Living the Dream Awake

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source,Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of the one Source; beloved.

As we have been speaking in recent times, you are the wave coming off of the ocean, the ocean of Being, the ocean of Allness. I have called it the Father because it is the Source of your Being. I could just as well call it the Mother, because it is the Source of your Being. But it is even vaster that what you think when you think of Mother and/or Father. It is the Allness of Being, the same as the ocean is to the waves coming off of it.

You in your expression in this day and time are the wave coming from the ocean of Allness, the ocean of Being. You are expressing as a wave of energy, calling yourself by an individuated name, having what you would understand to be an individuated particle of energy to express in a certain day and time. And when you, as the wave that you are, feel that you have finished this expression, you will sink back into the ocean of Being very peacefully.

Will you cease to exist? No, the same as the molecules of the water of the wave sink back into the ocean and yet do not lose their Beingness. You will not lose what you feel to be yourself, but what will happen is, you will know the Self to be capital “S” rather than the lower case “s” as you have been expressing in this lifetime. You will know yourself to be the Allness of the Source. That is why I have called the ocean of Being “Father”. I could just as well have called it Mother, because it is the same as giving birth to the wave, as giving birth to the humanness.

You are as the wave coming forth to express. Some of you are quite energetic. Some of you are quite, “Look at me. I am a huge wave. I am bringing power, and I am pushing everything in front of me.” Do any of you feel that way sometimes? You feel “I” in this power and, “I’m going to say what my truth is.”

You have ones of your friends and ones that you know either personally or through the representation on your square box who are very forceful in their individuated personalities, and you have other ones who are expressing as the very soft energy of friendship, very much alive, very much carrying on the association which is pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant.

But you get to experience all of the various waves that come into your acquaintance—let’s put it that way—whether it is right side by side in the same room or it comes to you on your square box and you get to know them as if they would be the friend of all lifetimes. And many of them have been your friends from other lifetimes, even though you would see them now to be exalted on the television set perhaps.

But there have been times when you have been side-by-side friends, even the ones that you do not agree with. You have known them before as the wave coming off of the ocean. And there have been times when you have used your magic of the energy of the wave to move an idea forward. Other times you have gotten into a feeling of power and said, “This is who and what I am,” and you have some of that happening.

So when you watch your friends, when you watch your personalities on the square box, know that truly there is nothing new, nothing that you have not experienced already. These ones who come to you now as your friends, acquaintances, ones that you seem to know through the advances of technology, these ones you have waved together. You have listened to them in this lifetime. You have listened to them in other lifetimes. And if you will receive it, you have spoken to them of the truth of your being and their being. Sometimes it was accepted. Many times it was not accepted. You have lived everything you can imagine and more.

Then we have spoken of the energy of the tsunami, when ones of you will come together in concert together, and how you can move the log perhaps that is on the beach and you agree we will move that log forward up the hillside, and there has been a bit of a tsunami perhaps happening with the waves coming together, sometimes more gentle, sometimes very powerful.

You are moving into a very powerful time, because you have declared that you are ready to know Who and What you truly are and to know it with every fiber of your being, every drop of water that you claim for your own as the wave. You want to know. You want to understand and to truly feel alive as the drops of water come together in a powerful wave. And that is happening.

You have looked about and said, “There are certain things that need to be changed, certain things that need to have the focus of attention upon, and as the wave that I am, I am going to bring attention to those aspects.”

So you have joined up with like-minded friends, like-hearted friends and said, “We are going to come together as the energy that we are and we are going to express, push outward, that which we know to be true, and we are going to make it visible in a place that has as yet to understand the power of the wave.”

So I speak truth to you. I speak now to you to know what is coming, because you have agreed, because you have said, “It is time that we push some of the debris that has fallen into the ocean, some of the debris that we want to claim again as goodness, and have an awakening such as a tsunami.”

So we have spoken of the power of the tsunami when you come together, not just thinking I as my small self, I cannot do anything. I can maybe speak to my friends, and how powerful that is, but yet you have to move that one last step into accepting the power that you are—feeling, knowing, taking into the Allness of you the power of the wave, the extension of the One—capital “O”.

That is starting to happen; in fact, it has begun some time ago as the wave that you are. You are powerful. You, in your awakening, can move mountains. Have you ever done that? Yes, you have, in your history. You read about certain times in your history when there was what is called the Enlightenment and ones began to see that they were more than just human flesh, more than just the box of personality, that you were joined with others in a common cause, the cause of expression of freedom.

