Beloved one, every experience and every expression which you create comes from a vantage point, a belief as to who and what you are. You have in the conscious and subconscious the generational beliefs which have been handed down to you from the parents, from the generations of the grandfather, great-grandfather, great-grandmother, etc. and from the peers and their generational beliefs embodied in the culture in which you have been raised.

Your belief is based upon what is given to you - subliminally many, many times - by the generations, by the parents, and by the peers as to what the common belief is about what life has to be. If your family is one that believes life has to be a struggle, that everything that comes to you has to be a challenge, then from the time you are very small - even before that, in truth; as you are in the mother's womb there is a receptivity of energy - a receptivity which may interpret that life is hard, it is a struggle.

Or, the perception can be that life is joyful, and if the mother is looking forward to having this new one born and there is great anticipation and welcoming of the new one, the new one is going to know and will feel that joy, even in the womb before it is out in the arms.

After it is living its own individuality as a small one, at first it very much picks up on the energy levels of the parents. It is very much aware of what is going on through energy vibrational patterns. This goes with you throughout the lifetime as a subliminal belief, so that you have a preconceived tendency to look at life in a certain way.

Later on, when you begin to understand words, your parents may say to you, "It's a jungle out there. You have to be really, really strong. You have to get there first before the other one gets there. Do unto others first before they get you." Or, vice versa, "It is really a joyful place to live. I have many friends, you have many friends, nature is beautiful. It is wonderful to be out in the field, to run freely, to feel the sunshine upon the head, the shoulders, the body. It is wonderful to breathe of the fresh air.Yes, life is good."

And so the small one grows taller with beliefs which have been given to him/her early on, and then the beliefs are reinforced as the subliminal belief then attracts evidence that the perception is true. And so, ones often will have the challenges in life because they are looking for them, expecting them, because the parents have said, "It's going to be tough; you have to be tough." Or, the parents will say, "You are going to find many friends. You are a most special being. I prayed before you came, and you came to me to be a companion on the Journey, and I am so happy that you came. Let us walk hand in hand and rediscover all of the beauty that this life has to offer."

From that foundation, which is conscious and yet unconscious as well, you fashion how you see your world. You can work with those beliefs when you recognize them. When you sit with yourself just quietly, or when you are traveling in your vehicle or when the mind is free to think back to the childhood or to recognize a re-action to something that happened, stop for a moment; something has happened, and you have a reaction immediately to it, and then there may be a feeling of, "Oh, okay, I know how to handle that," or there is a feeling of, "Oh, my God, how am I going to handle this one?"

You can be aware of how you feel in the body. The energy of that occurrence is going to be felt in the body somewhere. Stop for a moment and be aware of where you are holding the energy, where it has hit you. Has it hit you at the heart where you feel you have to shut down or can you be open and expansive? Has it hit you in the abdomen, where you feel that you have to be armored and you have to save self?

The torso - from the neck down to below the abdomen - has been oftentimes the part that has been the reason for releasing the body. It has been the area where you were struck in battle; or off with the head, across the neck. So this part of the body is very much attuned to receiving energy, and it will tell you - it has a language - how you are feeling about any occurrence.

Be aware when anything happens, any event, any discourse you have with someone, how you feel about it, where you feel about it, and sit just for a moment in that deep breath, that easy breath, and examine, "What is this telling me about my belief? What do I believe? What am I feeling in the abdomen? What am I feeling anywhere in the body? What energy pattern am I receiving?"

Identify the belief. Oftentimes it will be a belief that says there is something that could be threatening, because habitually as you have gone through this reality many, many lifetimes, you have reinforced a belief that the body which you have fashioned could be harmed in some way. And so there is the initial reaction that perhaps whatever was said to you, whatever occurred could be seen as threatening and could have power of some sort over you.

So you sit with that instantaneous feeling and you ask, "What belief am I holding?" And then you ask, "Where does this come from? What does it go back to?" And there will come to you a vision, an idea, a time, an occurrence, a root source.

And then you ask of yourself, "Is this a belief that serves me now?" Now, in many other lifetimes that belief served you well, because the feeling of threat to the body caused the adrenalin to flow and you ran from whatever was perceived to be threatening, and you did save the body for some other time. And so, that belief and that reaction have served you well. It is not a wrong thing.

But you ask of yourself in this day and time, "Does it serve me? Do I need this belief now?" And if you feel that you do not need it now, you begin by first being conscious of it. Then, secondly, you take a deep breath and you ask, "How can I see this differently?" And as you take that deep breath, you realize that you do not have to hold that belief. There is no parent standing next to you saying that you have to believe it any more. There is no great person in the realms above saying that you have to believe.

