After Gaul...Britannia

Beloved one, I have been relating how I remember my life two thousand years ago. We spoke of after the resurrection and moving across the sea in one of Joseph of Arimathea’s sailing ships and how we were blown off course for the adventure of it.

And the question did come up, “Why did I not change everything and make it smooth sailing?” Well, it was more fun to have a bit of adventure. Mariam and I and Benjamin and Sarah, we were out for the adventure. We knew that there is nothing that can hold you back. We knew that there is truly nothing that threatens the body, so we were quite enthusiastic about the adventure that we were having, and we let the winds do what they would do.

We let our sailing mates, the sailors who were in charge of the ship, do what they needed to do. When we were blown off course and they did not get into the seaport to get the supplies that they had planned on, there was great consternation and great questioning as to what they would do. Would there be enough rations to get to the next seaport?

And so I had opportunity to speak to ones who were open to it and say to them, “You create whatever you are experiencing. If you want the foodstuff, hold out your hand and expect.” Now, that is the important part of it. Expect that the food, the bread, the manna will be there.

Some of them tried it and nothing appeared, and they said, “Oh, fool that he is.” Others said, “I’m really hungry. I’d really like to see some bread, some foodstuff.” And in that instant—because they believed and had motivation enough—the bread appeared. When the other sailors saw that some of their friends could do it, they said, “Well, maybe I can do it as well.” They held out their hand and they prayed and they prayed and they prayed, and they looked, and it was still empty.

They came to me and said, “Master, rabbi”—because that is what they called me—“why is it not happening?” And I said to them, “Here, let me put my hand under yours, and the food will be there.” They believed that I had the power to do it, because they had seen me do it, so they knew that if I put my hand under theirs, it would happen. That bit of belief was enough to manifest the bread that they needed. And they believed.

Sometimes you or your friend perhaps need a little bit of help, a little bit of a boost, where you come up to them and you say, “You know, I’ve been through situations like what you’re going through, and for me, this is what has helped. Let me share with you. Let me hold your hand”—literally or figuratively—“and let’s walk through it together.”

So it was with the sailors. They at the soul level had chosen to make this voyage with me. They had chosen at the soul level, maybe not the conscious level but the soul level, to have an adventure and to come to a place of seeing miracles. And they went away changed, after Mariam and I and Benjamin and Sarah had left the ship, because they had seen that life can be a little bit different than what they had been told it was going to be.

It was what you would call an expanding experience, expanding into understanding their divine nature and how they could create, and how everything truly comes out of your belief as to what you believe is possible, what you believe you can do.

Belief resides deep within you, and oftentimes it is a bit difficult to reach; in other words, you are not quite sure what you believe or why you believe it until you see the results of that belief. But once you see the result of the belief, then you can trace it back and say, “I must have this belief about myself, about the world, about others. I can trace it back and then consciously ask, ‘Do I want to keep this belief?’”

If it serves you, you will keep it until it does not serve you, until you want to change it, or not. There is no one and no thing that dictates your life except you, and that is very freeing after you once let go of the old teachings.

Now, all of the old teachings have been given to you—generational teachings I call them—down through the generations. “This is what my family has always believed. This is how we have always lived. This is the belief that we have always held.” And that is okay as far as it goes, but if it does not go far enough; you are free to choose anew.

And that is what Mariam and I did. We chose to have a new life in a new land. We landed in the southern part of Gaul, what is now called France. We lived in a small village for a while and we were quite happy. We were accepted by the ones who lived there as we learned their language and their ways, and it did not take us long to learn.

They were welcoming, because we wanted to be welcomed. We did not go in with certain attitude that we were better than they or that we knew more than they did, because these were simple villagers, and we remembered growing up in a village. We remembered how it felt to be part of a family and to be part of a village where everyone was family, and so we took that understanding and applied it to the new friends we made.

We lived amongst them for as long as was comfortable, but when it came to the place where they were aging and we still seemed to be in the prime of life—in our thirties perhaps, late twenties, early thirties, somewhere in there—we would move on. We would have relatives that we had to go visit. Now, we did not actually have relatives in the usual sense, but as everyone is joined in divine nature, we did have relatives, and so we would travel to another village some ways away and stay there for some years.

Ones have asked about our children. We did have the biological children, and I know that for some who have been brought up to believe that I was the very Son of God, which I am and you are—divine nature, the Christ nature—for some to believe that I knew woman would be unacceptable. But I did know Mariam and I enjoyed knowing Mariam, and so there were biological children of our own, but more than that, there were oftentimes in the villages the ones whose mothers had the children without…well, there was a father in the beginning, but he might not have stayed around for one reason or another, and so we would take in the ones who were homeless, because we always had a home to provide for other ones. We were happy to do this. It enriched our lives, as you have seen with friends of yours who have done this.

And so we passed the time in Gaul traveling northward, traveling into the country you now know as Germany, and again assimilating the habits and language of the small villages which were there. We knew that we were not limited by any geographical area and not limited by any friendship that we wanted to make.

We were oftentimes taken in by the ones you would now call gypsies, the ones who were very easy with life and did not have to be rooted in a certain place, and they would travel different places for the adventure of it. They did not have to be in a certain village and to stay there all of their lives. In fact, that was not what they wanted to do. They wanted to see, experience, feel different things, and so they did, and we joined them oftentimes and traveled throughout the countries of what you now call Europe.

