Beloved one, I would speak with you now about healing. It is something that your world needs. It is something that every one of you needs. Every one of you is calling out for healing, some on the physical level, some on the emotional level, some on the consciousness level. There are ones who have written to you, ones who have called you, ones who have asked, “Please keep me in your prayers. I need some healing.” And even if it is not physical healing that you are asking for or seemingly missing—seemingly— there is healing on the level of acceptance of yourself and of others, of accepting that which you have brought together to express—express: to press out—to bring that divinity into full view.

So even if it is not something physical that you are working with—and I know that there are quite a few people of every age, size, asking for healing of some sort—we will start with the body first, because the body has quite a voice and will scream at you after a while. If you do not listen to it when it is just maybe suggesting something, it will speak a little more loudly, and after a while it will come to the place where you have to pay attention to it.

The best way to do that is to take a deep breath. First and foremost, I recommend breathing. (Smile) Take a deep breath and come to the place of quiet within self. Yes, the body is going to yell at you. It is going to say, “Well, this isn’t doing anything,” but it does. In that moment of quiet you allow all of the cells of the body to remember that which they know best how to do, what to do.

The reason that you ask for healing is because you have lost sight of the wholeness of you. Healing comes from the root word of wholeness, being whole, recognizing that you are whole. That is the true healing, coming to the place of recognizing, as some of the small ones do, “How wonderful I am. Look at what I”—you usually say—“have created.”

Little ones, if they are, first of all, the awakened master who has come to serve, and if they remember that, and hopefully they might have parents who are really happy to associate with them, you will have the small one who knows Who and What he/she is. Now, you know you have been really happy to welcome your little ones when they came. You hold them in your arms and speak to them in whispers and somewhat more loudly how much they mean to you; how happy you are that they chose to come to you.

Well, yes, I know there are some little ones who come to you and you wonder, “Did I ask for this?” Well, on some level, yes, you did. On some level you said, “I am strong enough, I am loving enough, I want to be awakened enough, and this little one has come to me to help me awaken.”

So when any of the little ones come to you—and I may say here that it may be the two-footed ones, but it may also be the four-footed ones who come to push your buttons—they have come to say, “I’m here; what are you going to do about it?” And you give them love, because that is what they are asking for. They want to be recognized. They want to be loved.

Every living being wants to be loved, even the lowly ant that my beloved friend and teacher put outside on the grass earlier and said, “Yes, you’re a lovely little being, but you don’t belong in the house.” So she took the ant and put it outside. The ant is probably getting used to a new environment, wondering, “How did I get here?” Anyway, I digress. I am very good at digressing.

Every living being is to be admired, appreciated, loved; everyone, including yourself. That is often the last one that you admire, but there is nothing wrong in admiring self, because you have put it together the best you have known how, and you continue day after day putting it together in the best fashion—and I mean that quite literally for those who are interested in fashion.

You put it together in the best way. Take pride in what you can do. Take pride in the love-light in your eyes. Take pride in how you put all of the seeming pieces together, and then look upon your neighbor and see how they have put things together, and admire them as well.

You live in a most wondrous world which is calling out for healing, a most wondrous world that is saying, “I hurt.” And the world with its relationships amongst your people—and everyone is your people, your tribe— everyone is putting themselves together day by day the best they know how to do. Sometimes they can be a little short-sighted and do not see quite far enough down the road to see that if they made other choices, maybe even if they stopped for a moment and took the deep breath, maybe things would appear differently.

But oftentimes there is pressure by societies to respond very quickly. You have part of that in the psyche of yourself, of knowing lifetimes when you had to respond immediately or else: off goes the head. You had to come up with what was the approved answer to the one who was standing in front of you, so you have learned to become very quick in your responses; not to take the time, for the most part, to breathe, but just to respond, to show your supposed power.

But now you are coming to the place where you are recognizing that it is okay to stop. It is okay to hold your speech for a moment, to think it through and say what is truly in your heart and what is truly in the best part of your mind.

Your awakening consciousness is calling for you to take a bit more time to contemplate, to breathe, to cogitate. Know you that word? Of course you do: to think for a moment or so. Allow yourself to come with your answer from the heart. You do not have to—in this lifetime—be so ready with an answer.

Now, I know that the past experience has said you must come up quickly with an answer; it better be a powerful answer; it better be the answer that they want to hear. Otherwise, it may be a bit difficult. But in truth, you are the creator of your experiences. You are the one who is creating the time. So allow yourself to have a moment of time.

Start to give an answer to someone, and then stop mid-sentence, midword, and ask of yourself, “Is this what I truly want to say?” It may be. That is okay. But allow yourself to have a moment of time before you give the expected answer, and see if that does not heal your own feelings and the other one as well.

Come from the heart. That which you bring forward from the heart is healing. That which you bring forward from the mind can be healing or not, but allow yourself to speak words that are of love, acceptance. It will make you feel better. It will make the other person feel better.

Healing gets back to knowing wholeness, knowing that truly you are the Christ experiencing a human lifetime. Give yourself, first of all, top marks that you have come, because there are many masters who have said, “No, I’m going to sit this one out. I don’t think I want the challenge. It’s too much work. I’m going to sit up on the light-post and just watch what happens.”

