Seek Ye First...

Beloved one, I know that sometimes when you look out around you, you see unrest in the world. Many of the actions of the brothers and sisters may seem unloving, arising from the belief in separation, a belief in the need for power and a need to defend self and ancient beliefs. Sometimes the voice of the world intrudes and a bit of doubt and fear arises. However, as I have said unto you in your holy writing, “In the world you will have wars and rumors of war, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.”

One of the human conditions that you have built into this reality is impatience. It is sometimes a bit of a struggle to wait, and yet there is a knowing—or a hope—that everything does serve the atonement, the at-Onement, the realization that “I am One with my Creator, I am One with the Christ, I am One with everything I behold and more.” Always, as you will abide in peace and trust, you will find that everything that you draw to your consciousness does bless you.

Now, ones have been asking, “Are there going to be great Earth changes?” It depends where you are standing. In some places on holy Mother Earth, yes, there are going to be dramatic changes. Other places will not see much change. But your news media will make sure that you know about everything that is going on. And usually, as you have noticed, they will pick the most dramatic and the most challenging to bring to your attention. There is a process of change in climate patterns, and you will see some results of those variances.

“Will the brothers and sisters who feel that they have to uphold generational teaching as to tribal understanding keep on fighting with each other, seeing separation, not being able to understand that everyone is of the same Source?” Ones are slowly waking up. Ones are slowly saying, “We’ve had enough of separation, of having to fight each other. We do not want our small ones to be sacrificed one more time in order to uphold generational teaching which was outgrown a long time ago.”

Ones are ready. More and more ones have had enough of the suffering and have witnessed the pain and felt it themselves to the place where they are ready to look at something in a new way. They are not quite sure how, and this is where it gets a bit tricky. But the desire is shared, and so you are going to see some of the ones who are acting out in unloving ways finding that they are tired of the old ways. They are going to begin to ask, “How can this be different?”

And once they have that question, there will be an answer. The questioning and the answers are already beginning to happen. So there is what you would call hope. In time there is going to be an awakening and a coming together. Time, when you are in the middle of it, seems to be moving very slowly. But in truth, if you put it against the backdrop of eternity, even against the backdrop of two thousand years when I walked the face of our holy Mother Earth, it is happening.

Two thousand years ago you had tribe against tribe, brother against brother, sister against sister, and ones have sometimes asked, “Well, has anything changed?” And yes, it has changed, because you are here, because you are asking for something new. A lot of the brothers and sisters are beginning to stop for a breath, and that is all it takes: an instant of a deep breath to see a different perspective, to take to heart hope and possibility that it can be different.

And it will be different. Never lose hope. Hope is one of the great gifts that you have built into this reality. If you did not have hope, it would be a very dismal place. Even in your darkest hour, there is always hope. Even if it is as the smallest flicker of the candle flame, there is hope. There are other blessings that you have built-in—the friends who are of like mind who see things as you do, and more and more you are finding ones who resonate with what you are seeing and hoping for. There is strength in making change when you meet with others who are of like mind and you come together to discuss and you say, “You know, this could be different.” And once that is said, change begins to happen.

Technology is growing upon itself quickly. Those of you who are into the most amazing technology called the computers, the i-pads, the i-phones, the i-whatever, you are seeing that no sooner is one program coming to you than there is a new program, an update, and you get the opportunity to update that which you have not been familiar with yet anyway. And you smile—maybe—and you have comments. Then you adjust.

Humanity is very good at adjusting. It is, again, one of the traits that you built into this reality so that you could cope with it. That is why you have had what is called the evolution of consciousness. And yes, it seems slowly, but it is happening.

You are my emissaries. You are the ones who are taking my message in friendship to other ones. It does not mean that you have to stand on the street corner and hold up the holy book and say, “Everything you ever wanted to know is in here,” because everything you ever wanted to know is not in that book or in any book. What you always wanted to know is within. It is right within you, and you can call upon it at any time.

Books are very good. They give you clues. Tapes, teachers are very good, because they give you clues. But what really effects change is what is within you, within your thoughts, your insights, your love, your acceptance, and the way you adjust to knowing that “I Am”—and I am speaking here for you—“I Am of the Creator. I Am divine. I Am love incarnate. I Am a friend to everyone.”

So, therefore, when I look upon you, I see the Christ. When I look upon you, I see the Light. I see the Christ. I see the divinity of you, and I see how you are working to bring forth the understanding in all of the brothers and sisters that they are also of the Light and that life does not have to be so difficult.

Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of peace. Go first to the place of peace. When someone is giving you a hard time, you do not have to take it. It is their gift to you, but you do not have to accept it. You can allow them to keep it.

Go first to the place of peace. It will give you opportunity to see something with new perspective. Allow yourself to take the deep breath and then to come to a place of peace within. You can do this anywhere you are. If you are riding the bus, if you are on a street corner, if you are working with the animals, if you are trying to work through a computer problem, take the deep breath and come first to the place of peace.

Seek ye first that place of peace, because truly once you have found the place of peace, everything is open to you. It is magical in the true sense of magic; not in the sense of the world, the way it understands magic as something that is beyond you, but it is truly magical, it is truly divine, which allows you to understand the interactions; not only with your brother or sister, but the interaction with your own Self, the deeper part of you.

Whenever you want to come to a deeper place within yourself, light a candle. This is a technique, and it works. Light a candle physically, but the candle that I am really speaking of is the candle within. Allow yourself the deep breath. Allow the eyes to close—not necessary, but oftentimes you begin that way—and then see the candle within yourself. See the light within yourself, and gaze upon that candle flame within you in peace; no judgment, no direction as to how things have to be; just concentrate on the light of the candle within.

As I say, you can start first of all with a physical candle. That is why the candle has been so important in many religious/philosophical teachings. But then go to the candle within. Casting out all thought, look within to that candle. Know that that is you, your Light. Focus inwardly on that candle. Allow it to grow brighter.

You can do this with the eyes open or with the eyes closed, whichever works easiest for you; oftentimes with the eyes closed, at least at first, and then later on you will be able to do it with the eyes open and you will be very much focused upon the candle within to the place where it will grow, where there will be only Light that you see with the inner sight.

In that Light is every answer to everything you would ask. It has to be, because every question that you would ask has an answer that comes with it; otherwise, it is not a question; it is only a statement. So the answer is right there, but you have to make space for it. So as you are focusing inwardly on the Light that you are, on the candle flame that burns brightly within you, you make space for it.

You can do this while you are talking with someone else. You can do this as you are doing your occupation, whatever your job may be. That candle light within you never goes out. It is always there. It awaits only your choice to see it, to accept it, and to bask in its warmth and its inspiration. Always that candle flame is within. Always it is available to you.

Many of your teachers have many words. I speak to you with many words. But the most important thing that I give to you is the knowing of the candle flame within you that never goes out. It is always with you everywhere you go. It is the Light of you, the divine Light of you. It never goes out and you can never lose it. It guides you as you will let it.

Take that to heart. Know that truly I speak Truth. There is no way that I can speak otherwise. Always I speak to you from your divinity, my divinity, which is shared as the One we truly are. Go in peace. Go in joy. Go as the Light that you are and spread the Light unto all of the brothers and sisters. Share with them from time to time the candle Light within if they are open to that. Seek ye first the candle Light. Seek ye first the Kingdom. And be happy.

So be it.



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