are we really this primitive, this barbaric as a species? What is the problem here? What is causing all of this?

It’s our beliefs.

In my observation, in my opinion, it’s our beliefs.

Every single thing we do is based on a belief that we embrace. All of our actions have their foundation in thoughts we hold about the outcome those actions will produce—and those thoughts are deeply rooted in the beliefs that sponsored them. A young man with a distorted mind just proved that to us.

But the distorted mind of one more perpetrator does not allow us to continue refusing to look at what is at least one source of our societal problem. Minds become distorted by ideas and beliefs that distort them. So what humanity holds, and shares, as its most sacred and important beliefs had better be accurate, had better make sense, or they will contribute to, if not outright sponsor, behaviors that none of us can make sense of—except those who perpetrate them.

What I have been saying for 20 years in thirty books and hundreds of lectures is that it is humanity’s beliefs about God that have produced humanity’s dysfunctional experience of itself. Hundreds of us...no, actually, thousands of us...wait, let’s say it like it is: millions of us...use our beliefs about God as justification for what we are doing.

Now that may or may not be the case with this 21-year-old man in South Carolina, but whether or not his actions grew out of religious fervor or faith, I am sure they emerged out of feelings of righteousness...and the idea that righteous indignation requires and justifies punitive action. And where do you suppose that idea came from? Well, I know of at least one source...

And so, i repeat: the ideas about God held in the common culture are used as justifications for what many humans are doing. I can tell you that political and paramilitary movements around the world are using those ideas right now—and proudly declaring that they are doing so. Individuals are using those ideas every day—and proudly announcing that they have bettered their chances of ending up in paradise because of it.

Even those who have no beliefs about God are widely impacted and deeply affected by those who do. It is a fact that many of the civil laws of our societies are based on restrictions and instructions found in Canon Law or Sharia Law. The result: people who may have no belief in God or Allah at all are affected by the mandates of those who do, who claim that their man-made rules and regulations have proceeded from a Divine Source and therefore carry the Highest Moral Authority.

The time has come for us to admit that huge swaths of humanity believe in a God of righteousness, judgment, condemnation, and punishment—allowing us to be righteous, judgmental, condemning and punishing with each other. After all, we reason, what’s good enough for God ought to be good enough for us.

The Bible narrative—to cite just one example—actually tells us that as a matter of recorded history over two million people have been killed at the hand or the command of God. And we are advised by many religions that God’s love can turn to wrath—and does if we displease The Almighty.

Do we think this has nothing to do with how we, ourselves, behave? Do we imagine there is no connection whatsoever between these thought systems, these beliefs, and the actions, choices, and decisions of individuals and groups across the globe?

Yes, we do. Many of us do—even as we declare with impunity that when we commit atrocities in the name of a Higher Power or a Greater Good, they are absolutely moral and correct, but that when the same things are done to us, those actions are immoral and evil, and those who perpetrate them are subject to God’s judgment and retribution (to say nothing of our own).

And, amazingly, we fail to see the contradiction.

We use anger to end anger, violence to end violence, killing to end killing, and fail to see the contradiction. We sanction the killing of people by our own government as a means of our government showing people that killing people is bad. And we fail to see the contradiction. “An eye for an eye,” we say, “and a tooth for a tooth.” And we claim that this is the word and the law of our loving God. And we fail to see the contradiction.

It is clear to me that what is required to change our lives and change the world is to change our beliefs.

First, our beliefs about God—about whether such a Divine Entity even exists, and if so, what It wants and requires.

Second, our beliefs about ourselves—about who we are and why we are here.

Third, our beliefs about others—about our relationship to them, and to the Earth.

Finally, our beliefs about life itself—about its reason, purpose, and function.

Yet what could cause or create a shift --- or even a willingness to look at and evaluate, with the possibility of shifting --- our most sacred and basic beliefs? What could cause us to simply take stock, to ask ourselves, frankly and honestly: Are these ideas that we hold about God and about ourselves working?

Can humanity even be honest with itself? Does our species have the capability to see the truth and to say what’s so? Or are we so blinded by what we need to be true, by what we have been told is true, by what our parents and their parents before them have sworn is true, that we cannot even consider the possibility that something may not be totally accurate here?

Is it possible, just possible, that there is something we don’t fully understand about God, about Life, about Who We Are and Why We Are Here—the understanding of which would change everything?

Let these be our questions for the day.

With Love,



zorro 1st July 2015 8:40 am

You may wrestle with these questions if you wish , but I have another idea for humanity. Why not put down the news media and let the pure light of God illuminate awareness? Perhaps then we will see that much of what is written in the news and digested by the masses is distorted bat crap in the first place and made up just as much as the wrath of God narratives you mention in the book. And using that distorted narrative to further explain what man is missing just digs you further down the rat hole. You may do this as a step, but why not just turn off all narratives, and let God write the book of life through you, NOW? Ready or not, this scroll is the true narrative for these times. Thank you, Neale.

cyndy 1st July 2015 10:38 am

Zorro, Bravo Bravissimo.
Materializing light (manifesting) in the new operating system that is like breath.
Moving from our body intelligence that is accessing capacity, so we are moved like the currents of the ocean.
We ARE waking up.

debs go lightly 1st July 2015 6:30 pm

God is probably really sick of all this.
God would probably say to us love yourself, and the person next to you.
Open your heart and your mouth and say I love you.
And keep saying it, until every single being on this planet feels love, instead of fear. Just love.

Paula Boylan 2nd July 2015 8:44 am

Great comments and an insightful post from Neale :)

I have a suggestion...
Why don't we begin to take responsibility for our own actions and beliefs and leave God out of it....whatever God is!

This 1 minute video puts responsibility where it belongs. Respect, Tolerance, Compassion and Understanding will change this world. Let's all be the change we wish to see and then hopefully senseless killing...or killing of any kind for that matter, will be a thing of the past.


Paula Boylan

zorro 2nd July 2015 6:19 pm

In line with taking responsibility for owr own actions, (which we all strive to do here), then why would we want to keep "Paula" out of it? ("God...oh my!), as you suggest? Conversations with (Who)? We didn't all just fall off the turnip wagon here. That being said, welcome friend!

mgmurphy47 3rd July 2015 11:24 pm

Charleston was another government false flag. At least this time some black crisis actors made some money! The scenario was used to distract us from the fact that the TPP was being voted on at the same time! The supposed shooter is not 21 but either 32 or 33 and was a child actor in Hollywood. Just watching the so called arrest video shows how fake it was. The policeman returns his gun to holster as he approaches the car to arrest the "shooter". Yeah right! Then the police are laughing and high-fiveing each other after the arrest-yeah, right! The "shooter" is taller and heavier in this video than the original picture shown. So, they used a picture when he was younger to show him supposedly entering the church! Shades of Sandy Hook when the pictures shown for the so called "victims" were from when they were younger also. Some of the Sandy Hook "victims" were the ones singing at the Super Bowl! There are now 2 lawsuits filed to show the truth uncovered about Sandy Hook and how the media is complicit in all these false flags!


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