Allow yourself the time to respond— even to yourself—from the heart. You are the maker of time. It is a gift that you have built in to this reality. Not every reality knows time. This reality believes in process, believes in time, which gives you the opportunity to rethink some of the decisions that you make in a snap: it gives you the time to re-evaluate. You do not have to rush about. “Oh, yeah, but you don’t know my boss.” Actually, I do.

Allow yourself to be easy with self. Allow yourself to take the time to know that you are in charge. Allow yourself to breathe to the place of wholeness, of healing. There is—now, hear this well—there is no thing about the body that cannot and will not be healed by your recognizing its wholeness, its divinity, its perfection.

Because of an accumulation of past experiences which you carry like a knapsack on the back, because of experiences that say that life has to be hard and the body is going to give up at some point, you believe that if you fall down a flight of stairs, you are at least going to get a headache out of it and probably something more than that. It is all past belief in the knapsack. One of the fun things you might want to do in a moment of quiet is to pull that knapsack around front, open it up and see what is in there.

“Hey, you know, it’s empty. I thought that all of my hurtful experiences, judgments, and learning were in that knapsack. Oh, how heavy it was. I opened it up, and there’s nothing, nothing in there.” Blessed art thou when you get to that place where you say, “That which I have believed has affected me for so many lifetimes is over and done with, finished. It’s no longer in the knapsack. I’m free.”

Then you can start bouncing along life’s path feeling whole, because you are acknowledging from whence you have come—divinity—and that which you make is not junk. You might judge it that way, but it is not. That which you make has a message in it. If you do not like the message— in other words, if it hurts—bring it around front and look at it. “Do I really need this? Hmm; I’ll try a day without it. Yes, actually, this shoulder feels pretty good without the weight. I guess I’ll leave it out for another day.”

And after a while you begin to feel a bit more whole. That is what healing is: recognizing, acknowledging, accepting your wholeness. Now, I know there are a lot of voices in the world and in your mind that say, “Yeah, but who are you kidding? I mean, this thing really hurts. That hurt is actually my creation. Hmm, I never thought about it that way. I don’t think I need it anymore.”

You are creating moment by moment that which you are experiencing and then judging, and even that is okay. You are creative. Sometimes you create quite a big dust storm. Then you bring in some of the dust and cough, cough, cough, you get rid of it, okay. You can do that.

Allow yourself to feel creative, to know that you create every moment, and maybe you can let go of the pain or the sickness or the unwholeness for just a second or two. Do not put yourself down and say, “Well, you know, that didn’t last.” It did last; it did happen. You cannot deny it. It does not have to stay forever. In fact, you have decreed that you are not going to stay in a certain body, a certain form forever. You have said, “No, I want to try something different.”

The ladies say, “I want to be a certain height and a certain shape; slim, voluptuous, athletic.” And guys are saying, “I want to be really, really strong; whatever.” Well, that is one model. But I will tell you what the most important model is, and you know this already, so I don’t even have to tell you: it is the person who is in love with life, the person who is happy to be here, happy to have the interaction with friends, happy to have a friend. Know you how valuable it is to have a friend? Of course you do. And how valuable it is to be a friend.

Allow yourself to acknowledge that you are the friend to another one who may be hurting but is not showing it. You come along and have no idea that they are hurting. “They must be fine. Everybody’s fine except me.” But they may need your smile. They may need your good word. They may just need you to stop and see them. Because as you have experienced in this day and time, in this world, everything is speeded up. Everybody has to be somewhere at a certain time. “I have to rush. I’m running late.”

Know you how creative you are? I know you know this. But when you look at your little rectangular piece of technology brain [cell phone]—because it is your brain out there—acknowledge to yourself, “My God”— because that is Who you are talking to and What you are talking about—“My God, how creative I am, and every day I get more creative.” Every day there is a new advertisement, commercial, new piece of information that says ‘new and improved.’”

That which you are doing in this lifetime— as you reckon time—had not even been thought of two thousand years ago. Except I will share with you a secret: we did not even need this [cell phone], because there were those of us who knew how to communicate mind to mind, as you do; you know how to do that. You have done that from time to time with friends, and they say, “How did you know what I was thinking?” “Oh, I just knew.” Did you look on your phone? No.

Healing is as natural as the opposite of being healed. Being healed truly is even more natural, because you have had to get in there and change a few things in order to suffer. This has been the thinking for a long, long time: that “in order to really know that I am creative, I have to make something that is different, and I have to suffer a little bit with it so that I know that it is real.” Maybe you do not. Hmm. “You mean I could be worth just as much if I just sat and gave one good meow?” (The cat) Yes, you are from the beginning as valuable as you will ever be. “Oh, my goodness, he said that I’m never going to be more valuable than I am right now. Woe is me. Woe.”

Take it to heart. You are valuable right now as you sit, as you stand, as you scratch your cheek. You are valuable. You are healed. In Truth, you are healed. You go to other ones who are called healers because you want to play. You join them in the sandbox and say, “Okay, what shall we create today?” And they say this or that or whatever, and you say, “Okay, I’ll play.” You may play for a while, and then you decide, “Okay, I’m going to do something different.” And I say to you, “Why wait? Why not realize your divinity now?”