You have made a demonstration, coming together as the waves that you are, coming to the shore and moving some of what was seemingly solid on the shore, moving it along. There has been in your known history the times of Renaissance when there has been an awakening and ones have gone forward in claiming the truth of their being, coming to a place of bringing in great knowing, awareness, great inventions, great writings, philosophical advances, sometimes jumping forward into what you see as a new time. And you have this written in your history.

This right now is one of those times of awakening, time now when you are open to understanding the power of Allness, the power of coming together in the ocean, the ocean of love, the ocean that moves mountains. You have your tsunamis which move mountains, and you are at that time now.

Do not be afraid of it, and do not stand back and say, “Oh, well, that can’t be for me. I’ve always been kind of, well, kind of quiet. Yeah, I know, once in a while I raise my voice.” Now is the time to open your heart, to raise your voice in truth; not in the way that says ones have to listen to you, they have to accept your truth, but what they have to do is to see your example, to see how you are moving forward and what you are claiming as the Beingness of you.

This is a great awakening. It is a time when you are saying, “Jeshua, could this really be true that I am not separate from the great ocean of Being, I am not separate from any of the other waves, I am not separate from you? Oh, that can’t be true. I mean, look at me. I’m just two feet, two legs, a body; I do the best that I can. But can I be part of the grand awakening?”

You’d better believe it. You are being called upon to express all that you are; in love. So it is not difficult. You do not have to come with a sword. You come with a life-changing love that sees every one of the brothers and sisters as the wave coming off of the great Being of the ocean and loving self, because they are yourself, even the ones who have different shape of eyes, even the ones who have different skin color, even the ones who speak different language and different sound. What do they all have in common? A desire—of the Father, of the ocean—to know Who they are and What they are, and to love that which they are.

So many of the individuated energies feel themselves to be minimal, small, hoping—“I hope I can get through life without somebody getting angry with me and perhaps giving me invitation to cease the body expression.”

You have now a great completion, a finishing for some who will not have to know individuated form because they will sink back into the ocean of Being, into the love. I use the word “love”, because when you are in the stage of love you are expansive. When you are in love every cell of the body opens, takes in and says, “I and you are in the same space together as One. I love that which you are. I love every individuated expression of mySelf—capital “S”.

That is what your world is calling out for, the awakening to Self—capital “S”—awakening in the dream to the place where you are awake, walking in love, finding yourself in each other one that you look upon, that you speak with, finding commonality. It matters not the color of the skin. It matters not the shape of the eyes, the curliness of the hair. It matters not. The heart is the same. The desires, the longing, the longing to come Home again as the wave that you are, that is Who and What you are, the extension of the one Source of Being, the ocean, the extension of Allness.

Allow yourself to be at peace. It is not something that you have to study for. You have many great books that are written about love, that are written about Oneness, and they are all fine and good to read, but you do not even have to have those, the words, the ideas that come mentally.

Allow yourself the simplicity of looking upon a brother, a sister, another wave as yourself, because each and every expression of the ocean is wanting the same thing, to come awake as the being of energy, of love, of truth, and to acknowledge not by others’ acknowledgment, but by your own understanding that, “If I am the extension of the one Source of Being, then I must be more than this, more than the body, more than all of my judgments, more than the judgments of others as they look upon me. I Am All, come forth as a seemingly individuated expression of the One.”

How great thou art; not said as in the music that speaks of one Godhood, as being separate as you, but you as you see yourself to be individuated energy, how great thou art, because you are the extension of the vast Beingness of the ocean.

Sit with that in your next quiet time. Feel within you the energy of the ocean. If it is possible for you, make trek to the ocean. Some of you are closer to it and can go in a day’s time. Some of you are a bit farther away from it and you have to make trek perhaps of several days or to get on the flying bird and go to the shoreline. And when you get there, watch, feel, step into the waves and say, “This is me. This is Who and What I am. Look at me. Look at all of me, all of my friends, everyone expressing as the energy of the vast ocean. It takes my breath away,” you will say, and that is okay.

I give you an assignment. The next opportunity that you have, and I know it may not be for a while yet, go to the ocean. Experience the ocean as it comes to you, the small little wave lapping at the shore. Look farther out and see the power of the wave coming towards you.

