Mary Magdalene

Beloved one, I have been told that ones are interested in hearing about any romance, love, in my life. Well, for me it was not something that I had planned. I planned to go to the Essene community to study all of the manuscripts; I planned to go to the temple in Jerusalem and ask questions of the high priest—at least as high as I could go, because they did not allow me, little plebe that I was, to speak to the high priest. The ones that I did speak with gave me answers to some of my questions, but I knew that those answers were not the complete Truth—capital “T”. But that was as much as they knew, and after a while they grew tired of my questioning, so I went out on my own to find out—as you have done—what more is there? I want to know mySelf—capital “S”.

So at the age of sixteen I joined a caravan going to what is now called India to study with masters there. This was where I had my first learning of a camel and my first true understanding of the communication of Oneness, because that camel would not allow me to ride, would not bend down for me to get onto him. I was tall of stature. I was six feet tall, perhaps a bit more than that, and robust; not quite as robust as my cousin John, but I had a good physique.

But this camel would not allow me to ride upon him. He would not come down. I tugged; no answer; he would not come down. I tried pushing from the rear. That does not work; you do not need to try that. I tried pleading, cajoling. I tried talking to the other camel masters in the caravan, “How do I get this camel to come down so that I can get up on it?” I even asked if they had a ladder to climb up there. If he was not going to come down for me, then maybe I had to climb up. And they laughed at me, of course.

I found that the answer was in Oneness of communication. When I was able to communicate on an equal basis where I was not commanding him—as he felt I was—to come down for me, when I explained that I would very much like to ride sitting on top of him and there were places we needed to go together, we could do this as One—no longer commanding, no longer demanding—then the camel said, “Oh, so that’s what you want. Oh, okay,” and down he came so I could get on his back.

We had a very good relationship after that, after I came down off of my high attitude and could meet him and see what a master the camel was and is. All of your animals are that way. You reach the point where you have Oneness of communication, and things work much better at that place.

I joined the caravan to go to India because I had been told that there were masters there who had more to share with me. Some of the masters in the Essene community had also made trek to India and had studied, and so they recommended that I go—as you go in this day and time to the conferences, to the retreats, to the universities, the different places to meet ones who have something more to share with you.

The masters in India knew that I had some background with the Essene expanded consciousness. We would have in the Essene community times of silence. Silence is important and was very important in the Essene community. We would spend three hours every day in silence, in meditation, receiving peace. You can call it that. It does not need to be called by any great wondrous name, but just receiving the gift of peace and any guidance that comes through at that time.

So I was used to being in the silence, and there were various tasks that I was given in order to deepen that meditation, as you will call it. Now, I was one of the people who you would characterize in this day and time as a “brain”, as a geek? dork? a brain kid who is all into studying, and I had no thought of meeting one of the other gender except in passing. There were girls who studied in the Essene community as well, and I knew them as friends. But to go beyond that, even though I was sixteen years old and I had the normal human body of the adolescent male, it was not really “turned on”.

For one of the tasks that I was given by the masters, a most beautiful young girl came to play music for me to aid in my meditation, and I felt a certain stirring of what a young adolescent male would feel. But I put it behind me, because it was not, as I understood it, my guidance. I was to study and to become even more expanded or more holy or more spiritual, whatever word you want to use.

But I was attracted to her. She was also there to study, and did study with the masters. She was at that point more expanded that I was, in that she was not so much into what you would now call book learning, or the ancient manuscripts or the mind development. She was very much knowing the ancient manuscripts and book learning or into the power of mind, but she was also into the power of heart and music, and she allowed that love to come out in the music that she played.

She was beautiful—long brownish hair, very nice figure, very attractive. And when we would speak, it was on the same level of understanding, so there was…how do you put it…simpatico. We were simpatico with each other. But it was not what you would call the flash, where instantly there was a love relationship. It was more a friendship, a very deep friendship.

When I studied in India, the masters there gave me a name because they could feel that I had purpose beyond just the human wanting to know. They were also ones who were far-seeing both ways, as you would understand history and as you would understand going forward. They knew that there was an energy with me; not that I did anything, but it was just there, and they gave me the name of Raj Pur.