All of the healings which are written up in your holy Scripture, I did not do them. The person receiving them was the creative one who caught an idea that, “Yes, I can be done with this. I can be healed. I can be like the small one who runs through the field.” There were many who came to me, and because there was a certain readiness… it was not what I did; it was not even what I said. But I looked into their eyes and said, “You are valuable just the way you are, and if you want to change any of that, feel free, but you do not have to. You are good enough the way you are.”

And the master, if it was part of the soul agreement, picked up the cloak and walked. But there were ones who checked in and said, “No, there’s still more. There’s still more that I said I would do.” And maybe they said the human thing, like, “Well, why did I ever agree to that?” But maybe there is still more they will teach.

So do not judge. Do not judge self, where you are. Do not judge yourself, except to give yourself top marks, to know that truly you are changing people’s lives, each and every one of you. You are changing people’s lives by what you are willing to do in your own healing.

It has been said that laughter is the best medicine. The greatest of medical people among you are the comedians, the ones who can look at life and find something worth laughing about. That is the greatest healing: coming to the place of wholeness, knowing that truly, “I am already whole.”

There are many in your day and time, in your world right now, who have the bodies that are strong enough, but they have the minds that are sad, the minds that are calling out for healing, the minds that want to know Who and What they are and what value they have.

Ones in this day and time have forgotten their roots. Not only have they forgotten their divine roots, but they have forgotten the times two thousand years ago when they were the agrarian society, the farmers, the ones who lived a more simple life. They have gotten caught up in all the complexities of…I will call it modern, because that is what they would call it—modern life. They have forgotten Who they are. They have forgotten how good they are. They have forgotten that they have a quality about them that can raise up other ones. They feel themselves to be so far down in the tunnel, the well, whatever you want to call it, so deep that they will never be able to see the sunlight.

I gave an assignment a few years ago or so, to go to your bookstore or online and purchase for yourself a joke book; easy jokes; not real intricate ones that you have to memorize, but easy ones, and have them at the forefront of the mind so that when there is a silence, you say, “You know, I heard this funny story the other day. There was this man going to market….” And off you go. There are a lot of stories with that one.

And for a moment or so, that which felt so heavy to the other person…and that person may have been saying, “I just want out of here. I don’t want to stay here any longer. This is so painful, I don’t want to stay.” And you start telling them this story about the farmer who went to market, and they are thinking, “Where is he coming from? More to the point, where is he going?” And they get caught up in it for a moment and find themselves laughing.

The ripples of laughter go through the body and heal. So buy, rent, borrow the joke book.

Same thing with healing relationships. Oftentimes ones will be feeling really down about something because their relationship is not what they wanted it to be or thought it would be or think that it can be. And they do not know how to heal the relationship. There were ones who came to me two thousand years ago and wanted to know, “How can I heal this relationship with my wife, my best friend, my business partner? How can I heal relationship?”

And I said to them, “First of all, do your homework. Take out your sheet of papyrus or whatever you have to write on and list the qualities that you like in that other one. And do not come back to me and say, ‘But Yeshu’a, I don’t like anything about them.’” Come on, you must like something about them.

You may have to really, really look for it. I am not saying that there are not ones who have all of their good qualities hidden away somewhere. That is often what does happen. But you can find one or two or three. Write them down on your sheet of paper. The next day maybe you will think of another one. And what happens is … you are not changing them. That is very hard to do. But you are changing how you see them. After a while you have a few things written down on the paper and you begin to think and to look, “Well, you know, maybe it’s not exactly the relationship that I was looking for, but there’s a lot of good there; maybe not for me, but maybe.” And what you have done is to heal yourself, to heal your perception. You are the only one you can work on—really —as you have noticed. Because as you have gone through life, you have tried changing the other person. It can be done, but usually not in a lasting way and not in a loving way. So value that which they are. Look for the good points.

It does not mean that you have to stay with that relationship. You may find that, “Yes, there are things about that person that I really like, but I’m complete,” and the other one is complete, too, and you move on. But it is not moving on with regret.

You have qualities that you share with each other that are important. You have words that you give to ones. You have smiles. You have hugs that you give. You have a heart that loves. It does not have to gush forth, but it is a quiet heart that is steadfast and true, and people feel that with you, and they feel healed in your presence.

Each and every one of you has signed up for different aspects of life. All of you are masters, and there are different kinds of masters. You play different roles in different lifetimes. The medical people who have come in this lifetime and have said that they want to be of service and help ones get a handle on their healing, they need someone to work on. You maybe have never thought about it that way. Where would they be if they did not have someone to work on? Where

would they be? They would be incomplete. Two thousand years ago I wondered, “Would anyone want to come and listen to what I had to say?” And yet they listened, and they accepted healing for themselves.

The same is true with you. The things that you say go out like the magnet goes out with energy and finds what it connects to. Their experience would not be the same without you. Therefore, go with a happy heart. You are fulfilling a space which would be unfulfilled if you were not here. You are healing yourself and others. As one is healed, all are healed. Go in joy.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



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