A Life Well Lived

Beloved one, let us speak now about, “What is reality? How do I live in my reality? How do I live a life that affects others in healing ways? How do I live a life well lived?”

You have had example of that very recently with one of your companions [John McCain], well-known, who truly lived a life well lived. He came with a mission, if you will; two missions, in truth: one to share with all of ones who had the eyes to see and the ears to hear the mission of healing, and also for himself to relive a lifetime which he has done several other times, but to come this time in this lifetime and not carry the scars of terror, not to bring those scars into later life; to heal them and to be able to go on with an empathy with all brothers and sisters and to understand that everyone, no matter what it looks like, is fighting his/her own battles to come to the place of realization of the divinity of themselves.

So you have had one who has come and made his mark upon this time, this reality—lower case “r”. He knew before the incarnation, as the soul that he is, that he was going to be teacher, healer, but he did not know how exactly it was all going to play out—emphasis on the word “play”. Truly all of you, all of us have agreed to a mission before an incarnation, but how that works out is left up to certain decisions that you make as you go along.

Now, you have accepted a mission, and you are carrying it out to your best understanding of what your mission is. This “now” is part of that mission. This “now” is a time of awakening and claiming that which you desire to be, to know, and to example to others. This “now” you are saying yes to your Reality—capital “R”. You are saying, “Yes, it is my divinity, my divine energy, divine Self which is allowing me to live a life that looks like it is just a human life,” and yet what you do and how you do it heals yourself and others by choices which you make.

I have been observing you as you have been going through what is termed your lifetime, and I see you choosing for love. Sometimes you are in circumstances where it is a bit difficult to be loving, to be in a healing place, to offer healing to other ones. Whether they accept it or not is not your responsibility, but to offer it; to offer love everywhere you go and to have the smile upon the face that says to another one, “I understand you. I love That Which you are.”

Before you took incarnation in this lifetime you agreed with the soul group, because always before you come, there is what you call the conference which is held, and the broad picture is put in front of you. Then it is up to you as the small one in arms and as you grow taller to figure out how you want to do this. It is okay if you try different things; sometimes it works, supposedly—always it works, but sometimes it is more obvious than other times—or if it does not work as you had hoped, how you act and react to what happens around you and within you.

You are a healer, in the very extended form of healing. You are a master who has chosen to come at this time, which is not the easiest time of a reality, but you have said, “My brothers and sisters, the other sparks of divinity, need me, want me; I want them. I want to know my Oneness with the brothers and sisters.”

So you have chosen a path. Sometimes it is smooth. Sometimes it has a few twists and turns in it. Sometimes it gives you pause to think and evaluate and wonder, “Why have I chosen this path?” Yes, I know, there have been many times when you have wondered, “What is this all about, and why am I here? Why am I still here?”

Well, if you are still activating a body, it is because you have not completed what you said you would do, or you have chosen for the fun of it to play some more. This happens every once in a while when ones finish their mission and then ask, “Can I have a few more days, weeks, hours, and perhaps years to play, because, you know, I don’t think I had much time to really enjoy. I was too busy working….”

So, yes, of course, as you ask, it is granted. It has to be, because for the holy Child, the divine spark, whatever you choose is what you will receive. Nothing can be held back from you. So if you are looking for healing, if you are looking for a certain feeling of satisfaction, if you are looking for an answer to a life-long question—or perhaps more than one lifetime—it is granted to you to have time, as you measure process. It is granted to you to have that time.

You have friends who have had a certain verdict given to them that the body is finishing, that it will be a certain number of weeks, months, maybe even years, and then the body is going to do its thing. But nothing is ever decided ahead of time that cannot be changed. Some of you know that, because you have experienced it. You are activating a very busy time in your life now. Time, yes, is speeding up. Time, yes, is shortening itself, your process of time. You feel, “I’m running out of time,” and you are, because time is a construct that you have made for yourself, believing in process; process that has a beginning, middle, and end sometime. And you are finding that instead of being the longer days that you used to experience when you were very much in tune with the land, now everything is coming very quickly and hopefully not running into itself, although that does happen from time to time and you feel a squeezing, which does not always feel good, of trying to get everything done in a certain time frame. Look for the gifts as you go along. If you have certain feeling of judgment in the beginning, that is okay. Do not judge self. Just say, “Oh, well, that’s how I was feeling at that moment. Now I choose anew,” and you go on from there.

You have chosen this lifetime. You have chosen all of the circumstances as you go along. It is not pre-ordained that you are going to meet up with someone at a certain time and a certain date, except as you approach that time and the circumstances seem to fall into place. But it is not that it has to happen. It is that you choose for it to happen.

So be happy with what you choose. Know that there is always a gift in everything, and allow yourself to be easy with yourself. I watch you as I see energy, as I see you judging self from time to time. Whenever you get into that mode of judging self, usually you come out of it a bit battered. So give the judgment over to me. Let me judge whether what you have said, what you have done, where you have gone has been the right and best thing.