Now, maybe some of you have had information from one known as Raj Pur. The name, if you translate it into English, means “royal pure one”. I have spoken through one here some years ago using that name, but here I am with another name. It does not really matter. The energy is the same.

After the masters in India had given me all that they had been asked to share with me and had gone as far as they could go, they recommended that I go to Tibet to study with the masters there. So off I went to Tibet.

Mary…now, you may have noticed that even in your holy Scriptures the name Mary is always popping up. There was my mother Mary, there was Mary of Magdala, and there were other Mary’s in the grouping of disciples. So in order to designate my growing feeling for this Mary, I called her my Mariam. That has gotten translated in some of your writings as Miriam, but her name truly was Mary, her given name in her family. But as I said, there were so many Mary’s, and sometimes in a family or with the cousins you would have Mary the 1st, Mary the 2nd, Mary the 3rd, Mary the Fat—she didn’t like that—in order to say which one it was.

I called her my Mariam, beloved. She went back to Jerusalem. She went back to Magdala as well, and she shared what she had learned in the community where she studied and also in India, because when she went back to Magdala, there was much that she wanted to share with people to allow them to know that life does not have to be difficult.

Life in those days was very much like it is now with challenges, with divisiveness, with judgment, with much of the selfish ego, and she wanted to allow ones to know that they could sit in meditation, although she did not use that word, but to sit in quietness and to feel peace and to feel Light.

One of the more fun things that we were instructed to do in our studies was to sit in a darkened room. You sit in a completely dark room, no windows, no artificial light, no candle, and after a while the eyes begin to see light. And you can make your light expand, increase.

It is something that, if you want to play around with it, it is fun to do. We would do it as an exercise, but also as an amusement too, because after you get to the point where you know you can do it and it is very easy to do, then if you want to just have fun, you can put two of you in the same room, in different places in the room, and when it is completely dark, you cannot see the other person except you know that they are there. Mariam and I played this game where we would turn our lights on with the peace

and the quietness and just for fun see each other in the darkness, bringing that energy that I have talked about so often, the energy that you are, alive even into the physical to make your own light shine even brighter.

Now, you have seen ones and you have said, “Wow, he is really turned on! Wow, she is really turned on!” And maybe when they come together they are really turned on. You see their Light. You can see the energy that flows between them. Mariam and I played that game sometimes just for our own amusement, because after once you do it, it is not difficult to do it again, so we would do some of that.

She went back to Magdala and wanted to share what she knew, what she felt, and what she had allowed to expand within her. At first she went to the ones whom she thought would be open and receptive to a new way of thinking, but they were not. They were very much into their own tribal customs. And when I use the word “tribal”, it does not mean primitive or unknowing, but they might be of the Jewish culture or of some of the other nomadic tribes.

She found that the ones who were open and receptive were oftentimes the poorer women, the women of the street, the women providing comfort to the male gender, and she established a home for them.

So she gained the reputation of being what you now call a madam of the house where the girls would come and stay. She did not do it in order to promote prostitution. The girls who were providing these services did not offer their services just as a cold-hearted way to make money, although Mary of Magdala did have enough of the golden coins coming in that she could provide for quite a few of these girls who would be lost otherwise.

But the ones who were providing this service did it in order to comfort the males who thought they were seeking one thing and yet were seeking acceptance, love, comfort, friendship. They did not know at first that they were going for this. Later on some of them woke up to the fact that really what they were looking for was the friendship.

Mary provided a most wealthy-looking home for these young girls, so she gained a reputation of being the madam of this house of ill repute, and yet the underlying motivation and the underlying service was not one of just taking in golden coins. She had compassion for these young ones who felt themselves lost and then found themselves and oftentimes would then go back to their villages or to other places and establish their own homes where the lost ones could come.

