How to Stay Centered in an Eccentric World

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means.

Light, from before time began, for time is a construct that we have made in order to play within a certain reality, but not all realities have time. Not all realities play with the constraint and with the advantage and benefit of time.

But you have said that you will take on a most wonderful adventure, that you will play in the sandbox of duality, that you will play in a reality that yet believes there could be other than the one creative Principle; a sandbox that believes that there could be darkness as well as light; a sandbox that says you could play with the constraints of time, of judgment, of loss, abandonment, and then come to a certain place of realization that it has all been a sandbox and that no matter how often you or the ones you are playing with threw the sand up in the air and it came down on your head, always you were the one playing.

And no matter how many times someone would knock over your sandcastle and you had to rebuild it, no matter how many times you would go through the feeling of being judged or judging others, always you have remained that which you are from before the construct of sandbox came into being.

So whenever the world is too much with you-and I know that right now sometimes it is too much with you-allow yourself to remember that it is a sandbox that you are playing in and to appreciate every grain of sand that you and the collective consciousness have put into that sandbox, and appreciate every sandcastle you have ever made or ever have thought of making, and call it good.

Your world right now is eccentric. What do I mean by that? It is out of balance. It is wobbling very much. It is trying to find a balance, but it is very eccentric right now. There are times when you feel caught up in it, and you feel that your world, that which pertains to what you are doing or thinking or planning or hoping for, is eccentric as well, that it is not centered, and you wonder, "How can I find my center in a world that is eccentric? I am surrounded," you say, "from time to time by eccentric people. They present to me the wildest ideas."

You have the most wonderful ideas that come forth on your internet, on your news media; ideas that will tickle the fancy of the imagination to allow you to see, "Is this what I truly believe? Do I resonate with this?" You have many theories out there, stories, because you are creative, all of you, and you create the most wonderful stories to titillate the adrenalin within the body and within the spiritual knowing.

And so you come up with conspiracy theories that they have all the power and they are devising new methods to trip you up, to take power away from you. Now, that is okay to play with for awhile. It is as a toy. A small one loves to have new toys to play with, and you who have grown a bit taller, you still have the small one within you, and a new conspiracy theory comes along every day, or maybe several in a day, and you get to play with them, the same as the small ones play with their little toys.

You play with your seemingly bigger toys of what they may be devising against you, but I ask of you, who has the power? Do they have the power over you? No. You have the power, even in the power of choice, whether to believe what the story is or not. It comes back to you each time when a story is circulated and there is something very exciting in it. It's like, "Oh, my goodness, I have to prepare for or I have to watch out for, or the body then is going to be vulnerable."

That's usually what it comes down to, a threat to the body. It comes down to your choice: "Is this the truth of my being? Am I, in that moment of choice, choosing to believe for awhile that someone else could have power over me?"

It is a choice, but it also is a clue to you to stop for a moment and say, "But I have power of choice. They do not have power over my choice." They can present it-as I have said to you many times about separated ego, the way it runs on stage with its silver platter and it says to you, "Here, master, what do you think about this?" And it presents to you something that you have choice over. It says, "Here, master, look at this. It gives you a clue, master. What do you choose? What do you choose to call this?"

And if you say, "No, it is not for me. I do not want to eat of that. I do not want to partake of it. I do not even want to think about it. Separated ego, you may get off the stage," it goes. And as I have said, it doesn't always stay off in the wings. Quite often it will come running back with perhaps something new, the newest theory of something or other that is out to get you.

It will say, "Here, what do you think about this? This is the newest one, hot off the creative press. What do you think about this new idea? They have a lot of power. You'd better watch out. There are certain little things that you cannot even see floating in the air that are going to attack you. How do you feel about this, master?"

It gives you a clue. Everything that comes into your reality, your conscious awareness, gives you a clue as to your power, because you have the power of choice, the power to be in a place of saying, "Oh, I judge that to be really bad. I don't see how people can be that uncaring that they would want to devise such a system that would be hurtful to so many people, or that there could be something devised that would be hurtful to the body to a lot of ones."

It gives you a clue as to where does the power lie. It lies right here with you as to whether you are going to buy into it and what price you are going to pay; in other words, how long you are going to stay with that feeling of, "Oh, my goodness, I have to take precautions. I have to watch out for whatever it is that's hot off the press."

So I say to you, whenever the world will present its eccentric self to you, and it is getting very good, has been for eons of time, but it is getting even better with your technology of presenting to you opportunities for choice, opportunities to be in fear of having to watch out for, take the deep breath that we have spoken of so often and step back from it; sometimes literally, always figuratively, and ask, "Where does this come from? Does it come from love, or does it come from the place of duality that says there can be other than the one creative Principle?" the divinity that I have characterized as love.