First of all, I can see a larger picture. But second of all, I always judge with love. So nothing, in Truth—capital “T”—is wrong with any choice you make. You may make a choice that in this reality, this world as you call it, may bring you certain effects that you do not want to deal with, but if you do, and you have to deal with effects, you come out of it much wiser. You say, “Well, I tried that. Hmm, I won’t do that again.” I have heard you say that a few times.

What you will want to do, and you are doing this, is to choose for love, choose for the positive, choose to be happy as often as you remember. You will come to a place where you know that you are complete, and you will look upon it and say, “This has been a life well lived.”

What do you have to give? Love, joy, excitement, being together with someone, allowing that which you have learned to be shared with another one to the place where they come alive and say, “Yes, that’s just what I was thinking. That’s just exactly where I was in my thinking. Isn’t it amazing that we think alike?” And at that point, you probably will agree. “It is amazing. I found someone who thinks like I do. I thought I was the only one on the planet who thinks like I do.” And sometimes, individualized as you think you are, you are the only one on the planet in that moment thinking that way.

You have given to yourself a gift, a gift of the reality—lower case “r”—to activate a body, to be able to speak with ones with the tones, and if you do not have the tones, you have worked out the sign language that ones can learn. You are never at a place where you cannot express. Now, what do you express? What do you push out—express? Sometimes judgment; a lot of times judgment. And usually that judgment, even if you think it is going out, it does a U-turn and comes back. You find yourself judging self, and that does not feel good.

You have an example of that in one of your leaders at this point who is feeling un-whole, not whole, to the place where what he sees, he feels as a judgment, and then he has to put up a barricade— you all do this, so it is not just this one; you put up a barricade so that the small self of you will not be hurt. No one of you likes to be hurt, and sometimes in the lifetime that which you have chosen to allow you to grow in your own love, love of Self —capital “S”—sometimes is not understood to be a gift, and sometimes it is taken as a harsh judgment.

But in truth, oftentimes the ones who are molding and shaping your early years want the best for you, and yet they do not know exactly how to show this. There are many stories told of new parents who come home with the small one, and then they look at each other and say, “Now what do we do?” Almost all new parents feel that way. Even if they have taken classes that supposedly instruct them, they find that they have an individual that does not really fit all of the descriptions of what they are supposed to do or be and, “Now what do we do?”

The small ones have come to you as gifts. They have come to you to bring out your best—it sounds like an advertisement— and they do; they bring out your best. Sometimes it does not look like the best at first, but in truth you are doing the best that you can, that you know how, that you have been taught, that you have learned from the older generation perhaps. So you are doing as well as you know to do.

And yes, the small ones will push your buttons, but that is what they have come to do, and sometimes they do it really well. But you smile and you love them and you go on, and you see how creative they can be. It is the same with the four-footed ones. If they do not get your attention in one way, they will try in another way until you do pay attention to them, and maybe you figure out what they want. Then maybe you say “yes,” and maybe you say “no,” and then the whole cycle starts over again.

You bring the small ones and the fourfooted ones into your experience because you want to know, “What can I create? How can I create? And why, sometimes, do I create what seems to be the challenge?” It is to allow you to see, first of all, how creative you are. “Good heavens, I created that?” Oh, yes. Enjoy your creations. Enjoy all of your experiences.

The one who has been so honored in this time [McCain] had experiences that you would not choose voluntarily, and he felt sometimes that he did not choose those experiences. And yet there was a spirit alive within him that knew, “This is all for a purpose. I don’t know the purpose.” He said that many times, and yet there was a knowing that something larger was happening.

If you can approach—and you can— any seeming challenge and know that what you are seeing is only part of the picture which is truly larger, more farreaching than what you see at the moment, it allows you to take the deep breath and say, “Okay, maybe I don’t like what’s going on right now. Maybe I would like it to be different, but there has to be a good reason for this. There has to be a gift in it. And even if I should allow the body to be finished, I will look upon what has happened and realize in my awareness that it was a gift.”

Then you come through every challenge knowing that truly the picture is bigger than what you see at the moment. And this is what your friend did in the five and one-half years that he felt himself to be detained, restricted. He knew at a very deep level that there was something happening which was larger than himself. He did not know that he was going to come through all of it and live the number of years with the body that he did. There were moments in the time that he was in that experience when he thought he was going to be finished. But he awoke the next morning and the body was still with him, activated one more day, and one more day, trusting at a very deep level that there was purpose. And there was.

It was not easy. But as you have found out, no human life is, in human terms, easy. Every human life has its challenges, and yet at the same time you recognize that you are creating. I knew this. I experienced this more than once. I had more than one human lifetime, because I wanted to know more. So I had the lifetime as a simple peasant, the farmer, the one who was in tune with the rising sun and the time of the moon, and that was all that I needed; that and the little four-footed ones, the woolly ones, the sheep.