When I came back from Tibet, there was a feeling that I wanted to find her again in the physical. Now, we had been in touch the whole time since we had studied in India. We knew mind and heart communication. We knew that we were soulmates from a long time ago, as you understand that concept. We knew that there was something that we would do together at a point in time when it was appropriate, and we knew that we wanted to be together as very deep close friends.

So I went and found her, and she traveled with me while I was speaking to the group that grew into what is recorded now in your holy Scriptures as the multitude. She was very much your friend. She was very much known by you, and she never put herself above and she would never say, “I studied in India; I know more than you.” That was not her way. She was always very accepting, very loving, and you loved her, and she loved you. You loved her as a sister, and she was truly a soul sister.

In time we decided that being friends was good, but perhaps it would be even better if we announced to the world that we were a team and that we would do the marriage ceremony. Now, you have a writing, a recording in your holy Scriptures about a wedding where I turned the water into wine. Yes, I did do that, and yes, that was our wedding. And yes, there were many of you who came and celebrated with us and knew that we were always meant to be together in that kind of relationship.

Now, for many this is not common knowledge. For many I am seen to be the Christ, the only Son of God, and to touch woman and to know woman would be a sin. I will tell you otherwise. It was a joyful experience. And out of our joyful experiences, there were biological children born.

So yes, I knew woman. Not too many in your world in this day and time would accept that. But if they would think about it a bit, they would understand that yes, we were very close, and so why wouldn’t we, with human bodies, allow that to be celebrated, which we did.

I was called “rabbi,” and that is recorded in your holy Scriptures. Ones were only called “rabbi” if they were married. That was the custom. So there is a clue in your holy Scriptures. Although the holy Scriptures and your organization of church would deny it, there is a clue that they allowed to be written in the holy Scriptures, because only ones who were married could have the title of rabbi; teacher; but more than that, one who was already knowing human life, all aspects of human life.

We traveled everywhere together. We laughed, we joked. Did I do the miracle of the loaves and fishes? Not literally. The miracle was in the fact that the multitude of people who came to hear what I had to share were of different tribes and not always friendly if they would think back to generational teaching. “You’re of a different tribe, and you believe a little differently than I do, and I’ve been taught you’re beneath me. You’re of another social standing.” But that attitude was let go while I was speaking. That was forgotten, at least for a while.

As we would travel we did not have what you have now with the backpack, but we had the cloak that had huge pockets on the inside, and you would carry your bread and cheese and whatever else you could fit into the pockets with you, because we might be gone from any town or village for several days.

So the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand (and this was an approximate number, signifying a very large grouping) was in the fact that the loaves and fishes which were in the pockets of the cloaks were shared, even if ones were not of the same tribe and not of the same social status, etc., and there were leftovers. There was plenty, an abundance, and much left over, which was then redistributed and people put it back in their pockets for the next time they might need it.

No big mysterious thing there, except for the fact that they were willing to see their brothers and sisters as brothers and sisters and to share. And they went away from the meetings and the sharings that I did with them happier, for the most part, more at peace with themselves, more at peace with their brothers and sisters; not always, because maybe it would last for the time that the aura of the good feeling was there, and then farther down the road, as they traveled back to their villages, perhaps some of the old teaching would come up and there would be some words said.

But it resonated with them at a very deep level, where they would try to find me again because it felt so good to be in the presence of just love and acceptance. They felt happy and at peace with themselves. They felt valued, and then sometimes when they would walk away and get back into the old generational teaching, that did not feel so good.

Especially it did not feel so good after they had known something better. And so they came back again. I had good “press.” Word went out and said, “You know, this Yeshua is going to be speaking on this certain hillside three days from now if you want to go and be there with him.” And so if you could, you did; you came. You found somebody to look after your sheep and you came.

Sometimes whole families would travel. Oftentimes the groupings would have the mothers with babes in arms, and those babes in arms were specifically meant to be part of that energy and never forgot it. Nothing ever happens by chance. It is always by divine guidance.

That is as far as I will go with the story at this time. You can feel the excitement, the love that Mariam and I had for each other, the love that we have for each other because, again, we travel everywhere together.

So be it.



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