It was a fun time. We enjoyed traveling, meeting new ones and sharing with them the love of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is, whatever you want to call the divine Principle. And we did it without preaching; we just were; we just enjoyed companionship, as you do when you get together with your friends.

After a certain number of years we traveled to Britannia to see the tin mines that Uncle Joseph had. He was with us in spirit, although he had allowed the body to be released. He was very interested in how it all looked after a passage of a good bit of time.

We associated with what you now know and call the Druids who were the learned ones, the ones who had been handed down the information and the knowledge of how to read and write and how to keep up the religious mystical belief. Others in some of the outlying districts, the ones you would call the farmers or villagers, were not of the Druid class.

It was a bit like the Essenes and the Essene teachings, in that the Druids had their belief system that was passed down generation to generation through the families. And there was worship and understanding of nature, a feeling of Oneness with nature and a knowing that there was a higher principle at work in human life.

They devoted their time and their studies to the teachings of Oneness in their understanding of all of nature. There was for them a very sacred tree—the oak tree. Now, all of the trees that grew were sacred, but especially the oak. It was the symbol of life.

So Mariam and I, and some of the children who traveled with us, lived with the Druids for a while. Now, Benjamin and Sarah, Catherine and Mary, Jacob and Michael, Susan and Rebecca—our own biological children—had grown up, but they had also asked of us, “What’s the secret to life? What’s the secret to staying young? How do you do this?”

Some of them had aged a bit. Some of them, especially two of the girls, fell in love with village boys and decided to have a “normal” life; so they allowed themselves to age with the husband and with the children that they pro-created. 

We spent many years with the Druids, with the different communities, and we understood the basic premise. It was for us a time of expansion, a time of sharing what we knew, what they knew, and finding common ground. Many of the Druids were very wise at a very deep level. They lived the human life, but they also knew how to extend life. Some of the Druid priests and priestesses allowed themselves to travel with us, because there were the Druidic communities in northern Gaul as well as Britannia, and the different communities had in some cases different emphasis as to belief system.

After Britannia we traveled to what you now call the northern regions where ones were wearing fur, the animal fur; knowing Oneness with the animals. Again, this varied from village to village and community to community, but for most of the ones whom we met and interacted with, there was the belief and understanding of Oneness of life in different forms. And you have tradition in this day and time of many of your peoples who will give thanks ahead of time for the deer that stands in the way of their arrow to give food and raiment. 

During the time we were living in Gaul and when we traveled to Germania and the lands beyond there and up into Britannia and beyond, there was another aspect to our lives: a most wonderful aspect of knowing our space brothers. This is not a new thing. Some of your brothers and sisters are beginning to think that there might be life on other planets, other solar systems, other star systems somewhere. They are beginning to think there might be intelligence beyond just holy Mother Earth. It is good that they are beginning to think that. It is expansion on their part.

We knew, because we had experience in what you call space and space travel, we knew that we have brothers and sisters—although there might not be gender as you know it—in space beyond holy Mother Earth. And so during this time there were opportunities to have discourse with what you call the ET’s, the extra-terrestrials off of holy Mother Earth and to know the love and communications with more than just what we could see with the physical eyes, although some of the space brothers and sisters would make themselves known to us in physical form, even if the form was not human. It did not need to be, because if they had been adapting to another planet, perhaps the form would be different, and most often it was. But the divine nature is the same.

And so there was, again, a Oneness that we knew. That is why I speak to you so often that there is no separation; there is only One, Oneness with all life in any form anywhere. And any of the different forms are not to be feared. They are not to be threatening. If a form comes to you, if you want to invite a form from another solar system, an ET, and if you believe that this can be, it will be for you. It may be at first a bit of a surprise, but then very quickly you will take the deep breath and you will say, “Welcome, brother/sister, welcome”—well come, two words—and you will be most happy to share in a knowing that you have come and they have come from the same divine nature.

Now, I know that expands the usual belief system held at this time, but you are ready for it, you are asking for it, you are wanting to know, “What more is there to me as the divine nature?” And so as you ask the question, the answer will be given; it will come to you. And when it comes to you, it is not something to be feared; it is something to be welcomed.

So there were times, instances when we had communication with what you call the space brothers and sisters. That is leading up to my telling you that even now I am commander of a spaceship. I have a name that ones have assigned to me—I did not choose it, but it has been assigned to me.

Human beings love to categorize everything, put things into categories and label them so that it is easier to deal with them, understand them, and to itemize these categories from time to time. And so I have been given the name of Sananda as the spaceship commander. Now, that is not my only name and that is not the only spaceship that I command, but I will leave it at that for the time being. Later, if there is interest, we will talk about the spaceships.

Mariam and I spent what you would see as the next two hundred years traveling as it was warranted to the different countries and being One with the villagers, the people, the forms that we met; not only the ones that are of human form, but some of the ones that were still extant in those days that are now part of legend, such as your unicorns. Did they exist? Yes, of course, they existed.

All of the forms of what you call the different combination of human and animal, if you have legend about it, it existed. It was here at some time, at some point. And so we had experience with many different forms. It does expand the mind a bit, does it not? And it did for us. We knew that it was possible. We knew that we were calling forth the legends, the same as you have called them forth.

We will continue the story the next time we meet. I am hoping that you are finding it interesting. It was definitely a very interesting period of time for Mariam and me.

So be it.



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