You go within to the energy that you are and you ask of yourself, "How can I see this differently? How would it feel if I understood that what she said to me was said in love?" And you play with that in your imagination. "How would it be if what they said to me was said in love; not as a threat as I first perceived it; not as a judgment as I first perceived it; but when they said that, how would it feel if I perceived it said in love?"

You will feel a change in the vibrational energy of the body itself. It will relax. It does not have to be armored any longer. It expands. Every time something comes up and you want to know - "Oh, that did not feel good," or "Oh, that did feel good" - trace it back to what the underlying belief is, and be conscious about it.

First of all, be conscious. Second of all, take the deep breath. Third, ask, "How can I see this differently?" And then, fourth, move into the energy feeling of how it feels to perceive it differently. You can do this. You will find yourself being very busy all throughout the day, because truly you go through every day - and this is not said as a judgment, but as a discernment - you go through a day with a lot of reaction to things that you do not even know you are reacting to. You walk through the day half asleep.

I am asking of you now to be awake, to be conscious, to be aware. "What am I feeling? Why am I feeling? What is the underlying belief?" And then if you want to change it, imagine the energy feeling of the opposite, love instead of fear, understanding instead of judgment.

Now, I have spoken to you just now about how to change the conscious beliefs, how to make them conscious and to change. Some beliefs are very deeply embedded in the energy pattern of the body and of the self that you are. They have been very deeply embedded throughout lifetimes. These are ones that are going to be a bit more challenging to find. They are going to be the subconscious ones which will come up as you deal with the ones that are on the surface, the ones of this lifetime.

Other ones from other lifetimes are going to come up to be known. And when I say that, be aware that you have lived many, many lifetimes in many different cultures, so there are going to be beliefs from other cultures that have been taken, integrated, put into the matrix of the soul, and then remembered and carried in the body at the cell level, so that the cells even have memory of other cultures and other beliefs that those cultures believed in, all the way back as far as you can trace it in a linear history and beyond.

So when ones say to you that belief is a foundation, and that you can change beliefs, be aware that what you start with - and you have to start somewhere - is the tip of the iceberg, and that there is much more underneath which will come up at some point.

You all have unique history. You all have unique memories of lifetimes which have been built on many beliefs, and many of those beliefs are going to be deeply embedded in the energetic pattern of the body. They are accessible to you, but some are just a bit deeper than others. So I say to you, work with the conscious beliefs, the ones that come up in this lifetime that hit you right in the face or right in the stomach, wherever they hit you. Be aware of where that belief comes from. And then give to yourself much allowance and love, because everything you have ever done in any lifetime, even if it has brought to you challenges that you even experience in this lifetime, have been treasures.

You have wanted to play in the sandbox of creativity. You have wanted to know, "How does it feel to make sand?" And so you have made plenty of sand. "How does it feel to make the sand castles?" So you make the forms, the bodies. "How does it feel to be finished with one sand castle and build another?" And so you wipe out one form and you build another sand castle, and you play with that sand castle for awhile.

"How does it feel to throw the sand up in the air? Is it going to stay up in the air?" In some realities it does. In this reality, it comes back down on your head. This reality has much of the sending and receiving, so that what you send out often comes back to you. It is part of what you have built into this reality. You have lived every lifetime that you can imagine and more. And many of those lifetimes you have done things that now the energetic pattern of the body does not accept well.

For example, many of the ones who find themselves in this lifetime perceiving the need to avoid the alcoholic substance have come to that place most innocently by the ritual of a religious/philosophical teaching, different threads, different religions as you know them, where the wine was known to be sacred, and it was imbibed because of the sacredness of it. You were taking something sacred within the body and being One with the energy of that sacred liquid. And those were lifetimes where you were happy. Those were lifetimes where you felt fulfilled. You felt that you were doing something sacred.

Then another lifetime comes along, and you have chosen a different scenario, and you find that you do not feel fulfilled. You want to know fulfillment; you want to know wholeness; and so there is a little part of you that remembers the lifetime where you were in the religious/philosophical order, and what was sacred was the wine. And so you say, "Okay, I will go to the wine. It will make me feel whole."

Perhaps this lifetime the energetic pattern of the body is different, and the wine has a different effect. It is not a sin. It is not wrong; it is a memory, and it goes back to a very good memory, but it may not apply to what you have formed in this lifetime. Therefore, you try it out, and if it resonates well with you, that is good. If it does not, you say, "Okay, that's from another lifetime; it served me in another lifetime, but maybe not this lifetime."

The same as there is belief now that the inhalation of smoke is going to bring about a congestion of the lungs, and that eventually you will release the body because the body does not feel energetic any longer.