I had several lifetimes that, as you would judge it from a human standpoint, were very peaceful, very much in tune with the energy of holy Mother Earth. I had lifetimes before we came to the one that is so famous. This is not in your holy writings, not the writings which are so popular, so accepted. The other lifetimes are written in some other works, and I did not always go with the name Yeshu’a. I had other names as well, as you have done.

So I knew and know human life. Now, just to tickle the curiosity a bit: I had other lifetimes not on holy Mother Earth, out there in what you term now the spaceships. I worked as the one who had something to do with the energy of the spaceship. And then one lifetime I was commander. In another lifetime I experienced myself as liquid crystal, free-flowing crystal.

So you see, it does not have to be human form. It does not have to be on holy Mother Earth. It could be in another solar system far, far away…. (Smile)

Each beautiful expression of the divine is very much like the facets on a gemstone, on your diamond. When you put that all together, how brilliant it is. The light within and outside of it is beautiful. One lifetime you say, “Oh, this is what I am this lifetime. Ah, this is so great. I am leader of all of my people.”

Then if they do not like what you are doing and there is heavy judgment, you change to being the one who takes care of the sheep and the goats and take a little bit of time out to recognize the spirit of you which activates every experience.

Now we come to a most interesting point. In this day and time, time is thought to be a continuum, that there is the past and there is the present, and then there is the future. It is a process. All of the experience within time is within what you will imagine as a sphere. You say that time is linear. “Well, this happened a few days ago. This will probably happen in the future. That happened in history a long time ago.”

The reason that you think that time is linear is because within this beautiful sphere of creation, one point here and one point here, the points are connected by a line. So you say, “Okay, time is linear. That is the past. This is the future. I’m somewhere in the middle of it.” All time is in this sphere of belief.

Now, that brings up a very good question. What is outside of that sphere? What is outside of time? There is much that is outside of time. You do not see that usually in the lifetime where you are focusing upon what the body does.

What is a month? It is an arbitrary setting aside of a certain collection of time; man-made. You have not always had the same calendar. You have not always felt that time was the same as it is every day. You create it. You work within it. For example, you try to get everybody to come at the same time and meet with each other and do certain things together. Then you find that there is one person (or more) who cannot do it at that time. “Okay, we’ll change it.” Then there is another person who cannot do it at that time. “Okay.” And you have fun with it, I hope. Not always; I watch. It can be a bit mind-expanding, yes; judgment-expanding.

You work with time, but as I have said, time is of your making. You know this to be true, because sometimes you have played with time. For example, you are supposed to be at a meeting by seven o’clock, and there is no way you are going to leave home and drive for twenty minutes and get there by seven o’clock if you have left home at five minutes until seven.

But it can be done, and you have done it. You have surprised yourself and said, “Well, what happened?” It proves to you that you are the one creating time. You are wonderful creators. Allow yourself to look upon everything that you create and call it good. That is why you have the passage in your holy book that says that God—which is you—created on the first day, the second day, the third day, and so forth. And He, which is actually a She, an It, looked upon it and called it good.

Call everything in your experience good. You have many who watch you. You have many who listen to what you have to say. Maybe they hear only one word, but it may be the right and perfect catalyst for their awakening, for their understanding that they are much more than just the body.

You do not have to know what they hear. But you do it all the time. It is a gift that you give freely, and it is accepted by ones who are looking for that exact gift. Oftentimes you walk on and have no idea what you just did, and you do not have to know. You are very much the teacher, the master, the lover who gives love just by being, just by smiling.

And you say, “Well, yes, the smile is not really that big a gift.” Ah, yes, it is. It can change a person’s day. It can change their lifetime because you smiled. It makes a difference. And when you get to the end of a certain lifetime, your friends remember your smile, your support, your love, and they will say, “That was a life well lived.”

So be it.


IC2ITUC 28th October 2018 9:59 pm

Sorry but from MY perception, John McCain was in support of many of the so called "Dark Forces" plans and ideas of the DemocRAT Party. Both Parties contain some of these "Dark Ones" but the Democrats have MANY more than the Republicans.TRUMP is of MUCH HIGHER LIGHT VIBRATION than H.Clinton. He won BECAUSE OF THIS IF the Christ Conscience ones are currently Finally more in proportion than the "darker ones", AS MANY of current beings channeling, are saying ex. Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll (kryon.com) As stated, this is my (and many others) Perception, and I know what you would say to me from my comment ! IF you were here again in 3D, walking in our shoes,( I don't think you would be in sandals) you might understand our FRUSTRATION with the LIERS, DECEPTION, VERY DISHONEST MEDIA, etc. just like what you put up with during the Biblical times of your last trip here ! REMEMBER how UPSET you were with the "Moneychangers". IF the Biblical account of that is accurate YOU "lost it" and kicked over a table (s) (?) with your HUMAN FRUSTRATION. Well we feel the same from the BS going on here !


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