I Chose You

Beloved one, I want to speak with you about what you see to be a long time ago—and yet it is not. I want to go back two thousand years ago when you walked with me, because truly you have walked with me.

Know you the multitudes? Well, you were part of the multitudes. You were one of my disciples. You were one that I chose to be with me, to walk with me. In this day and time, you want others to share the journey with you, and I wanted that as well. You also wanted that, so you placed yourself in a certain geographic area where we could meet.

I chose you to walk with me. I chose you before you chose incarnation in that lifetime, as you do with a lot of your friends. You make agreement before you take incarnation, and you say, “I’m going to incarnate in such and such a country at such and such a time,” and even if you are not in the same geographical location to begin with, you make trek to meet up once again.

You come to a new country sometimes, and you wonder, “Why? Why did I come?” It was to join with friends that you have known in other lifetimes, friends who are in love with you, and you want that feeling once again of being in love; not necessarily the romantic love—that is good too, because it takes you out of your small self—but the Love which allows yourself to function in a place that says, “I am valuable, I have worth, and I am sharing that with my friends, with my true family.”

And your family is much larger than just the biological family. You have journeyed with certain other ones in other lifetimes, in other geographical areas, other cultures with other generational teaching. And you have said before the incarnation, “Let’s meet up again, and I will recognize you when I see you, and I will be happy, in joy to see you, because it will feel that one more piece of the wholeness of me has come together to play.”

You live in Love. That is your true nature. You have descended from the space of Love. You have descended into the world, into all of the “what if’s”, and now you are saying, “I want a change, I want something new, I want to feel expansive. In the back of my mind and my being, I know that this is not all of me, and I want to experience all of me, the love of me, the expansiveness that I know I can be.”

If you have chosen ones to journey with who are knowing their Christ Self, then they are going to recognize that in you and can call it forth, and you oftentimes will answer that call, because you want to get out of the small self.

I have chosen you. I have called to you in times past, as you reckon time. You have called to me, because you felt that there was something more that you wanted to know. You wanted to have the feeling of wholeness; to go through life with a smile on the face and the open heart.

Be happy with self. Be happy with what you have created. Look in your looking glass and behold the miracle that you have brought together. Know you the miracle of the fineness of the hair? What thought went into making the miracle of a single hair? What is the miracle that allows the nails to grow? They do not stop growing, you know. Even when you release the body, after a while they still have essence of life, and they keep on growing—strange, but true.

Celebrate the body. Celebrate the four-footed ones who are your companions, the ones who show you how life can be lived, jumping up and down, racing around, being happy in their skin, being happy to race through the house, and if you have let them out one door, race around and find the other open door and come back in. You see how intelligent they are.

If you were to sit down, take a piece of notebook paper, and start listing all of the creations—all the four-footed ones, the winged ones, the ones that swim in the water, all of the twofooted ones, etc.—you would fill notebooks, and these are all your creations. It is a great miracle that you do, but oftentimes you do not even think about it.

But how did they come to be created in your reality? You have said that you will have them in your reality, a whole variety of shapes and forms, all descended in the one creative Process from which you have come. So when you wonder, “Why am I here?” it is to know that Love has chosen you. Love has chosen you to be in form, to be upon our holy Mother Earth for a period of time and then to come again and again and again, to enjoy your creations.

Love has chosen you to be Its extension. Whenever you wake up in the morning and you say, “Oh, another day. Why am I still here?” know that you are here because Love has chosen you to be the extension of Love, of divinity, to share it with the brothers and sisters, to live from the Christ Self of you, the Love of you, and to give love to yourselves, to know that truly you are the most wonderful essence; Love has chosen you.

And if you come through experiences in life that do not seem loving, chalk them up to creativity. Do not judge them. Do not judge yourself for saying, “Well, why did I incarnate in this family? I have a father who is too much into drink. I have a father who is very judgmental. I have a mother who does not love me. I have a mother who is into fear about ‘what will the neighbors think?’ And all of the time that I was growing up, it was always, ‘Be careful what you say and what you do, because ‘they’ are judging you. You have to be perfect.” Well, you are already.

If Love has chosen you—and it is true —Love chooses perfection. You are that perfection. Even if you do not see it, you are perfection. So whenever you feel that you are up against a stumbling block or you remember something which happened earlier that did not feel good, I have spoken to you often to live in the place of giving love for—forgiveness—giving love in place of what you feel has been a wrong towards you.

Now, if you will receive it, you have invited it. “No, Jeshua, I didn’t invite that abuse. I didn’t, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t.” Yes, you could. Yes, you would. Yes, you did. But you did it in order to know the opposite of it and to live from the opposite of it, to live from a place of loving self. It may take a decade, or it may take all of a lifetime, or it may take several lifetimes, because you may repeat the pattern. But eventually you will come to the place where you will say, “Love is Who I am. Love has chosen me to be in this place at this time, so it really does not matter what someone else thinks they are doing. I am Love, and Love is never hurt. Love just keeps on loving.”

If you know that you are loved—and you are—then you can go out and share it with other ones. You have a smile on the face. You have a smile in the heart.

I am Love. Love has chosen me, so I respond to that Love.” And as you respond to it, you find that others of the brothers and sisters respond in love; now, not always, because as we have said many times, this is a free choice planet. But when you realize— make real in your awareness—that Love has chosen you, everything changes. It has to, because then you are living in a space that the world does not know, but in a space of your true divinity.

I have chosen you. Love has chosen you. You are my disciple. You are my friend, and Love is Who and What we are.

So be it.



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