The smoking of the peace pipe was seen as a sacred ritual. There are many of the cultures that yet believe in sharing of the smoke as symbolic of the spirit rising up to the heavens. It was done at first as a symbolic catalyst for remembrance. Then ones come through other generational teachings and other lifetimes where the energetic pattern of the body is different, and there is a collective belief that perhaps the smoke can be not sacred, but can be a congestive agent. Again, it is based on a belief.

So when you are working with beliefs, allow yourself much love. Know that truly everything that may not work for you in this lifetime has worked for you in other lifetimes and has been seen as a sacred avenue to the remembrance of the spirit that you are, the energy that you are, the divine Isness that you are. But it may not be appropriate for this lifetime, or, it may be.

Have much mercy for yourself, please, and for others as well. When I spoke two thousand years ago of love, the message was taken to heart by many of you, but by many it was discounted, because it did not seem to be the way of the world. It seemed too far out, as you call it nowadays. It did not seem relevant.

But the truth of your being is that you are love; not only human love; that is good; it is the beginning: to know human love for another one, to know human love for a pet, for an animal, to know human love for a sunset or a sunrise. That is the beginning. But you are much more than human love. You are Love incarnate as Life itself.

Now, I have spoken about the clues to finding the beliefs that underlie every reaction and how to deal with them. And I have spoken how to be easy with self, with the beliefs that are buried a bit deeper, and how those beliefs have served you in other lifetimes, but may not be the ones that you want to have in this lifetime. There is no parent waiting to judge, to beat you if you are wrong, to push you into a belief that you have known as a little child was not your belief, and you did not want to accept it, but if you did not accept it, there were some harsh penalties. But that parent is no longer in a power place to do anything except as you bring that parent along with you, and many of you do. It is a very common thing, that even when the parent has released the body and is no longer in a place of giving you the slap across the face, or wherever, you still carry that parent with you, speaking in your ear, of what the old beliefs have been.

And what you may do, as you become conscious of that parent, is to turn to them and say, "Thank you. You have served me well, because you have shown me how I do not want to go." You thank them, because they have truly done the best that they knew how to do. They were journeying through life with challenges that were often beyond what they knew how to handle. So you say to them, "I love you, because now I understand that you were only doing what you knew to do based on your belief system at that time. But you know, those whacks that you gave me, I didn't really appreciate those. And some of those beliefs that you said I had to believe, I don't believe them any longer."

And then you wait for the blow to fall. And it does not fall. And in that moment you know yourself to be free You know yourself to be able to love and to release and to be free. Many of you carry energy across the shoulders and the back -- oftentimes that is the part of the body which needs the energy work and the massage -- from many lifetimes, including this one, where you had to turn the back, because the slap was going to be right there, either on the back or the face. And you carry that energy with you.

You can release that now. You can let that go. The one who has been as the parent, who has been whispering in your ear the old belief as you have perceived it, truly is not whispering those messages any longer. I will share with you that when the body is released, ones have an opportunity to look at beliefs and how the life was lived, and to move into a space of acceptance of love, unconditional love which they did not know when they were in the human form, in the human life, so that this one that you are carrying no longer truly exists.

This one may be with you and may be shouting in your ear, "I've changed." But because of old belief pattern, you still, up to this point, have heard them as you knew them to be, but they are not that person any longer. For when they have laid down the body, they have also laid down the constrictions of that lifetime and they are no longer the person that you remember them to be.

The one that you remember them to be is in memory only; your memory. They have changed, and they have sometimes moved on; oftentimes they will come back to check on you to see how you are doing. Oftentimes they go down on the angelic knees - if they had knees - and beg your forgiveness for what they did not know they were doing, because they were doing the best that they knew how, based on generational belief that had been given to them by their parents and by the grandparents and farther back than that.

Many of the parents felt that they had to be strong in order to take care of you. And that was a responsibility that they did not know how to respond to, except by the teachings and the beliefs they had been given.

Belief. Allow yourself to identify it. "Where does this belief come from? How can I perceive it differently?" Taking the deep breath, "How would it feel if I perceived it in love? If truly every whack on the shoulder or legs that I got as a child was meant in love in order to make me a better person as my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather understood "better" to be? How would it feel if I understood that truly everything that comes to me, I have invited as a gift, not as a punishment? How would it feel to accept everything in love? Oh, that feels a lot better, a lot easier."

I love That Which you are, because I know That Which you are. You are the divine holy Child, innocent, playing in the sandbox of this reality, expressing the divine creativity. You are the divine holy Child, free to examine your beliefs, and to change them to reflect back to you your deepest desire: the desire to know how loved you are. You are free.

So be it.




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