Watch the adventurers who are surfing the energy of that wave. Wow! Where do they get their courage to be up on that tiny little board with the energy of the wave taking them forward?

Well, it is what you are doing in your everyday life, if you will accept it. You are the energy of that wave in discourse with each other, in discourse with ones who catch the idea and get turned on by it and say, “Could that really…oh, it couldn’t be. Maybe it could be. Hmm. But you know, Jeshua, if that is really true, I am not just the little being that I think I am. Hmm. Think of the adventures I can have. Think of all that I am. Where have I been as the wave, because waves don’t stay in the same place?”

Have you ever noticed that waves move about? That wave that you see coming in on the north shore, it has been to the north, it’s going on its way to the south. A wave is never standing still, and neither are you. You are reading the books, you are feeling in your innermost being ideas, energy that is calling you. You say, “Well, sometimes I feel that energy, and it is calling me Home. I don’t know where Home is, but something inside of me is calling. And Jeshua says I’d better answer my telephone, because it’s calling.” Answer your spiritual telephone. Wake up as the wave that you are. Look about you. See what is happening.

I have spoken to you in the recent past about how there is a tsunami coming together now and you are part of it; a tsunami that is going to change everything, because ones are going to wake up to their own Being. As to the power, already they are waking up to their power, but some of them are using it in a way of worldly power. Yet at the very heart of them, they are questioning who and what they are. Some of them are thinking themselves to be about this big—about an inch or two big—and they are saying, “If others knew how small I am, they wouldn’t like me. But I’m not going to let them know that. I’m going to act like I own the world.”

You have some of your “leaders” who are putting on a brave face and saying, “I have all the answers, and you had better listen to me.” And yet on the inner they are saying, “Give me the answers. I don’t know the answers.” And they crumble.

You are the answer. They are the answer when they will get quiet and come to the place of understanding that there is no separation. How many times have I said that to you?

Now you are at a place on the eve of one of your holy days, a day that you have designated as a day of remembrance, a day when according to the story I reactivated the body and I came forth out of the tomb. I did my very best to replicate the body that I had used before the experience on the cross. I did a pretty good job of replicating it; not exactly, and there were ones who sort of caught it and wondered, “You remind me of someone,” and they had to think, scratch their head with what was happening.

When I joined you on the road to Emmaus, there was a familiarity that you felt, and yet it wasn’t one hundred percent…and I chuckle at that, because I was doing my very best to replicate that which I had expressed earlier. It was close— I give myself top marks—it came close; close enough that the disciples, my mother, and Mary, they knew who was in that body. They knew.

I came and said, “Hey, you know, death is a no thing.” If the wave gets to the shore and is finished, or even if it doesn’t get to the shore and it’s finished, if you want to be another wave, all you have to do is be it, think it.

How did any of you get here? It was by a thought, your thought to experience physicality one more time. You looked around for a hostess body, and there were ones who were asking, “Can I have a small one? I would like to have a small one.” Sometimes they got a small one and sometimes they got two or three. Sometimes they got a small one, and sometimes they got a big one. But I digress.

Every morning when you awaken, you fashion in that instant the body. Now, you will say, “Well, if one walked into the bedroom and saw something lying there, that would be me.” Yes, there is an essence of you that watches over you while you are sleeping. You call in that essence of you, as you are what-you-call waking up, to activate the body and to have an experience.

Expression is not static. Moment by moment you reactivate the body. That which I have been speaking to you, you know already. You already know the extension of the vast ocean that you are. And there will be a morning, perhaps on the morrow, when you will come out of the tomb of your forgetfulness and awaken to all that you are. And no, it will not blow all of the circuits. It will be okay.

I knew early on how to fashion the body, how to change the body, how to express in various forms. As a small one, as you would see a three-year-old, a four-year- old, I knew life as an extension of the Being of the ocean. That is why when I picked up the bird by the roadside I said to it, “If you want to, come forth; activate the form one more time.” And it did, because the life potential, as I have said to you already, is already there. It is always there.

That is why you can live the eighty-seven years and still have a knowing within yourself, maybe not to do it physically, but how to kick the football, how to run after it and to judge how it is coming and the velocity of how it is coming and how to catch it. You may not physically need to be out there, but there is part of you that lives in that realm.