That will give you a clue. Oftentimes when a story comes to you and someone says, "There's something wrong with your body; you'd better watch out; it is going to do you in," you will get a certain feeling in the body that will resonate. If it comes right here in what is called the solar plexus, the sun of you, then you know that it is coming from a place that originates from fear.

Other times if it allows you-and you feel this with certain friends-if it allows you to expand and to feel yourself protected, loved, held always in love, then you know that it originates in love and it originates with your holy Self. So, even the body will be a barometer for you. It will tell you how you are feeling about certain things.

So allow yourself to be aware of the messages of the body. Allow yourself to take the deep breath and to go into a deeper awareness of what is truly going on. For the world will present to you over and over and over again its eccentricities, its out-of-balance aspects, but you, as you will find your balance and you will stay in that place of balance, you have the power of choice.

Now, we have spoken in recent times some of the techniques for finding a place of balance: going out in nature, finding yourself with the earth, with the wind, the fire, the candle flame, knowing yourself to be the light of the candle flame, feeling yourself to be in the gentle rain or even the torrential washing that you just recently had a few minutes ago. It was a very good cleansing. There are many techniques for finding your balance.

I say to you that it is important to know what is going on in the world. It is not for you in this lifetime to shut yourself away in a cave and to ignore everything that is going on, but you may want to partake of a small bit; in other words, not to immerse yourself for twenty-four hours in all of the eccentricities of the world.

Be aware of what the brothers and sisters are experiencing. Send to them on the breath of love the expansiveness of the truth of their being; in other words, pray for them; send them light and love; know the holiness, and know that everything serves the atonement, that place of at-One-ment, that realization that I am One with the creative Principle which allows me to believe even in this moment that I am individual and that I could be separate from my Source.

Everything serves the atonement. So use the various techniques that allow you to come to a place of center within yourself. Do not ignore the eccentricities of the world, but you do not have to partake of those. You can look upon them the same as you do with some of your videos, your movies as they are called, and see them for the drama that is going on.

It doesn't mean that you have a hardness of heart, but allow yourself to be the beholder, to step back from it and to see how everything, no matter how horrendous it appears, is serving the atonement. For as we have spoken to you other times, ones will sometimes need to beat the head against the brick wall long enough until finally they stop and take a breath and say, "There must be another way. This hurts too much."

And then there is opportunity for inspiration. There is opportunity to see anew. Sometimes humans loving drama, humans loving the vibration of the adrenalin rush, will want to have the drama, will want to play with, "What does it feel like to be so engulfed in fear?" And so they will be there for awhile until they say to themselves or someone else says, "Hey, you know, you really don't have to keep on living that way. You can choose anew."

At first they may say, "But no, this is so real. This is my...can't you see? This is real." And you can say, "Yes, it is real-lower case "r"- but it is your divinity that is the Reality of you-upper case "R"-that allows you to experience what seems to be the tragedy."

So you offer them a way of looking at something in a new way. It doesn't mean that they're going to accept it, but at least you have planted a seed, and you know what happens when you plant a seed. It will grow. It will be nurtured and in time, in the fullness of time, it grows, comes through the top of the soil and leafs out and blooms. You may never see the leafing out and the blooming, or you may, but it doesn't matter. What matters is, you have planted a seed, and when you have started a process, it will follow through.

Would you like a story? Okay, we will do what has been called a parable; in other words, a story.

In your language, a long, long time ago there was a young maiden. She was quite comely, good looking, pretty you would call her, and of good demeanor, happy, so that in her village she had many suitors, young men who were interested in having her spend the rest of the lifetime with them.

Her father looked over the various young men who were interested in marrying this young maiden and he chose for her one who came from a family that had many golden coins. And so the young maiden married this young man, and together they grew to love each other. She gave birth over time to some children, first a boy, and they rejoiced in the boy, and as he grew to be a toddler, there came to be another child in the family, a little girl who very much resembled the young maiden when she was a very young girl.

As that one became a toddler and the boy became a bit older, there came to be another child in the family, another boy, a younger brother, and they rejoiced over the younger brother and the two children who were already there, and it was a very happy family. They were happy to be together.

And in the fullness of time, as used to be with families, there was another child born, another little girl, so that the young maiden, as she grew into womanhood, into being in the state of motherhood, had two boys and two girls, and she rejoiced in the small ones, and she rejoiced in what they were learning and what they would share with her, how they would run and play in the sun, how they would run and play in the rain, how they would tend the cattle that they had and the sheep.

The family grew in years, and in time, as is the way of the world, it came to their village news that there was a warring going on in a far land, and the oldest son chose to go off to be with some of the other young men to fight for what he saw to be right and to protect his village.