You can see how to ride the wave. You can see how to ride the bicycle. You can see in a memory, imagining how it would feel to climb the mountain and look down on the valley below. Maybe you have not done that in this lifetime, but you can imagine. How would it feel to be in the airplane and look out the window and look down upon the towns and the cars as you are coming into the landing, all the cars, the different automobiles on your highways. You can imagine that. You can see that.

At all times you have the potential to activate form. At all times you are alive. Even if you would say, “I am finished as the certain wave and I leave it,” the essence of you is still alive. The essence of you will go on forever.

So what I did on that Easter morning, I called forth the essence of me and said,

“I’d like to activate the body. I remember how it feels to sit up. I remember how it feels to put the feet on the floor of the tomb. I know how it feels to activate energy from my hand to roll away that stone that was in front of the tomb. I know. I can imagine. I can do it.” And I did.

Not a big deal, except as you would claim that it is a big deal. I came forth, because I was not finished. I am still not finished. As you know, I have been speaking for some twenty odd years in this fashion, and I speak through other ones because I want you to come alive in knowing that always you are alive. Always you can claim the body. Always, even if you do not activate the body to run after that football, you know, the body knows how it feels to judge the distance of that football in the air coming and where you are going to be when you catch it. You know that. You can feel it.

All of you have physical memory of riding a bicycle, some of you with skiing, many of you with swimming, many of you with playing the various adventurous games. This is what I did. I remembered how it felt to have the molecules of the cells of the body, so it activated and I walked out of the tomb. You can do the same. You will do the same if it is your choice at what you call the ending of a life. Ha. Life does not end. I have news for you. Life is a choice, an adventure, a happy adventure.

Allow yourself in your quiet time to remember how it feels to do a physical activity, to ride a bicycle, to ski, to run, to judge how you’re going to catch that football as it comes,” and you do. There is a knowing. The very first time you tried to do that, perhaps you caught it, perhaps you didn’t, and perhaps you said, “Aha, next time a little bit more to the right or a little more to the left, etc.”

I did the same when I reactivated the body. I didn’t get it exactly right the first time. When I reactivated the body in the tomb, that was not the first time I had activated the body. As a small one when I went to sleep one night I thought, “I don’t think I’ll bother coming back.” But in the morning I changed my mind and reactivated the body. Where was I in the meantime? I was off playing with some of my spirit friends, the same as you do. No wonder you wake up tired. You’ve been playing football all night. I jest, but there’s some truth to it.

At any moment—take this very deeply into the mind and heart—at any moment you are reactivating the body. If it would be your choice—and it is not, as you say it is not my time—you could let go of the body. You would shake up some of the friends and relatives, but then if you had a nap, you would come back. Where do you go when you have a nap? Good question. “Hmm. Hadn’t thought about that. You mean I leave my body?” Yes, actually you do.

You are more powerful than you know. Now, I’m not saying to you to try deactivating the body so that the ones you live with—your wife, your husband, your friends—get all upset because they think you’ve gone. I’m not saying to do that, but I’m saying that you do it in a manner that you are able to slip back into the body easily so you don’t upset them; not before what you call “your time”.

So what I did, you can do. What I did, you will do. What I did, you have done. When I speak of it, there is a knowing, a remembrance that says, “Well, I can kind of imagine that.” And that is all that you have to do in this lifetime—imagine it. You don’t have to go there and do it and upset everybody, because they might not know that you are just practicing. Practice is okay, but don’t let them know you’re doing it—they get upset—until you have it perfected. But I digress.

What you are doing now is celebrating your own Easter. With the last three meetings that we have had, and even farther back than that, I have been speaking to you of the truth of your Being, how I have said to you many times how you are not the body. You are the spirit that activates the body.

Have your own Easter, awakening, coming forth from the tomb of heaviness of the world. Wake up on the morrow and claim your joy. Say, “Hey, I’m alive. This feels really good. Be awakened as the Christ that you are. Breathe. Take the deep breath. That is all that you have to do to reactivate the body. I will meet you there at the entrance and the exit of the tomb, and we will walk forth together. So be it.


IC2ITUC 9th April 2021 4:30 pm

Elder Brother. - God Bless but I wish when you give your messages that you would remember, at times, our slogan : "Brevity is the soul of Wit". NAMASTE ( YES, it is I, who have to state what many of you ALSO are thinking but AFRAID to say on Spirit Library ) I wonder WHO will take my place when SL "cancels" me ? ! :)


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