The young maiden who was now a mother was not happy to see him go, but it was his choice, and so she gave him her blessing, as the father did, as well, and the young man went off and left the family.

The first daughter grew to be a young maiden, again very comely and pretty, resembling her mother when she was a young maiden, and she had, again, suitors, young men in the village who were interested in her. So in time she was married to one of them and moved to a section of land not far away where they built their own dwelling. And in time the young maiden who now was the mother became a grandmother with great rejoicing.

News came from afar that the older son had perished in a battle and would not be returning, and there was sadness that the mother felt, because her firstborn held a place deep in her heart that was special. The other ones of the family she loved, as well, but the firstborn she lamented that he was not coming home.

But she had the grandchildren, and the other younger son married and stayed in the next village, and in time there were grandchildren there, and in time the youngest daughter also married and had children, so she had quite a few of the grandchildren around her, and she was quite busy with them.

But she always remembered the first son and thought of him lovingly. She thought of the second son who was in the next village and thought of him lovingly. And there came upon the land what you would now call a plague, a sickness, and the older daughter and some of the grandchildren perished in the plague. So there was a sadness and a sense of loss again, for ones she had seen and loved, held in her arms, no longer could she do that with the body. But in her heart she still felt the love.

In time, the beloved husband passed on and released his body, and she became a widow, a widow with two of her children and some of the grandchildren still in her life. Then there came the hoards of what would be called the barbarians that overran the land. Her two children and all of the grandchildren were slain before her eyes.

She, being a widow and being very elderly at that point, was spared, in fact ignored. The barbarians didn't even see her and didn't care. She was too old for them to care about, so she was left in a corner of the dwelling place alone. She began to feel, "What is the use of a life? Where are all the friends, the neighbors, the children, the grandchildren, the husband? Where even are the cattle and the sheep?" for they had been taken by the barbarians who came and overtook the land.

Everything around had been burned, and she looked out on the charred land with grief in her heart, because everything she had loved, even down to the blades of grass, seemingly everything had been destroyed and taken from her.

She spent some time rocking herself back and forth in great grief, asking of herself, "Why? Why love, when it is going to be taken away? Why live? Why am I still here?" And in the rocking of herself, she held herself and rocked back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth.

In the rhythm of the rocking she saw herself as the small child that she had been in her mother's arms when she was rocked, and she felt the love that she had known then. And in the rocking, she felt the rocking that she had done with her own small children when they were small, and she felt the love that she had shared with them and how she had rejoiced with them. And she felt, again, the love of each child as it was a babe in arms.

She remembered when they started to grow a bit taller, and she remembered the love as a family they shared with each other. And in the vibration of rocking, in the vibration of remembering love and feeling surrounded by that love, physically surrounded in that love, she came to understand that it was not the loss that was important. It was the love that had been shared that made life worthwhile.

And she came to realize that that love no barbarian, no stranger, no one could take from her. That love that she felt was always hers, was always with her and could not be taken from her. That love was what would always be the value of a life. And with that realization, she drew her last breath and joined her loved ones.

That is known as the parable of the widow, the realization that all that matters in life and all that makes life worth living is love, and that love can never ever be taken from you. Everything else can be taken. Everything else is temporary, but the love that you feel always is yours, and that is what makes life worth living.

Now, beloved ones, when the world will present to you its eccentricities, when it will speak to you of vulnerability and that you had better defend yourself, remember the love that you have shared with friends, with family, with ones of like mind. Count yourself blessed by every moment of love, for truly that is where your treasure lies.

The world can take everything else away from you, even to the point of very deep, deep grief, but it cannot take away from you the love that you have felt and that you have given and that you have known, and in that you are very, very rich.

Remember the parable of the widow. Remember her realization as she drew her last breath and went happily to join her loved ones, for truly, that will be your story, as well. For each and every one of you, your story has a happy ending, for in the last moments what you will remember is the love of loved ones, of family, of friends, of caretakers, whoever is with you, either with body or definitely with spirit.

And the next thing you will experience is the light, the light of understanding that, "I am and always will be." So as I have said, when the world will present to you its eccentricities and you want to remain centered, take the deep breath, think upon a time when you have known love. Think upon a person, a beloved pet, an experience when you knew yourself to be unassailable by all of the world's troubles. Think upon a time when you knew yourself to be all-powerful, all free from the eccentricities of the world, and breathe love.

Then go forward into the world, taking your peace into the world. You cannot take the world into your peace; it disturbs your peace. But you can take your peace into the world, and it can help others restore unto themselves that which seemingly has been lost. Remember and love, as I love you.

So be it.


BlueAngel 19th May 2009 4:44 pm

Thank you for the beautiful reminder of our heart-center as an anchor...

Much Love and Peace to you.


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